Mother and Child Collide with Truck, Little Girl Dies

Mother and Child Collide with Truck, Little Girl Dies

This incident happened in Dimapur, Nagaland – a state in northeast India. Apparently, an oncoming truck collided head on with a mother and her daughter who were on their way back from the child’s school on a motorcycle.

How awful for a parent to witness the gory death of their child.

Props to Best Gore member @Kutabacha for the pics:

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76 thoughts on “Mother and Child Collide with Truck, Little Girl Dies”

  1. Wow…I can’t even imagine seeing my little nephew with a big gaping hole in his face…it’s just inconceivable, like the idea of someone throwing a splash of paint on the Mona Lisa; it’s something no human being should never have to witness.

          1. Hi despy

            If you’re looking for a break from all this gore and human destruction, look up “This Secret Agent is a Scammer” on YouTube…omg, I nearly died laughing.

      1. It doesn’t matters.

        You’ll notice I wasn’t rude or disrespectful in my question. I could’ve gone with, “wow, that’s the biggest dot I’ve ever seen!”
        I didn’t know that about Christians though, learn something new everyday.

        Oh, I didn’t want to let Dindustan down. 😉

  2. Another consequence of living in a shit hole of a country
    Stop making the fake scamming calls and drinking cow piss in between sucking elephants trunks. Get off the fucking phones and sort your roads outs you smelly greasy sausage jockeys….

  3. Poor little girl. Just goes to show you,s that Pussy Passes have no age barriers, sometimes.
    I would never wish this on any Parent, as i would go fucking crazy, if i ever lost one of my Boys! 🙁

  4. The product is lost, but the production facility is still active. By the laws of nature, that is not the worst trade off. Now don’t ya feel glad you’re not an animal? Sometimes, one mother watches dozens of her babies die before she sees one grow old enough to kill her…

    1. @bigfoot14

      “…when the wind hits it just right it makes a sound like blowing on a jug. WHOOOOOOT!”

      That sounds like the ending to a really good campfire story. Extra points if a friend is lurking just out of sight with a half-full beer bottle, ready to provide the sound effect on cue.

    1. I could make an insensitive joke here, but….

      She is either texting her significant other, and / or her relatives, friends, and / or her employer about the loss. Regardless of whether your daughter died, you still have to be conscious of the fact that you are expected to show up at your job at a certain time or risk being terminated. Most employers here in the US would naturally understand if you failed to show up for work one day and explained to them later what happened, but not so in other places.

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