Man Wrecked by Blue Nissan in Thailand

Man Wrecked by Blue Nissan in Thailand

I have a small set of photos here of a man wrecked by a blue Nissan in Thailand. From what I can gather, the man was actually sucked under the car after being hit. Decent carnage, victim’s head is split as well as his side and limbs sporting ripped muscle and flesh. Unfortunately, we seem to be missing the obligatory death cheer team aside from the paramedics and I don’t see any flip flops or pointers, either. But, if you look at the man in picture four, you know he’s just waiting for his chance to point. But it’s the translation that actually makes this post epic.

When dawn on 19 July 2014 at approximately 5:30 pm, the rescuers G Chatham Island notified body found under the car interior PTT pump handle machetes T. Kham Yai, Ubon and staff. volunteers monitoring the scene.

Man found dead at the scene about 50 years old do not know the name – name and address do not wear the shirt under a blue Nissan pickup registration parked in front of the bathroom at the 9250 PTT Bangkok diffused from the statement handle. the driver of the pickup truck that. Self drive from Sam Sip a distance range of the scene to create a cherished home. Not see the car in front and behind the pedals, but they do not drive away too long and makes it rainy dark period really did not notice that until the arrival of the pump shaft PTT had machetes. visit the toilet after completing the mission is going to be the car to find people gathered around the car itself until the body was found trapped under the car as well. Rescuers G Chatham Island orders from the possessive case shift fingerprinting and varnish the bodies sent examiner. Hospital Sappasitthiprasong Waiting to contact relatives

Always remember to visit the toilet after completing the mission.

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    1. probally murdered by his thai wife in order to claim life insurance,most likely he was placed on the road while under heavy drugs then the brother in-law ran him over a few times, hence lack of damage to the vehicle.
      Dont have life insurance , and never will

    1. Maybe he wanted to show off Mr. Winky to the whole world one last time and show everyone what they were going to be missing. And what’s wrong with guys that wear booty shorts? That’s not weird.

  1. First, forgive me if my comments have been a little bit strange this week. I have been off my head on one thing or another all week, today it’s alcohol.

    The translation of this post makes some very good points I thought.

    “Do not wear the shirt under a blue Nissan pickup”.

    Indeed, wearing any shirt whilst being pulverised by a car, particularly a pickup of the Nissan variety, can ruin any shirt and without proof of receipt you are hard out of luck getting your money back from the original retailer.

    “Visit the toilet after completing the mission”.

    Absolutely, why jeopardise an important mission just because you needed to have a shit. There is a time and a place for these things and during a mission is not one of them.

    Good, thought provoking information in this one.

    1. Goes without saying for my part @Empty, I enjoy reading your comments regardless.
      Been a bit that way out myself , think it’s all this heat, just not cut out for it. Well, that and too much scotch 😉

          1. @Stomper.
            I’d have loved that, found acid quite harsh, had to he in a comfortable place with people I trusted
            Never had a bad one but seen some that have, seen one guy lose it for weeks! You need a good sense of self and reality to stay in control. definitely don’t regret it, far from it, of all the things I’ve done (chemical wise) this was the eye opener.

          2. @bobcat.
            That’s the thing , it’s all fine and dandy when you’re young and , how can I put it, unscarred by lifes ups and downs.
            Having said that, I knew a guy back in the day who flipped big time, he thought he was dead !. He said when he went home and got in bed, he folded his arms and laid as if he was in a coffin ! , freaked him out so bad he never touched it again.
            I saw some real weird shit but , touch wood, never had a proper downer. Not sure downers are possible on shoggies though, it’s just pure joyful mellowness 😉

          3. @Stomper.
            It’s all about consciousness. Max plank said matter has no solidity? Got me looking into fractals and the holographic universe.
            Weed and lsd are naturally occurring, but dog forbid you get caught with it!

            We are being kept in the dark about the truth.

        1. @bobcat.

          Yeah mate, it’s crazy how LSD opens the mind and makes you think, things seem to become so clear in and amongst the hallucinations. One of the most powerful chemicals known to man, which would kind of explain why so many failed to return to normality after consuming high doses.

          I think it’s David Ike who claims the world / universe to be holographic ? , very interesting subject for sure.

          1. LSD is naturally occurring ??

            I just checked and LSD is a semi synthetic analogue.

            It’s not naturally occurring, sorry guys.

          2. @Dutchy.

            Ayahuasca is a brew made from the Banisteriopsis capping vine, also Dimethyltryptamine or DMT and not forgetting the Peyote cactus, I know LSD is synthetic but hallucogens are everywhere and I feel they are for a greater purpose than we fully understand.

        1. I know that sounded bad Ewe’s. I know where Chatham is, in Hampshire where they built a lot of the ships that won the battle of Trafalgar
          But I heard a lot of stories about soldier and SAS in the Falklands war. They were drinking water that wasn’t clean. They were just dropping purifying tablets in them so they were getting really bad diarrhea. The fact is they couldn’t stop so they were just reaching into their combats and ripping their shitty underpants off and throwing them away. Not sure if it’s true, but kind of make’s sense of historically the term ‘going Commando’ comes from.

          1. Ah, so that’s where it originated from. Makes sense to me, and I wouldn’t put it passed them just grabbing those undies and slinging them into the wind. No wonder they marched on Stanley so quick, they needed the loo ! haha.

          2. I just looked up ‘going commando’ and it first surfaced during the Vietnam war when the soldiers went without underwear to reduce moisture and friction burns.

            So not far off the money there @WM.

          1. True enough @CrownKingon.

            Walked out of a club once, I was drunk and tripping. Got outside and was drenched by what I thought was a guy with a hose ! , couldn’t understand why he kept following me as I walked. Of course, it was pouring with rain as the taxi driver eventually managed to convince me of !. Oh, the perils of youthful experimentation.

    1. There are quite a few ways to say brother in Japanese. O-Nii-san, ????, means big brother, the O can be omitted during informal speech, ?,Otouto, informal, or ???, Otoutosan, formal, means little brother.

      Nissan the motor company however is a conjugation of Nippon Sangyo, Japan industry.

      1. @Stomper.
        Not a Morrisey fan, he is an enigma though, saw him on J. Ross once, asked him to go for a drink after the show, he just looked at him with contempt and said no!
        He’s not a people person.

  2. Where’s his shoes and most of his clothes?
    Rescuer G Chatham Island needs to be honest here, or was it the posessive case shift fingerprinter?
    Either way the body varnisher won’t mind I suppose.

  3. Well at least they varnish the body. I guess that’s to preserve the meat.
    Also I think it is appropriate to go to the toilet before having a look at the gore, so your stomach is already evacuated.

    1. @Hung, you have been talking about jizz and demon seed well before I ever came along so why stop now.

      Many have come and many have gone during your time therefore be true to yourself my friend.

      I don’t post here to make friends and neither should you, you post because you want to post, you post because you want to be true to you therefore sing your song and don’t hold back mouse.

  4. did the nissan ‘suck’ all his clothes off as he was pulled under the motor or was he just out for the day bowling about in his pants- god I wish I lived in Thailand- although i’d be constantly worried about ‘committing suicide’ as we know is the main staple of foreign tourists over there- must be the humidity

  5. I don’t get it. He got that fucked up in a parking lot? The way he looked, I was expecting this to be on an open road with a 75 mph speed limit??????? Also his left hand looks like he’s giving a salute if you know what I mean

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