Mexican Man Killed Crossing a Freeway

Femur Bone Dislocated and Pushed Out of a Thigh

Femur Bone Dislocated and Pushed Out of a Thigh

This accident took place in Mexico. A man allegedly tried to cross a freeway but got hit by a car. His femur bone, the strongest bone in the body dislocated at the hip joint and ended up exposed, sticking out of the thigh. His head suffered from severe trauma as can be seen by indistinct, but present leakage of blood in the photo of the body on the freeway.

The mortician (forensic pathologist) who worked on the corpse opened the skull and removed the brain for examination. Apparently this is a standard procedure and part of the autopsy routine. Not sure why after getting hit by a car the man ended up in his underwear. It’s usually shoes that fly off the feet, but judging by that gash on his thigh that dislocated his femur, he did take some pretty heavy hit in that area which could be the reason why his pants are off.

Gallery of a Mexican man who was killed trying to cross a freeway is below:

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17 thoughts on “Mexican Man Killed Crossing a Freeway”

  1. That’s something about Latin America: drivers won’t wait for pedestrians. As soon as they can legally kill you, because the light changed or because you’re jaywalking like an ass, they will kill you. Heck, we even accelerate to see if we can catch you and send you to hell.

    Of course trying to cross the freeway in our culture is, basically, suicide. People are going to aim at you, and you won’t make it.

    Looks like Fatso found out the quick way. He was probably drunk.

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