Mangled Body Removed from Crashed Vehicle in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Mangled Body Removed from Crashed Vehicle in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Car wreck in Montego Bay, Jamaica, leaves the rescue workers with a job to untangle the driver.

According to the Road Safety Unit of the Jamaican Ministry of Transport, there’s been an eight per cent increase in road deaths up to July 2015, when compared to the same period last year.

Props to Best Gore member @sickjoke for the video:

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    1. I’ve been to Jamaica twice, although it’s been almost 15 years since the last trip. At that time it was quite nice – if you followed the advice of the travel agents and hotel staff. It wasn’t a ritzy place but they treated us well and it was all-inclusive. We were lucky to be on a more secluded beach (near Ocho Rios) and the hotel security would chase off any boats or other drifters trying to bug tourists. We visited a beautiful botanical gardens where a worker tried to sell us weed (although I think he called it ganja?) I’d certainly want to go again but we’re trying to support our local economy – still not sure why we bother…

    1. In Jamaica you pay the hotel security guards extra if you don’t want your room robbed…they opened Cuba to Americans so after all the hub bub dies down I think I’m gonna go check it out.

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