Mexican Man Almost Cut in Half by Hit and Run Driver

Mexican Man Almost Cut in Half by Hit and Run Driver

Cars are wannabe rapists, aren’t they? This is not the first and certainly not last traffic accident victim stripped off their clothes by a collision. It’s also not the first and certainly not last victim of a hit and run driver in Mexico. It doesn’t look like any Mexican drivers ever stop after running someone over.

The accident happened on a highway near Altotonga in the state of Veracruz. Authorities were notified of the casualty after he was found by another driver who drove by. There was nothing he could do. The victim was almost cut in half with innards and brain matter spilled on the road. And he didn’t even wear flip flops, but fancy (and probably expensive) cowboy boots. Yee haa!

Props to Best Gore member drccoco for the pics:

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36 thoughts on “Mexican Man Almost Cut in Half by Hit and Run Driver”

  1. You know you had a shit day when you are lying butt naked on the road and next your head are your feet.

    Also how come I never just stumble upon a guy split in half on remote road in the middle of the night. That is something I want to experience. Hell I will pissing my pants with fear but it would be awesome!

          1. I think i would take the intestine’s out, string them across the road between two tree’s and watch what the first mother fucker does when he drives up on it! Of course i would have my iphone recording this shit for Best Gore!

    1. I’m always really really hoping to find a dead body. Why would you be scared? It’s not like it’s gonna do something to you. It’s fucking dead. Only when the killer would still be around, then I’d be sure to get the hell away. So far I haven’t found a lot of dead FV’s…when I smell that unmistakable smell, I always go and look, but usually it’s an animal, alas. But finding a dead FV is awesome, the more rotten the better.

  2. Ya know, in all seriousness, it’s things like this that made me first find sites like this, BestGore most recently. Speaking only for U.S. TV & cinema, you just don’t usually see this realistic version of an auto annihilation. Oh, they might show a stunt double or dummy bouncing off the hood & windshield, but for aftermath, you normally see a body lying there with some blood trickle on the face, coming from the nose/mouth. That’s about it.

    Personally, seeing things like this makes me be a little more careful… give an extra peek before I step into the street, watch that asshole who is swerving as I drive or ride my motorcycle, be more careful with power tools, ladders, etc.

    So my reasons are noble.

    That, and my dad was an asshole. I’m probably fucked up! 🙂

    1. Stepping on shit isn’t pretty but it happens, it is most avoidable if you are aware of what is in front of you. Some folks leave the house confident that they won;t step on shit, but as they have their chin up high, they cant see what is below them and BAM! foot + dog shit.

      1. Apt metaphor… and the stuff on this site keeps it real, not just something you read in the paper or hear in a 30 second report from the bimbo on the local news…

        (But I find it harder and harder to miss the shit in my yard… I have dogs, cats & deer all defecating on my lawn, and none of them are mine!)

        We can be more careful, and that usually helps… but sometimes your number is up… and you didn’t see that turd under the leaves as you walked to the car.

        Have a good night, Baked!

  3. Don’t see his cock, but dang! He sure has an ample bush! BTW, don’t think Mexicans are known for wearing flip flops. They prefer cowboy boots and sneakers. Mexico isn’t entirely a tropical country. It gets pretty cold in the central part of the country such as in Mexico City during the winter.

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