Man and Woman Crash on Motorcycle in Peru, Woman Gets All Attention, Man None

Man and Woman Crash on Motorcycle in Peru, Woman Gets All Attention, Man None

Man and Woman Crash on Motorcycle in Peru, Woman Gets All Attention, Man None

The concepts of male disposability and female privilege have been thoroughly documented on Best Gore. When you’re born a woman, it’s like living the life in training mode, with monsters disabled, and everything provided to you in ceaseless supply. In other words, you get an arbitrary pussy pass for existing.

But when you’re born a man, you’re in hard mode right off the bat. You get smacked around, stomped on, kicked in the nuts, and you’ll be told to man up and take it. You will often hear: “You don’t talk to girls like that“, but you will never hear: “You don’t talk to boys like that“, because she’s a princess and you’re disposable. Similarly, you’ll hear them say: “You don’t hit girls“, but you will never hear the same about boys, because it’s only girls who receive special treatment, and as a boy, you get to kneel and thank for the privilege to be a slave.

Whereas the popular culture heavily promotes the concept of male disposability and female privilege (Titanic, which shows men dying so women can live is considered a “romantic” movie), the real life is no different (on the real life Titanic, first class women had a 97% rate of survival, while first class men only had a 32% rate of survival. In the second class, it was 86% for women, and only 8% for men).

The same can be seen in the video below. Filmed in the Department of Madre de Dios in Peru, the video shows the aftermath of a motorcycle accident in which a man and a woman were injured. While the man is left to his own devices, abandoned to suffer alone in agony, the woman has the entire crowd tending to her, and preparing her for the transport to hospital.

Props to Best Gore member @tblnt for the video:

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123 thoughts on “Man and Woman Crash on Motorcycle in Peru, Woman Gets All Attention, Man None”

    1. Word of advice my young apprentice, never ever fuk a hispanic women, even looking at them will get them pregnant, and they quickly turn into what a typical fat white Walmartian Americant looks like. Morbidly obese!

        1. I once saw a hispanic patient who was having her umpteenth larvae. You could almost count the fingers of the kids hands when he pushed on her abdomen.
          She wound up having an emergency hysterectomy after her c-section. She was 42. She had a hematoma the size of a large grapefruit on the back of her uterus. She required many transfusions.
          Fucking leech (in many ways).

    1. From what I could glimpse, her leg was pretty fucking mangled. It didn’t appear to me that the man had suffered similar grievous injuries; for sure, she is losing that part of her leg. He might have to have pins and knee replacements, at best it looked like. Medical personnel are taught to take the worst of the situation first – the more blood loss, the more serious – sort of thing. While he is very much in pain, in comparison – I think a jello’d leg is intensely worse.
      Totally agree with you. She was worse.

      1. Phew, that’s all good to know. At first it looks like a pack of Peruvian shit bags giving this woman preferred treatment when it’s actually a well orchestrated medical evaluation by a crack team of first responding medical professionals.

      2. oh she is way worse alright. A dumb fat fucking cunt. I hope she suffers, because we all know she deserves it.
        And let’s not kid ourselves, she would’ve gotten more attention regardless of the injuries sustained … fuckn’ pussy power!

  1. thanks Mark, you’ve been saying this loud and clear, i wonder what if Christine Blasey Ford was a man(in case a faggot), he would be in jail by now. We r living in a peculiar society that need to be changed.

      1. Using your casual observer skills am I imagining things or at the end of the video as those dudes observe the back of the truck I see a piece of human meat on that metal part? Obviously being that fat lady’s missing leg meat.

  2. In fairness, in an emergency situation, a rule of thumb that I was always taught was to attend to any accident victim who is silent before those who are screaming or moaning. Anyone able to vocalise their pain is at least still breathing. Then you would address anyone with heavily bleeding wounds. He doesn’t have any visible injuries and is crying out so why shouldn’t they attend to the girl first in this specific instance? Their actions COULD have been a result of being pussy-whipped but it is a logical triage approach to the situation and is exactly what I’d do.

          1. @brokeback I’ve never heard a pirate say ‘Oye’, that sounds like something you’d exclaim before dancing a lambada or to get the attention of a Spanish waiter.

            Fonzy says ‘eyyyyyyy!’ Doesn’t he?

  3. Well, Mark, this is only natural. It’s nature (not society) who made men strong, intimidating, and women – weak, lovable and fuckable. Ask anyone what they think of that infamous asian bitch who stomped little kitties and bunnies with her heels. People are going ape shit about those kittens, but no one gives a fuck about an elk dying from the hunter’s gun. Why is that? How did those kitties earn the special treatment? Because they’re fucking cute, lovable, and your brain instinctively tells you to protect them.

    That’s a nature’s mechanism, it tells men “Hey, this ho is pretty hot, we need to protect her. Let’s give her priority”. If you don’t like that, well, you have only mother nature to blame. You can see this in animal world too.

    Oh, I’ve got a solution – let’s bring back eugenics and allow only hot beautiful people to propagate. In several generations, all people will be hot as fuck, the line between male and female will become blurry, and then women will loose their exclusive status of hot, fuckable kitten.

  4. anyone seen the meme of the girl with her knickers pulled forward and she is glancing down and there is a young guy looking at her and she is quoted ” with this i am going to control your life ”
    Never truer words ever said.

        1. Your my second favorite kind of Mexican. My favorite is the ones that sleep under a sombrero leaning against the towns water well.
          Go Sun Devils! (even though Herm Edwards is a dick)

  5. Dear Narrator.
    I don’t disagree with your perspectives. Indeed being a man is tough.
    However in this clip, the woman’s injuries are objectively far worse than the man’s.
    She got that help not because she was female, but because her injuries were brutal.

  6. Response to post, not video; which is statistically kinda tame for this site. Maybe ‘The Hazards of being Male’ should be required reading. (From a chick who’s lived and is still living the sausage casing lifestyle.)

    I think the way everyone is programmed sucks, and I hope tons more join MGTOW!

  7. There is a big difference between the two, the man has big bruises which are not life threatening while the woman got a severely cracked open leg which is a life threatening damage with a blood loss for the rest of her life.

  8. Yet women pay half of what young males pay for car ins…!!! Given every benefit of the doubt while males are guilty till proven innocent.. And they still think they are discriminated against and have it much harder.

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