Many People Killed by Overturned Bus in Indonesia

Many People Killed by Overturned Bus in Indonesia

After one decent quality video from Indonesia, here we are back with the typical, shit quality, super low resolution, chaotic, over amplified, but full of death video.

This tragic accident happened in the village of Lengkong, Tangerang Regency, Banten province, Indonesia. A bus overturned and crushed a number of people. Rescuers flipped the bus back on its wheels, exposing the carnage underneath. No further info:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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19 thoughts on “Many People Killed by Overturned Bus in Indonesia”

  1. Shit what happened to funny move the injured…just in case someone was still alive fucking lame Fuck tards… & please tell me them crazy baboons aren’t screaming Allah again … Its sicking to hear that shit in almost every video .

  2. FFS; just cease with the screaming, it makes the video unwatchable unless the sound is turned off.

    In my opinion, a significantly large proportion of the population should not be allowed access to mobile telephones, video cameras, the internet or, indeed, oxygen.

  3. Damn, there’s always tons of these people! The guy with the sliced up arm was kinda cool and I seriously thought when they flipped the bus that they were going to create a whole new sleuth of deaths! Lol. These people don’t give off the bright-minded vibe at all!

  4. The who filmed this made me dizzy.. dude stop spinning around.
    I heard him say Allahu akbar multiple times, I always wonder how countries like Indonesia practice islam despite the fact that they can’t speak arabic, and only know some religious arabic expressions.

  5. I just have this to say, sometimes, things are just lefted up to god, sometimes even things that are certain and secure can be turned on it’s head. As a fleshy virus myself, I realize I’am at the mercy of God (fate, universe, nature, destiny, etc). God willing, let me succeed in my task without tragedy in this world and the next.

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