Man and Woman Showcase Limited English Vocabulary While Filming Guy Getting Run Over While Lying on Road

Man and Woman Showcase Limited English Vocabulary While Filming Guy Getting Run Over While Laying on Road

If any Middle Eastern or Asian people watch this video, they must think English is the dumbest language with limited ability for speakers to express themselves.

I know next to nothing about the video. Filmed from a building overlooking the road on which the incident took place, the video is a bird’s eye view of an altercation between a group of people. From the beginning it looks like a three on one fight is about the break out, but the solo guy pulls off an opposum and lays on the road to play dead. The feral gang recognizes it as something from their homeland (jungle) and instinctively leaves the rotting corpse alone.

The ferals depart to feed on grubs, presumably, but moments later, the guy still laying on the road gets run over by what looks like a black pickup truck. The run over triggers the man and woman filming into showcasing their limited English language vocabulary. Muslims chanting Allahu Akbar could not match the retardability of that.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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62 thoughts on “Man and Woman Showcase Limited English Vocabulary While Filming Guy Getting Run Over While Lying on Road”

  1. Well damn.. And I have the nerve to complain because my job sucks.. As I truck driver I often want to run class c license holders over but I obviously don’t do it… Shitty

  2. That was actually some of the best English I’ve heard from their kind in quite a while. Beautiful innunciation (sp?) on the “Oh” and you could also perfectly understand
    the “shit”. Overall I’d say it was a pretty good job, considering….

  3. Who the fuck willingly and voluntarily lays down on the road like the nigger in this video did???

    Only a really dumb nigger…a dumb nigger would have layed down on the road paralleling the road and not across hoping that if a pick up truck runs over him he will be spared by the rolling tires.

  4. What’s the difference between a black person road killed…..and a dog……?????
    There are skid_ _ _ marks leading up into the dog……!!!!!
    Ps: inspecteur clouzot would see welfare fraud right there…….!!!!

  5. Yes, if they were cave monkeys *ahem* I mean white people, they would’ve been able to give you a thoroughly articulated dissertation on the feeling of shock and horror they experienced while watching another man die needlessly in front of them. I’m sure you all would’ve had seemless diction had you been there!

    1. downtown Detroit and some surrounding areas are thriving due to white mayor and white people coming back to live and work but majority of neighborhoods are burnt out overgrown crack infested ghettos, just like blacks like it as they’ve done nothing for themselves to turn it around for decades now

  6. At first I thought wow, they are going to jump this guy. Then I was grateful see the would be jumpers practicing humility by accepting the laying down man’s wish for pardoning…or whatever.

    Then I was like…oh they are going to run this guy over. I think it was an unrelated vehicle that just didn’t see him. The dude must have been wondering wtf is this car honking at.

    Shit if I was in his shoes I would run away as soon as people started walking away. Poor guy.

    I’ve been a lurker for years and appreciate the content and many of the comments. However, I am always upset at the racist comments. I can tolerate many insensitive comments…but I also believe your thoughts become reality. It’s hard to think racist things in some settings (internet) and pretend to escape the mindset in reality.

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