Medics Keep Trying to Save Life of Man Ripped in Half

Medics Keep Trying to Save Life of Man Ripped in Half

The video shows the medics fighting a fairly losing battle trying to keep a traffic accident victim alive. The victim was ripped in half by a trailer.

Although it often happens that people ripped in half survive to savor the agony, this guy seems quite out of it, displaying no signs of wanting to cling on. Once they moved his remains on the stretcher, I though that was it for trying to keep him alive, but the medics still put the breathing tube into his mouth. Must have been for the camera.

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    1. You don’t hammer his head to end his misery…you hammer his head for our amusement. Now If it was me, I would want them to stick a duster in my mouth so my life will seem more interesting when it flashes before my eyes, then let me drift away like Dobie Gray.

  1. This poor guy already lost most of his blood and his mind is somewhere traveling up the tunnel to somewhere. When some guys get cut in half and they live awhile it seems like they live for awhile because their tissues were squeezed / compressed closed or burnt closed which stops the bleeding somewhat, like a train or bomb. Weird though how some stay alive for a time. If they’re really lucky they can become one of those guys who roll around on a skateboard type thing, pushing themselves along and begging for money.

  2. I’ve been in this type situation and even when you know the outcome you still have to do your job. They tried but even if this guy by some miracle had lived the infection would have killed him within a few days.

    1. There has to be a line drawn somewhere, surely everyone here would agree if they were found in this state they’d want to be put out of their misery? As a society we need to talk more about death and there needs to be more dialogue between patient and doctor with regards what to treat.

      1. Agreed. But I think immediate family would most likely take some form of action or at least freak out about it. I wont lie, out of instinctual reaction, even I would likely react like that to a merciful dispatch of a loved one. Of course, this grievance would only be to serve the peace of mind for those of us who are living and does not necessarily take into account what the victim might have been leaning towards. No one wants to die, but the quality of life is going suck ass if they actually survive something as crippling as this. The dude here didn’t look all that old. It’s a long life left to live without your junk, let alone your legs

        1. Agreed. Family and doctors demand such invasive treatments with little regard to the patient at times when they have no voice. I think if you truly loved someone you’d let them go, that’s often more selfish than suicide IMO because often the person who commits the act believes their family would be better off without them.

      2. @disenchanted1
        Well, as you probably already know, there is such a thing as a DNR order – a Do Not Resuscitate order. Not sure in this case that it would make any difference. You have to have the actual doctor’s written order in sight in order for it to trump the life-saving protocols. So an elderly person who is bed-bound may have it on their nightstand, in case paramedics are ever called to the home. Just FYI. 😉

    1. Ha! That’s a great question. How attractive would this female need to be considering his likely preoccupation with being cut in half and obvious time constraints? And what’s more, who is going to volunteer to knob the half guy in the street? Maybe our friend, the Land Whale but she couldn’t excite a healthy man much less one who’s bleeding out under a truck.
      Lets petition the government for a grant to find these answers.

  3. Just to clarify: They know he is already dead, when they say at the begining of the video “Perdeu, perdeu…” it means “its lost”. Afterwards one of them say to remove the breather, and comments that the “wound is incompatible with life”.

      1. @re-pete Shock can be your only comfort in tough situations. I was run over by a car when i was a younger man and suffered a concussion among other things i got up and started running around in circles for some strange reason. it was only later on that it became painful. At the time i didn’t feel a thing. Shock can be a wonderful thing at the hardest of times.

  4. It not easy to just let someone die when you’re a paramedic. You have to try to keep the person alive no matter what or you could get into alot of legal trouble. All someone has to say is the paramedic didn’t do everything in their power to save the person and a family member or spouse has all they need to get sue happy, on top of that you’ll more than likely loose your job, your face will be all over the media blah blah blah. Its stupid sometimes but that’s how it is.

  5. There is the possibility of the victim being an organ donor. The main organs – heart, lungs, etc… could still be intact and maybe the paramedics are trying to keep oxygenated blood going to those organs until they can be removed. Just a thought.

  6. Why is this guy naked? Did someone take his clothes off before he got chopped in half or after he got chopped in half?

    Was he trying to screw the truck from behind, before the truck realized that there is a penis in it’s tailpipe?

    Did the truck get upset that it was being sodomized, decided to back up and chop the guy in half – that would be very rude of the truck.

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    Oh so many questions about why he was naked. So little answers about how he got chopped and where his junk went to. These questions are going to keep me up all night. I’ll also be eating vulva all night, while I wrestle with these questions.

  7. This man is dead. Trying to put oxygen into this poor slob’s mouth was pointless. Now those other videos where the poor person is actually still alive, god please give this person some comfort care before they pass. These people that just stand and film and don’t do or say anything is shameful. I would at least help this person pass away by stroking his face and holding his head. I know, I’m a sap.

  8. The people cut in half is just freaky, and they say some can survive? I want to hear a survival story. I mean where do you even begin in the operating room? Let the bottom half go and save the top like in the life is like a box of chocolates movie character.

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