Man Violently Twitches While Woman Calmly Shows Her Feet After Motorcycle Crash

Man Violently Twitches While Woman Calmly Shows Her Feet After Motorcycle Crash

Man Violently Twitches While Woman Calmly Shows Her Feet After Motorcycle Crash

It would appear that the video is from Indonesia, but I’m not 100% on that. It shows the aftermath of a motorcycle crash. The man is seen violently twitching from presumed head trauma, while the woman calmly shows off her cutie feet.

That other biker who flipped the twitching man upside down sure helped him. Not only would in this position his chances of choking to death greatly increase, it also look like the flip, while uncontrollably shivering, slammed his head on the road some more. Fucking genius. Helps him to the grave.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. @illegalsmile55 It’s funny how i never heard of him. i suppose his fame never reached England but yet he broke knievel’s record. maybe his name was so southern it didn’t travel.
            mmmm all scrubbed and fresh out the shower. I want to hug you and kiss you everywhere x

          2. See if that was in USA .. I mean, if you found a woman in that “I’ve just been butt fucked, now I’m sleeping” position, and a nigger laying just behind her, he’d be arrested on the spot for an illegal bumfuck. Probably get fined for the Electric Boogaloo dancing too!.. That was worse than the breakdancing on FlashDance.

          3. I don’t know what power sniff is but it sounds good. Yes i’m up for it. Anyway guys i don’t want you all feeling unconfortable so here’s something hot for you. See this video at 45:12 it’s not very clear but that’s me spitting on the eu flag as we burned it outside parliament. If i get any more clear footage i’ll post it. I do expect the protests to turn violent over the next few weeks and i’ll be there with all my country people. Hopefully i’ll get some violence to post on here
            @hopingfornemesis @illegalsmile55 @badfairy
            @jack-doe @honkeykong

    1. You know, there is all this 1st aid training all ’round the World & shit, but no cunt seems to know it! You will only be in ‘recovery position’ if you land in it, like the chick in this video. You notice the male casualty was flipped like a burger, with no regard to the famous ‘recovery position’. Reminds me of the Chingy chef when RFK got shot in the head, thinking he was helping the Senator, he reefed the back of his head up in the air so Kennedy could hardly breathe. Lucky for Kennedy, he didn’t have to breathe where he was headed after the bullet.
      First Aid?..
      Fucked Aid!

    1. It is a nice one after all. She was another foolish woman who fell for the false confidence of a stupid man and got on the back of his bike. Now the stupid man looks like fish on the riverbank and her nice ass is gone to waste.

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  1. Well… atleast he β€˜tried’ to help. Most people in these countries would just keep on walking without a care in the world… but if there was a good chance that I was about to die I think I’d rather have nobody help me than have an idiot help.. or try to.

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