Man vs Truck Accident Victim Obliterated on All Fronts

Man vs Truck Accident Victim Obliterated on All Fronts

There is only very scarce information available about this fellow, but apparently he was run over by a speeding truck, although he looks like a helicopter blade chopped him up. There’s significant trauma to his arm and leg and of course that face. If he was in a computer game, the voice would announce… “Obliteration: Complete!

The pathologists did quite well piecing his face back together, considering that before the autopsy, his teeth had been all over the place. I also like how his face was ripped off with eyes still in it. Can’t destroy the eye. Nigh indestructible bastard she is.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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37 thoughts on “Man vs Truck Accident Victim Obliterated on All Fronts”

  1. Doop de doop…. doop doop de doop doop.
    oops, sorry wrong post, stil thinking about my fat sex pot.

    That was as extreme as you can get without there being nothing recognisaby human about the face.
    Most satisfying.

  2. Oh my god. What a terrible way to fucking go. Like there is some gruesome shit on this website but I never get over people being severely mutilated being run over lol. Like if I saw that in real life I would be flipping the fuck out. I even feel that way when I see road kill or something. But I hope this guys death was a quick one because if that happened slowly I couldn’t imagine the massive amounts of pain he would of felt.

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