The Most Brutal Saudi Drifting Accident Yet (New Video)

The Most Brutal Saudi Drifting Accident Yet (New Video)

Saudi Arabia has been one of the most prominent supporters of terrorists in Syria and the most prominent oppressor of unarmed revolutionaries in Bahrain and Yemen, so it’s always a pleasure to see a Saudi get pwnt. Drifting is a popular past time activity in Saudi Arabia but it’s a dangerous one so there’s never a lack of death when they decide to show off before their white robed fellow Muslims.

We’ve recently had a video of a Saudi killing himself drifting, and now here’s a new one which is far more brutal. There are many videos of Saudis getting killed pulling their best drift off, but this one easily counts as the most violent yet.

As is typical of Saudis, they don’t buckle up for drifting so when their vehicle starts spinning, it often results in an impressive ragdoll action. In this video, the spinning is so rapid, the first guy to get ejected makes a full 360 spin half out of the vehicle before taking a flight.

Two more people get also brutally ejected – one of them, the last one to take flight is obvious, but there’s one more. He only appears in the video for a fraction of a second and can best be spotted in a slow motion footage. Go Saudi ragdolls. Video was filmed on May 25, 2012:


Here’s a different angle video of the same accident in HD:

One more update – this video is a slideshow of aftermath images of this drifting accident in Saudi Arabia:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. FUCK ‘EM, Does anybody really care, what happens to them, or the “innocent” ones? NO, And if you do, should you? We have enough of our own problems, WHY worry about theirs? Can someone tell me?? I didn’t think so.

      1. @Future, I’m cryin’ right now, cause you are right, and there is nothing we can or will be able to do to get that oil, actually there is, but with bunch of pussies runnin’ for office, and the one that’s in there, It is not gonna happen. I am so sorry, that I brought my daughter into a world like this. BUT, maybe, just maybe she will make a positive difference in this world!

        1. we’re already getting that oil and paying for it with worthless petrodollars that we just create and print out of thin air and force the stupid arab fucks to accept backed by our military power. basically take these fake dollars or we’ll invade your country and take your shit anyway. isn’t America great!? God bless the USA. don’t you fools know that money is created out of thin air and lent to you at high interest rates so the ruling elite can get even richer? wake the fuck up. it’s a fake money matrix.

      2. Yet, unfortunately they get our money and technology with it in exchange.

        I say we should only extract the resources available to us from friendly countries… Notably, Oil from Canada, Uranium from Australia… We Brits have enough Gas and Coal of our own.

    1. @Tulio, are you deliberately not watching 1 Lunatic, 1 Ice Pick? Look if I can watch it, you will be able to, you don’t SEE actual moment of death, just the mutilation of the body, the start is the worst bit (a frenzied ice-pick stabbing (in the guts, BUT the guy is dead!) He lets a puppy ‘nom-nom’ on the dead guys LEG, he has a sense of HUMOUR!

          1. i just heed Mark’s advise regarding the fucked up nature of the video, but well, i’m gonna watch it tonight with some whisky before going out

  2. I WISH that i was technologicaly bitchin’ enough to make this into a fucking screen saver!
    Holy fucking shit thiw is funny!
    A motorized Fleshy Virus spitting Dirt DeVil twister that is filled with, and spits out, human stupidity!

    EASILY one of the most FANTASTIC F.V. munching car wreck videos EVER!
    Mark, thanks a bunch for this one!

    1. This gets serious consideration for a spot on my top ten list. I’ve never replayed a vid over and over so often! The slow motion acrobatic flight of that first guy whipped out is so damn graceful you almost forget how violent it is.

  3. Mein Gott …. now that is the most brutal wreck that I have recently seen, wish I could’ve seen brain spillage as well as dismembered limbs scattered about, but this will suffice. Keep those fantastic videos coming Mark, well…. whenever you get the chance, either way, awesome video. Cheers. πŸ˜‰

  4. these stupid sand nigger muslim fucks! drifting accidents are well publicized but they still keep drifting like they are somehow immune to the laws of motion and inertia and it can’t happen to them. in america we say keep on trucking well you arab saudi fucks please keep on drifting. we need you to drasticly reduce your numbers. allahu snackbar motherfuckers.

          1. @odgoso. yes that’s true. i have almost been killed by either tits or wheels in my life. it is only thru auspicious fate that i escaped with my miserable life. tits and wheels have been a great temptation in my life.

          2. @mouse,if fate has spared
            you,it must be for a reason,
            maybe something great in
            the future,we are living in
            momentous times.

  5. Somehow I can’t help but Pity the Middle East.
    Most people do nothing else then judging them and telling they deserve everything they get.
    And by this they piss them off again and you get them flying into buildings and Making videos like Eugene Armstrong.
    And so America gets mad or any other wealthy country, and it starts again from my 2nd sentence.

  6. this is what happens when camel jockeys trade their camels in for motor cars! maybe when the oil runs out they can pull their camels out of the closet, dust them off, and try drifting them. they might even be good at it.

  7. I still don?t get these akburs fetish with drifting, perhaps it’s like cutting to them, I mean the only way they know of getting their fellow akbur’s attention…anyway, in 30 years, with the cars running on liquid hydrogen or something, they will have to revert back to camels and arabian roads will be safe again….

  8. Wow. Thats the worst case scenario when your car flips. Oddly, the car was spinning just low enough to whip the passengers bodies against the ground several times before being ejected..Ive never seen a car spin that wildly? its almost as if that had to happen or the bystanders would have been mowed down as well..Seemed fun if it weren’t for the damn concrete and cerebral contusions.. And yes thats a fucking arm in the street!?

  9. Funny how you fucking Americans hate Arabs. You’re sucking Saudi Arabia’s dick in order to get your precious fucking oil, they’ve got more money than any single one of you. But yeah, you’re right, they are animals, and you’re geniuses. Americans are known everywhere for their incredibly high IQ :D. Thanks to Iran, we’ll soon piss on the graves of Israelians, and, let’s hope, on yours too.
    Oh btw, I just registered, but I’m an old fan. Can I have a welcome ? πŸ™‚

    1. no fucking towel heads are welcome on best gore. you’re such an idiot. whose military power defends the saudi kingdom? without us the house of saud would collapse quickly. what will you sell when your precious oil runs out and we still have ours sand nigger? you will be eating sand and cursing ahlla for selling your resources to the great satan america for worthless money. may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits.

      1. “Eating sand”. haha.You think we are animals ? USA is a 300 years old country with no history, with a way of life that tells you to consume more in order to be happy. God what a superior way of life. Everybody agrees on this but you. Moreover, how do you dare call africans/arabs/asians animals when you’re living in the country with the highest criminal rate, the highest number of inmates, drugs addict, alcooholic, serial killers, rapists, assholes (yeah that number isn’t official i admitt) of all “developed” countries ?
        If Saudis withdraw their money from the banks, the whole world economy collapses. USA defends Saudi ? Defend against what ? against who ? Do you think any muslim country would attack the holy land ? They just want to be next to their precious oil, and close to the “hot zone”.

        But let’s stop fighting. Here’s a joke.
        You know what background music would have been perfect during 9/11 ?
        It’s raining men. πŸ™‚

        1. Actually America is 236 years old with plenty of history in that time. Hey there are animals everywhere when you think about it, America has a high crime rate sure, due to the fact it’s being over run by sub-human illegal and legal immigrants. I’m not sayin all are sub-human but there are plenty to help out with the crime rate. More and more immigrants arrive in America every single day of all ethnic backrounds.if Saudis withdrawal there money the economy would not collapse, that’s a bold statement I find hilarious. Yeah sure we want oil, so does every legal and illegal immigrant here, wether it be a Saudi or a Mexican, what it boils down to is every one of us needs oil no matter who you are. And your little joke about 9/ wasn’t just men, it was innocent women and children. But I’m sure you dont give a shit. I shit on your joke and your arrogance.

      2. Mouse everyone should be allowed to voice opinions, I for one welcome some different view points. Personally I would love to have a muslim terrorist member on this site to hear what they have to say. You can’t learn anything when everyone thinks the same way, wether you agree with someone or not it’s always valuable to hear another point of view.

        Also, thank you Mark for the third installment, I honestly thought it couldn’t get any better, you’ve surpassed even your own high standards here.

  10. Amazing! I saw the first vid on LL the other day, but that second vid is EPIC!

    And no, I don’t feel even a little bit sorry for these assholes who died. They way they shot across traffic like that tells me they are ultra-rich little shits who are used to getting away with anything because their parents are so rich.

    But back on point, this is an amazing set of videos! Thank you!

  11. Dumb asses (drivers, passengers, and spectators) + speeding vehicles + magnificent crash = FUN. Oh and LMFAO at the crowd. Please. Really? As commonplace as this shit appears to be in your country, was this so unexpected?

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