Mangled Car Mangled Bodies

Mangled Car Mangled Bodies

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The hands of fate redirects a male driver along with two female backseat passengers to a crushing world of hurt. They are brought closer together than ever thought possible before. The mangled bodies are dead to the world and lounge inside the mangled car. The occupants don’t seem to mind having no cares in the world, that is if they can find them.

Good news! The vehicle is clear of any prior liens, unless you consider the woman that leans against the window a huge problem.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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  1. I wonder if that car is for sale? No lien, one owner, slightly dented. The only down sides are the upholstery needs cleaning, and theres a set of teeth stuck into the back of the front seat.

        1. They are not all the same, over here in latin america there are lots of white people, believe it or not, and some “european” looking cities, of course those are only a few and just the looks, cause the system is always crap in the 3rd world

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        Hope this was elpful.

  2. My question is: what the fuck did they hit? It looks like a bomb went off in it, no engine, christ it must’ve been spinning like a whirling dervish with the COG off kilter from the blob on the door. Whatever, there had to be some real head knocking, and g pulling at the fateful moment, too bad that wasn’t videoed.

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  4. Solution of having control over damn car is to drive not to fcn’ fast and i mean not faster than 140 km! That is optimal speed for relatively secure trip.
    -Driving 150-200+km/h can ends up messy if, let’s say a driver must turn slight but fast and that’s it: Control can be lost in millisecond.

  5. One again it’s proved how dangerous for a driver and the other passengers it could be when the former insists for a blow job in a fast moving car and the latter submit quite willingly .

  6. The amount of damage on that car is mind-blowing. And that fact that it’s nothing but a heap of mangled metal but still somewhat still all attached together with most bodies and parts remaining inside inside of it is fucking baffling to me, to say the very least!

  7. Gezzus, WTF did they hit and more importantly like how? The way the bodies are laying makes me think they get hit from the right side, but the front of the car is totally FUBAR, totally gone, only frame rails left. How is the dudes head so intact being up front but missing an arm? Video of the accident would be incredible

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