Man and Woman Die After Crashing Motorcycle in Colombia

Man and Woman Die After Crashing Motorcycle in Colombia

Video from Norte de Santander in Colombia depicts the aftermath of a traffic accident in which a man and a woman died. The couple rode a motorcycle and collided with an oncoming truck.

While both are dead, the woman looks worse. Her pelvis is broken, crotch area torn up, and skull cracked and empties off brain matter.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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59 thoughts on “Man and Woman Die After Crashing Motorcycle in Colombia”

    1. y arnt motorcycles banned? 1st off when ur in a car (ur located in the center in relation to the vehicle, a roof over ur head etc.) sumwhat safe when u crash, & even then u get a ticket, for not having seat belt on. now bikes, has not cover on top, no doors on side, no seat belt, & no ticket without a seatbelt

    1. i think they didnt count the speed.. but the art.

      its like an olympic challenge… all those camera placed everywhere… and the judges behind that give the final note.

      probably an 8/10 (they are rude sometime lol )

    2. — Yeah, the distance from the truck to the body along with other debris is pretty large or wide, whatever the word is. Not sure which xrossed into which person’s lane. I guess the bike ? I barely trust other MFs driving… I wouldnt imagine doing so on a Bike. Less I welkomed death.

  1. Wish I was that flexible lol.
    Actually, it seems like we get a little glimpse of the cooch through the tiny hole in her pants and the cameraman walks from one side of her to the other. I could be wrong though, I can’t see any better when I pause it.

  2. Omg hahahaha here in Mexico a lot girls and boys enjoy going fast on their shitty motorcycles with shitty reggayton music I hope they all die like this,on a side note I love that gold medal split she had nice legs and I bet her booty was awesome nomnomnom hahsha

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