Men Fixing Broken Down Tractor on Highway Rammed and Sent Flying

Men Fixing Broken Down Tractor on Highway Rammed and Sent Flying

Two men were fixing a broken down tractor on the side of a highway and the predictable happened. The highway was only one lane in each direction with only a very narrow shoulder, barely wide enough for a bicycle, so the tractor was pretty much blocking one whole lane. The men who were fixing it were violently rammed by a speeding vehicle and sent flying. Having happened in Russia, the accident was caught on a dashcam.

While tractor certainly was blocking the lane, in my opinion the speeding driver carries most of the blame for the accident. He/she was driving too fast, was in the oncoming lane passing a slower vehicle, then noticed oncoming traffic and needed to get into its own lane quick, but with the tractor there and with too much speed to stop before it’s too late, the impact was unavoidable.

Mechanical failures happen. Those mechanics were working to get that tractor out of there asap so it doesn’t block the highway. Even if they called a tow truck, to get the tractor rigged would take a while during which many cars would pass by. That dangerous overtaking which gave the speeding driver no time to react to the obstacle on the road caused the accident, in my opinion.

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  1. Well it does appear to be a Junk Deere. But that happens. All you can do is try to get it running or wait for another tractor or truck to show up to pull it back. So from my experience they weren’t there for shits and giggles.
    Trust me, there is no fun to be had sitting in broken down equipment blocking traffic. It’s nerve wracking, especially when they thought they were safe on the closed side. No amount of neon clothing and warning lights can save you from other peoples carelessness. I could compile a whole work safety power point just from this website. Poor guys. πŸ™

  2. Should have just stayed on the farm and got drunk. Having seen material here for the past few years, I wouldn’t be too relaxed standing on the side of any road in Russia. They should have a dashcam channel in TV, there’d be no shortage of material.

  3. He was going fast , perhaps he saw the oncoming car the one with the dashcam and felt he wouldnt make it so in that split second he decided to go against the tractor or drive off the road because probably by instinct you always try to avoid head on first

  4. I watched this video 11 times back to back still can’t get enough , for how all of it came perfect timing , the cam dash , car dashing avoid of John’s big ass and the unfortunate whom one flew the other pinched with twist between finder fucking binder .. Hell of Mess …

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