Man Walking Down Street Knocked Out by Loose Tire

Man Walking Down Street Knocked Out by Loose Tire

Images from a CCTV camera show the moment a man is hit by a run-away tire that has detached from a vehicle in Ipatinga, Vale do Aço, Minas Gerais, Brazil. The man is seen walking along the street parallel to the urban stretch of the BR-381 highway, in the Iguaçu neighborhood, next to the Hotel Panorama Tower, when he’s hit in the head and knocked out, as the tire barrels across the road toward him.

According to information published by the Portal Diário do Aço from Ipatinga, the victim was identified as 50 year old Roberto Carlos Fernandes. He suffered head trauma and injuries to the chest and is hospitalized at the Hospital Márcio Cunha. The hospital informed the portal that his health is stable and the patient is not at risk of dying.

The incident happened on February 17, 2017. Roberto was walking down Calcedonia street along with his niece, when the tire that apparently broke loose from one of the axes of a trailer that passed by the avenue Pedro Linhares Gomes, flew over the lawn and bounced on the asphalt, hitting him in the head. The vehicle from which the wheel came loose was not found.

Relatives of the victim said the man had suffered a stroke a few days ago. Tires are mean.

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    1. Death is coming for him. first he suffered a stroke, now a tire ‘accidentally’ detaches from a vehicle and hits him full force from behind. Next he’ll be coming out of the hospital, crosses the street and a bus with break failure finishes him off..

  1. 1st time commenter… Just wanted to say, you can’t deny your final destination.
    Pretty sure this guy didn’t wake up that morning with a preminition of getting hit with a free ballin tire.
    At least he didn’t feel any pain… Unless he woke up from that…

  2. 1st time commenter… Just wanted to say, you can’t deny your final destination.
    Pretty sure this guy didn’t wake up that morning with a preminition of getting hit with a free ballin tire.
    At least he didn’t feel any pain… Unless he woke up from that…

          1. @desp

            “video killed the radial star”
            *round of applause* That was clever!

            I saw you walking near BR-381.
            CCTV then showed what happened wasn’t fun.
            Seems Fate decided to screw you right in the bum.
            Ow, uh-oh!
            You got your ass kicked.
            Biff! Ka-pow!
            That tire’s a real dick.
            Video shows radial wants to spar.
            On a mission, escaped from a car.
            Homed in on you from afar.
            Almost like it had radar.
            Whoa! W-w-w-woe.
            Poor, unlucky schmo.”

            PS: “rip moon man”. I think you’re confusing Bowie and The Buggies.

          2. “moon man” was in reference to MTV video awards, thought that was what they called their trophys.
            I could be wrong but I really think I am right,
            this time

  3. I wonder if the car that lost the tir3 was a Honda, cause I’ve seen at least a dozen similar situations where all but a couple of cars weren’t Hondas.
    And a couple of situations happenned to me about 12yrs apart on two different Hondas I owed.
    The last one bout a couple yrs ago as I was making a turn I couldn’t have been doing more than 15mph and when the tire detach it took off like @30 mph if not more I stayed stuck on the ground right where the tire fell off, my tire almost and I mean almost (a few inches) hit a pedestrian and it landed good half block away…
    Amazing how when they detach they seem to double up on speed!!

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          I’ve been guilty of that racist behavior around the areas of which I live and work… 😎

  4. Ha, that pink and yellow banner was definitely in on it! It just hung there with its arrow pointing down as if to say, “X marks the spot” and then signaled to the tire GO-GO-GO once the victim was in position!

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          1. Rollin’… rollin’… rollin’…
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            Get him up… move him out… wake him up… get him dressed… get him shaved… comb his hair… Rawhide!…
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    1. Mmm…spontaneous rimjobs…

      “Wanting people to listen, you can’t just tap them on the shoulder anymore. You have to hit them with a sledgehammer, and then you’ll notice you’ve got their strict attention.” (John Doe, Se7en)

  5. I have watch BG video’s for years, but just this month I decided to sign up so I can post messages.. I really love your comments, and you guys are the best. Some make me laugh my ass off others make me say WTF? Just wanted everyone to know that I truly and deeply love this site. Now, I’m just wondering the man who chased the tired down did he put it on his car, or did he turn it into the police and say, I caught the tire that did this? Or maybe he took it to the DA so the victim can press charges. Oh I got it, they deported it, because it wasn’t made in America.

  6. Wow, this hits too close to home. At my “brown truck” job, some jackass sent two tires wrapped in plastic on the conveyor belt. When they hit the slide to come to our section’s belt, they picked up speed and bounced down it. I yelled “look out” or whatever and hopped in the back of a truck. They bounced at a high rate of speed until they hit a delivery truck about 100 feet down the belt. The driver was SO close. I’m still Plaster at work, lol and took off immediately to go bitch. Dude got fired. Oh well. Don’t send killer projectiles at us. (Someone is thinking: of course that whiny bitch got someone fired, that is so fitting.)

      1. @undergroundweller Since it takes about 8 minutes from where he puts them on to Line 1, the farthest away and ours, it (the 2-tire pack) goes through metal joints/turns and back on the belt. Then a major turn right before the straight belt to our slide. By then, it had been turned over several times and ended up in the upright ready to roll position. So yeah, it hit the slide and bounced down it fast and it traveled pretty far and slammed into the truck, left a dent and took out some packages to boot. They are ALWAYS supposed to come on a Tugger (little truck) and be manually set on the belt. These tires had rims already installed so it really could’ve killed someone.

        1. @dethbyplaster

          “this hits too close to home.” Nice pun.
          “Don’t send killer projectiles at us.” Damn straight! Geez, you’d think they’d cover that in training.
          “come on a Tugger” Sounds like a euphamism for a successful hand-job.
          If someone had gotten hit, would they receive a pension for their early reTIREment?

  7. “This river can kill you in a thousand ways.”

    That was Paul Sarone, Jon Voight’s character from the film “Anaconda”, referring to the Amazon river, but I think that saying can apply to Brazil in general. You’ve got shootings, lynchings, stabbings, drownings, you’re-walking-down-the-street-with-your-girlfriend-when-a-random-tire-severs-your-spinal-column-from-your-head…I mean, there’s a REASON why Brazil isn’t an overpopulated country, because every now and then nature says “YOU” and someone dies.

    Undergroundweller…how are you still alive? Brazil’s average lifespan is….what…30 years? How’ve you managed to live so long, dude? There must be a lightning bolt with your name on it; I’d duck during thunderstorms if I were you.

          1. True. He carried the movie. Jonathan Hyde gave it heart by his change from “uppity British prick” to “wannabe gangster”. The rest of the cast was expendable. I wish the snake would have eaten Jennifer Lopez so I could have seen her die at least once.

  8. This is just a proof that luck plays a great role in our lives even if we don’t really see it. Has he been walking slower or faster the tire would have missed him. Luckily he is not dead. I liked that many people came to help. There is still hope in humanity.

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