Man Walking Down Street Knocked Out by Loose Tire

Man Walking Down Street Knocked Out by Loose Tire

Images from a CCTV camera show the moment a man is hit by a run-away tire that has detached from a vehicle in Ipatinga, Vale do Aço, Minas Gerais, Brazil. The man is seen walking along the street parallel to the urban stretch of the BR-381 highway, in the Iguaçu neighborhood, next to the Hotel Panorama Tower, when he’s hit in the head and knocked out, as the tire barrels across the road toward him.

According to information published by the Portal Diário do Aço from Ipatinga, the victim was identified as 50 year old Roberto Carlos Fernandes. He suffered head trauma and injuries to the chest and is hospitalized at the Hospital Márcio Cunha. The hospital informed the portal that his health is stable and the patient is not at risk of dying.

The incident happened on February 17, 2017. Roberto was walking down Calcedonia street along with his niece, when the tire that apparently broke loose from one of the axes of a trailer that passed by the avenue Pedro Linhares Gomes, flew over the lawn and bounced on the asphalt, hitting him in the head. The vehicle from which the wheel came loose was not found.

Relatives of the victim said the man had suffered a stroke a few days ago. Tires are mean.

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210 thoughts on “Man Walking Down Street Knocked Out by Loose Tire”

  1. i was half expecting the party emerging from the mini van to finish him off in a hail of gunfire, take his wallet and the chick’s bolsa and then crank a front wheel drive burn out right into a passing vehicle causing an even more amazing wtf incident … Brazil, you’re better than that and you know it

  2. There is no preparation for this… Imagine what they were talking about while taking a stroll, “Would you like beans with your rice, for dinner, later?” “Yea, I love your beaaaa…” *WACK*
    Fuckin hell…

  3. AHAHAHA thats some shitty luck, poor guy has a stroke, couple days later a run away tire makes its way off the freeway, across a field and hits him square in the head.

    God damn this would have been golden if his last name was da silva, surviving deaths failed attempt on his cursed bloodline.

  4. What makes this video the best is the van that drives up all swift like an emergency responding vehicle, pulling up on the curb of the sidewalk, only for the driver to take his sweet time exiting the van only to stand still and look on in utter confusion.

  5. On this website you see alot of stupid people getting hurt, and you don’t really feel bad for them. People like him however, you got to kind of feel bad for. He wasn’t doing anything, just walking on the street.

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