Moped Rider and Passenger Slammed Hard by Overturning Large Truck

Moped Rider, Passenger Wearing Helmet Cam Slammed Hard by Overturning Large Truck

I don’t know the location. If you do, please fill in the blank _______

Captured on handheld camera by the bitch seat rider on moped, a large truck on 2 lane road overturns on sharp turn on both rider and passenger.

The Asian looking vehicle comes smashing down heavily on both occupants of the moped vehicle. It is uncertain if one or any survived being gobsmacked.

Zero-Decibels ®

24 thoughts on “Moped Rider and Passenger Slammed Hard by Overturning Large Truck”

      1. It’s not always easy to turn one of those things at the last minute like that. The front wheel is right underneath the bars on a lot of those, so if you turn sharp, you go ass over teakettle.

  1. I guess they don’t sell Weetbix in poopland & in turn they become a bug as this fluctuation cycle continues.
    Like the breeding of Cains colour-constipated,
    Christ-killing coons & the spread of their delightful
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    Then ‘The End’ comes.
    But praise be to my Father for reducing the amount of days for my sake otherwise noone would survive.

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