Mother and Father Die in Car Accident, Passers-by Rescue Injured Baby

Mother and Father Die in Car Accident, Passers-by Rescue Injured Baby

A young Brazilian family with a little toddler got into a car accident that left them all beat up. The mother and father reportedly died as a result of injuries, but the baby, who was in a child seat, survived.

The mother appears to be twitching in the video, but those are probably just cadaveric spasms. The father, who was driving – well, there was no chance for him to survive that.

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      1. As much as I would love to pick the little one up, you have no idea the injuries she will have,, the way that car is crashed up, she could have internal bleeding,, as sad as it is,, they did the right thing of not picking her up,, at least they undid the safety harness, that would have given her a little movement

        1. Exactly I should read comments before making my own. Repetitive. But does anyone know but these people sell the videos to places like liveleak? It seems awfully weird that all they do in these videos is videotape everything with their fucking phones. I at the very least see if the woman was in fact breathing and not dead.

    1. Why weren’t they consoling her or was it because of her possible injuries that they don’t? As a mom I found it impossible to not become anxious. I do feel the mom was breathing but on her way out. She probably heard her daughter crying. I can’t imagine what was going through her head if anything at all

    2. is it just me or does the daddy have breasts and long hair? I know they both appear to have adams apples but I think thats from them having broken necks possibly but to me they both appeared to be women and both having death reflexes and agnostic breathing(hope I said that right) and broken necks and the baby looks to be in total shock and possibly injured as well.. hope that baby is okay now

    3. Jesus Christ. All my heart goes to that little one.
      Life…so unfair. I had to stop at 1:30 something. That’s my soft spot: kids…Just, what else can I say. This turned me in a crying mood…Kids, I just…It’s a nope…wow

    4. Yeah the baby broke my heart. I guess nobody picked her up to comfort her incase she had an injury. Whats up with the umbrella? It doesnt appear to be raining. The mother seems to be taking labored breaths. Did she die?

    5. Does it ever cross the minds of these on looking morons to get people out of the car to maybe buy them time or at least get them to a hospital instead of walking around for hours like the walking dead? Is it really so hard to use a brain away from the states? They look as useless as our white house staff.

    6. As I have a 15 year careeras EMT I can say that the mother was definely ALIVE, there was not a cadaveric spasms. If they simply free her from seatbelt and block her neck she would survive… seem to had thorax injuries…

      1. Absolutely, same in Australia, some prick would knock the phone out of your hand! They are quick to put up sheets/canvas to stop people seeing ‘reality’ over here too. Most people have no idea what happens to a human body in a car accident, they think you die in one piece!

        1. There is a difference in doing something thats right, such as reporting the horrors of something, and just having a bunch of vultures just lingering around someone thats dying and that could be saved. Neglection for the merciful / dying is straight up pointless and stupid!

        2. @Pingug and @tas tiger: same here…Worse: I had to stop cause I was so disturbed that some of the people around are smiling and laughing. If I had been around. No, I don’t want to even think about it. My blood is boiling.

      2. Out of respect for the victims, I agree, people crowding in just to record a shot of someone else’s misfortune is pretty insensitive but I have to say, this is what people need to see. Not for the sadistic sake of seeing gore but for giving people a nice vivid image of what can happen to you in traffic. Whatever caused this accident may have been a preventable occurrence, I don’t know for sure, but I’ve watched enough people die due to stupidity on this site. It bugs me when I drive in my own town and see people driving irresponsibly on the road, pulling stunts that, if they timed it wrong, would have landed me on this site. BTW, I’ve told those close to me to post me on here if something fucked up happens. I don’t wish for it, but I don’t choose when I go so I might as well contribute my end to others who would appreciate it. I won’t be here to enjoy that with them, unfortunately, but that’s the point, right?

          1. I agree with you @No Cuntry For Old Perverted Man: I just hate this era of ours…Like: “I wanna be famous, I’ll just make a sex-tape…”
            Sad. I mean, I’m young, but my role models are Oscar Wilde, Rimbaud, Jim Morrison, and Damien Saez (singer, writer, musician in France…).
            But, hey, what can we do against these girls who decide to make a cash-machine out of their ass?!

    1. No Der, I’ve known and seen people who’s parents died before they themselves were adults. Most people would probably see it as a tragedy or such, but in reality we all have to die young or old. Look at those sub-humans who have grown with both of their parents. One would think they would do well with , not quite.

    2. You do see him when he first videos the women,, his in the seat in front, which was pushed back against her,, you see his head slump,, his a gonna, got half the engine inside of him, but I don’t know, she could live,, I wonder if she did,, she was breathing,, admittidily a target wee laboured

    1. I think the parents wouldn’t have had it another way. Jerry Collins, the NZL rugby player who was killed in a car crash with his wife (she was driving and fell asleep at the wheel, they think), supposedly threw himself over his daughter to save her. She survived after being in a coma. I think any parent, especially with no other kids, would have done the same.

  1. Everytime that I see these videos of injured people that have a opportunity to be saved or rescued, i think to myself, “why hasnt anyone try to transport them to a hospital?” instead of them blabbering with their necks stuck out and hanging around like vultures. Im sure this happened like 10 mins after he wreck for that many people to come. screw the ambulance.

    1. It’s for precautionary reasons. Wtf would you if they started to have seizures convulsions? You don’t have the first fucken clue, the machines or medication to assess and stabilize the victims vitals.
      Even in canada or the USA. If you’re out in the middle of nowhere. People will not allow you to throw a accident victim in the car, just because you don’t want to wait for the ambulance or helicopter to arrive. You watch too many movies.

  2. From the perspective of looking at the car from the right rear the wreck didn’t look all that bad. Then the camera moved around to the left front. Holy shit! It folded the driver up in the sheet metal like a balled up piece of paper. They must have had to cut him out.

  3. I had an idiot move in next door to me about 6 months ago. He has a wife and three children, ages 1,2 and 3. About a month after they moved in, he set up an inflatable jungle gym for his kids, out in the front yard.

    At 2 in the morning.

    After 4 episodes of this, I open up my garage door and stood and stared at him. Within 5 minutes, the damn thing was deflated, and him and his buddies went inside the house.

    About 2 months ago, he was yahooing in his back yard on an atv, with two of his children in the little back seat. UNRESTRAINED!! This time, I stood in my back yard, shaking my had in disbelief. He looked over at me and smiled, as if to say “Hey, these are my kids, not yours.”

    While I don’t have any children of my own, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out, that many people have died on those things, with the same attitude as this half wit had. As he was gunning this thing around in his back yard, those little kid’s heads were jerking back and forth, as he accelerated and decelerated his atv. Several times, those kids little bottoms left the seat, as he hit the bumps in his back yard, sending them mildly airborne.

    He wasn’t smiling a half hour later, when the police knocked on his door.

    If this bastard wants to kill himself on this thing that’s fine. But I wasn’t going to carry a baggage of guilt, via his ignorance in the first place if God forbid, one or both of his kids should of happened to fall off that atv. What a fricken’ douchebag!! Now if this isn’t strange enough, his wife always straps all three of their kids in a child protective seat in their van, before they hit the road. This family makes the Munsters, look like a National Geographic Documentary!!

    1. @intestinal soup. Did you ever think that intervening may have disrupted the natural order of selection? Don’t get me wrong, i do Care for little ones. I do have a heart but, calling the police is not something I’d do first and definitely I wouldn’t admit to it! I’m just saying

        1. @ranman

          Again and respectfully, I disagree. It IS, up to us to step in, and make our voices be heard.

          We cannot use a crystal ball to support natural selection. If that was the case, then all of us would be either dead, or non-existent in the first place. Natural selection is based on what has come to past, and not an assumption of what is to happens in the future. Using this analogy, usually indicates one’s own bias towards an event or situation. Simply put, one’s own bias, or a will to have things end up the way the would prefer, has never changed the course of natural selection.

          There’s rules on the books regarding drunk driving, and children unrestrained in powered vehicles. Sometimes we have to speak out for individuals too young, to make wise decisions for themselves.

          However I do believe if natural selection took the path of doing things unnatural, none of us would be here in the first place. ๐Ÿ™‚

          Be well!!

          1. @deals

            No it’s not. A child riding in the arms of someone else, is against the law as well. Restrained or not. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out, that if the parent flies out of their vehicle at 90 m.p.h. well, the child will quickly follow. If this child was in her parents arms, even if the parents were properly restrained, would probably, ended up dead or severely injured. Let the facts here, speak for itself my friend.

            Child remains in child’s seat. Child while visibly shaken, is alive.

            However, your comment about the look of disbelief was ‘spot on.” ๐Ÿ™‚

        2. @ranman

          Then who is it up to my friend?

          The children?

          I think that we have one thing in common here, and that both of us don’t know what the outcome would of been. However, I saw everything with my own eyes, and it didn’t look very good from my perspective.

          There’s no way that I could live with my conscience, knowing that something happened, and I did nothing about it.

          Don’t worry dude, I can take the criticism. I just couldn’t take the tragedy!!

      1. @ranman
        First of all ranman,natural order of selection is done by nature. However in this case, I do not consider the ignorance of a father endangering their children as natural, nor responsible.

        Secondly, I called the police on him, so there would be a record of his irresponsibility to keep his children safe. Walking over an clubbing him over the head, would simply be taking the law into my own hands. (similar to what many police officers do nowadays)

        But I need to ask you ranman. What would you have done? Is your natural selection based on your preference, or do you actually believe nature led this douchebag, to do this irresponsible act?

    2. @intestinalsoup His kids his guilty conscience.By your rationale every unrestrained child you see will warrant a police call? How about drunk drivers? I suppose it would be on your conscience if you didn’t call the cops everytime you see someone leave a bar?

      1. @nofaith
        First of all nofaith, my rational is not the issue here. An unrestrained child is in danger, whether it is in a vehicle, or on an atv which indeed, is a vehicle in itself. Please remember, these laws are already on the books where I live. I was informed of this, when I called the police department. In addition, he was driving his atv within city limits, and without a registered license plate on his atv. Again, the laws are the same, as with a child in a regular street vehicle.

        Secondly with drunk drivers. Unlike my experience with my next door neighbor, I cannot be everywhere at the same time. However, if I was in the general area where I noticed a drunk driver entering his/her vehicle and driving away I too, would call the police. I may have confronted the individual, if I felt my life was not in danger. Would you let your friend drive drunk? In this particular case, you may not have to call the police, to prevent your friend from driving drunk. You simply could convince them, to not drive at all.

        But I need to ask you nofaith. What difference is there in these two situations? Both driving your kids around on an atv unrestrained, is against the law in my state. As well as drunk driving.
        In addition, both acts of irresponsibility here, only is assumed by the jackasses, that no harm will come from it. If that was the case, then no one would be killed on an atv, or by the hand of an irresponsible jackass behind the wheel of a car who at the time, had the safety of themselves, nor the general public in mind. Please remember, both acts of irresponsibility here, are against the law to begin with.

        1. @nofaith

          I’m looking forward to hearing your response to my comment. And please, don’t use the word rationale, to justfy my train of thought, based on your disagreement on the way that I handled this situation. Bias possiby, but there’s no rationale nor bias, when it comes to obeying the law. It is, what it is.

      2. @Intestinal Soup, Your train of thought interests me.

        What about parents who let their kids climb trees?, not against the law but does carry an element of danger and therefore could be considered irresponsible parenting.

        In the above one could prevent children from climbing trees but that may stunt their future growth and cause future health ramifications as well should they go on to link physical activity with negative connotations.

        There is also the matter of physical chastisement. Some parents do it and others do not but as long as the physical chastisement does not cross the line it does tend to be a very good behavioural modifier, particularly for the young as they do not yet understand reason and logic.

        In the above, smacking a child is against the law in many places nowadays but yet its banning can be argued to be the precursor for educational/social decline as no child fears the spoken word and so remonstration goes unheeded.

        My point I suppose is that matters of the law are not always clean cut outside of the realm of culpable criminality. Were the drinkers in the prohibition era guilty in any real sense other than being an affront to the act?, are cannabis smokers truly guilty for having that joint to relax whilst at home?.

        I therefore tend to take a relaxed stance unless someone does something truly outrageous and dangerous in which case I either step in or call the authorities.

        Remember, if being ignorant were a crime most of the world would already be in jail and so you cannot live your life trying to act against the sizable majority because that is an unwinnable game.

        We do not think about starving Africans whilst we eat our meals because we are built for self-preservation, not emotive conceptualisation and so it is that we should look after our own first and foremost whilst trying to ignore the idiots for the most part so long as those Idiots confine their stupidity to their own personal territory.

        1. @empty

          With all due respect, you are taking this entirely too far.

          As I have stated before, when children are riding on the back of an atv, it is against the law in my state. Don’t try to insult my intelligence, that I have never seen a child in a tree. Nor that I would call the police if I did.

          When I saw these children on the back of this atv, their necks were going back and forth with no support. In addition, they were about to bounce off the seat as well.

          So tell me empty, and I want the facts regarding my previous posts here. Were you here? Did you see the events that took place, that warranted me to call the police? i’m not going to ask you what you would of done. I’m asking you were you here.

          If you can draw a conclusion on what I would of done regarding children climbing in a tree, then why are you so surprised that I called the police on my neighbor who was clearly violating the law.

          Again empty, I’m not interested in your fairy tales, outside of the main scope of this particular post.

          I already told you and other posters, what I had already done. Simply bcause riding on the back of atvs unrestrained, is against the law.

          Not climbing trees you dumbass!!

          1. You know empty, there are a lot of people here, who try to put words into people’s mouth. Simply put, creating these little fairy tales and drawing conclusions about people, with no hard evidence to back it up.

            The only evidence I have to back up regarding this particular post, is that placing children in an unrestrained seat on a powered vehicle, is against the law. Do you want to dispute this?

            Be my guest.

            Anything beyond this, is simply painting a picture based on your bias. Remember, this post isn’t about children climbing trees, nor starving Africans you half wit!!

            However, you do operate on the assumption of guilt by association. I deal with your kind constantly. Simply put, shooting the messenger, and leaving the facts, clearly off the table.

            Again and I ask you, do you believe that driving a powered vehicle with passengers unrestrained is legal in my state? I can prove that it isn’t.

            If starving Africans want to drive atvs or other powered vehicles in Africa, that is fine. I promise not to call the police on them.

            …Jesus God!!

          2. For fucks sake @soup I’m gonna spell this out for you…

            NO ONE here is arguing that the dipshit with the kids on the back of the atv was a douche bag, their arguing the way you handled it… Calling. The. Cops.

            You’ve made it clear what the dude was doing is illegal but calling those fuckers on your neighbour is a dick move especially if it was over something that was none what so ever any of your business.

            If you felt that strongly about it then you should’ve tried talking to the idiot but at the end of the day it was still none of your fucking business.

            Incase you were wondering what I would’ve done… Fuck all.

      1. @peachmuncher, i would think that one should air their opinions honestly I’d encourage it.
        @intestinalsoup, you had a very good point about the safety of these children you mentioned.
        @emptysoul was not saying you’re dumb. He was just reaffirming my point. Calling the police should be the last course of action provided you’re dealing with a reasonably sane and sober person.

        1. “Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man is either a fool or a coward…
          Whoever cannot take care of himself without that law is both…
          For a wounded man shall say to his assailant… “If I live I will kill you… If I die you are forgiven…”
          Such is the Rule of Honor…”

    3. Great job! I wish more people cared like you. Maybe more young lives could be saved.
      There was an accident earlier this year where this guy got drunk and kept making his girlfriends daughter get on it and ride it. She was too young and kept falling off.
      Ultimately died, bless her heart.

      1. @sandyjoy54

        Nice post. My opinion was based on this post alone. I in fact, do have something resembling a conscience. I am not perfect, nor did I ever intend to be.

        However and I must admit, I get a little upset, when certain people take my comments out of context. (putting words into my mouth) If one chooses to believe that I’m ‘pro police,” the are clearly mistaken. I have posted here many times, about the corrosive behavior of our militarized police.

        There’s also a clear parallel between a dumbass driving around with their children unrestrained and a police officer, operating outside of the law.

        Both are ignorant and if this kind of behavior continues, then they should be thrown in jail.

        The children are not ignorant, they should not be thrown in jail, because they are unaware of the law to begin with. I’ve never been thrown in jail for not knowing the law. Only my ignorance in disobeying it!!

        …and that’s a fact

    4. No shit. Same thing happened here in Texas where I live. Dude had an inflatable space jump, and would have different kinds of variety.

      One time he was riding in an ATV and the thing flipped over sending his two sons flying and leaving one dying. I remember because it’s what was all over news around town, since I live in a small area. Also, it happened in my neighborhood, and one kid was named Issac or Isaiah.

    1. Mother is still alive, but…..the way she is breathing, see how she hitches up her shoulders with each breath? This is called agonal breathing. If you were agonal breathing, you would need medical intervention immediately because you would die soon.

    1. I’ll tell you what my lord and savior would do,he would cry at what we’ve done to the world.Well,he’s not really my lord and savior,but I did go to church once,well,I thought about going to church once.OK OK,I stole some lead from a church once.

          1. Trying to bullshit time away at work so I can get home. Got the next part for my iron head in and I’m itching to get it installed. Plus I’ve got about 50 gallons of wine to bottle and need to get that out of the way before I can get to the iron wanna help with the bottling?? I’ll give you a few.

          2. A few?…
            Now you’re trying to start a fight @Am0ur… ๐Ÿ˜‰

            Anyway… What type of wine are you making?…
            What part did you just get for your iron head?…

          3. Ok ok more than a few lol… Just the file tank and lines she’s slowly coming together… The batch that’s ready is blueberry.. But I have blackberry, strawberry, and apple ready soon just bottled my hard cider last week and I’m going to try mango for the first time.

          4. Truthfully… I’m not much of a wine person @Am0ur but I’d have to try the blackberry wine… I love blackberries…

            Could you see @boozer drinking strawberry wine… I think he’d lose his patch… Just kidding Bruder!…

  4. @empty

    …regarding your comment on ignorance.

    I’ve never been thrown in jail on ignorance. So your point regarding “everyone” would be thrown in jail for ignorance is totally non-valid, and quite frankly a lie.

    Ignorance is the inability to accept the facts, and making a clear decision to avoid them. From here, laws are put into place to protect the ones who either do not know the fact to begin with, or people who do, who do not want to be a victim of one’s own ignorance.

    Ask the children on the back of this bastard’s atv, if they know what the facts are, in regards to rifing on the back of an atv unrestrained. Should they be thrown in jail?

    But the person who chooses to drive their vehicle shitfaced, clearly knows that what they are doing, is against the law. I’m not putting words in your mouth big fella, but maybe we agree here, on the fact that this particular individual, needs to be in jail.

    Good day!!

    (and try to critically think from time to time)

    1. @intestinal soup, i must say respectfully sir, I’m glad i do not have you as a neighbor for fear that every thing I did would be judged by you resulting in the police being called constantly. I do not have kids but do a granddaughter thats 30. I do not put my nose in other peoples business unless I can’t avoid it. I have intervened in one drunk drivers evening by removing him from the road before he killed someone else but, using the assumption that the law is fair is a pipe dream

    2. @Intestinal Soup, sometimes getting too emotional in a post allows people to see right through you and in this case you became an open book.

      It is clear that you address your external reality solely based upon your own personal circumstances and it is your experiences in life that have cemented those circumstances.

      In the above you are unmoving, unflinching in your idea of right and wrong and believe that your moral viewpoint is the undeniable truth. How could it not be, after all the law backs you up on it.

      This is why you called the police on your neighbour instead of just having a word with them because as far as you were concerned he was in violation of your ideals and needed to be punished, not reasoned with.

      The Islamic extremist behaves in a similar manner and yet is considered morally/legally wrong so why is it that you believe yourself to be morally/legally right?, the answer is a simple one; you live in the Christian West whilst they live in the Islamic middle East.

      If you were to be placed in the middle east it is you who would be in violation of the moral/legal laws and as such punished without any attempt to reason with first and this is because they too hold the undeniable truth backed up by law.

      My conclusion, your version of truth is flawed and so is your reasoning that the law must be correct because it backs you up.

      You call everybody else dumbass and idiots when they attempt to argue against you purely as a self defence mechanism to protect your own weak sense of self because anybody who challenges you, you who is backed up by the law, must be an idiot as anyone with intelligence would otherwise agree.

      The world is a massive place with many viewpoints and moral/legal arguments that all have various versions of right and wrong based upon social/religious/economic environments and yet you yourself hold the undeniable truth. How very small, how very childish.

      I will take your advise though and try to critically think from time to time however I do understand that unless my conclusion backs yours up I will be guilty of not thinking critically and therefore am an idiot.

  5. @ranman

    You’re more than welcome to express your opinion regarding me as your neighbor. To be honest with you, I would be surprised if no one commented, the way that you did., let’s see what you have posted here

    My neighbor has parties, plays with his kids and teaches them how to ride a bicycle, either with, or without training wheels.He does a lot of things ranman, with absolutely no intervention from me whatsoever. It may be hard for you to believe my fiend, but I really don’t give a rat’s behind, what people do or say. but sometimes ranman, you happen to hear something outside that is real LOUD. You look outside to see what it is well, you know the rest of the story. So, and as stated before, I don’t play the guilt by association game very well. Especially, when it’s based on one’s bias towards me. All I want is the facts. I have given them to you here in this particular post. I have no control, as to who wants to make me their pariah. However, I do have a choice to defend my position, in one’s attempt to demonize me. (guilt by association/bias)

    Now, I applaud you in removing a drunk driver from the road. Now he too, was disobeying the law now, wasn’t he? However and correct me if I’m wrong. The law maybe, wasn’t the reason why you stopped him, was it? Maybe you had a conscience, and didn’t want to be his pallbearer at a later date. No?

    In my case, I simply used the power of the law, to stop a potentially dangerous situation. If I would of taken the law into my own hands, I could of either ended up dead, or kicking the Christ out of him. I would of ended up in jail, because I knew what the law was, but was ignorant enough to disobey it, ending up with my sorry ass behind bars.

    Now my friend again, don’t try to assume that I think the law is fair. Again, this is guilt by association and I have to ask you…

    Tell me anywhere in my previous posts, to where I thought the law was fair. I don’t put words into your mouth, and I think your smart enough to pick that up so please, let’s stick to point in question, and that’s child safety.

    But may I suggest if you don’t think the laws are fair, then try to change them on a local, state or national level.

    Again, I think there are a lot of piece of shit cops. However they too, are ignorant enough to operate outside of the parameters of the law. And need to be jailed, if their behavior continues.

    There were four choices in my decision to call th cops on my neighbor…

    1) I didn’t do nothing, nothing happened.
    2) I din’t do nothing, something happened.
    (I would of felt guilty because I was not ignorant of the law, regarding child safety, and would of felt terrible about not doing anything about the situation0
    3) I did something, nothing happened. Very encouraging for the children. They may get to live longer than me.
    4) I did something, something happened. The father may have been thrown in jail, for operating a vehicle without proper registration, and not having their children properly restrained.

    Was I ignorant? Did I operate outside of the law?

    Good day!!

    If you don’t approve of the child unrestrained laws,

  6. What the woman is doing is called agonal breathing. It happens when the brain stem is still active but the rest has stopped functioning. We see this often in accident victims. Thier brains suffer coup contra coup injuries causing deep hematoma (brain bleeds). They are dead their stem just doesn’t know it. They are organ donors if they aren’t to damaged.

  7. Well hot damn it’s a miracle! Look at that first responder right there. Father has been chewed down to minced meat.

    On a serious note, the child that has witnessed her parents dying with the blood of the spouse on her face at an age so young that she doesn’t even know how to walk. At an age so early one would already lose their innocence, but that can be wrong because the child would not have remembered.

  8. @Jack Doe

    I have two questions to ask you and one comment, and I’m done with this post…

    Question, do you think these children would of been any safer if let’s say, it was the commissioner of public transportation and safety driving this vehicle? Even though my opinion of him may have been the same, surely my opinion would not of changed the course of this potentially devastating outcome. So simply stating that he was a dick, doesn’t change the course of his inappropriate, and unlawful behavior. Nor, does it make his children any more safer. It is simply my opinion, as well as others. There have been many respected people in our society who for numerous reasons, have done foolish things that has hurt themselves or others. Many would call them a dick, many wouldn’t. However ignorance, more than opinions, accounts for the majority of fatal accidents.

    Were you here to witness this event?

    It’s easy to picture in your mind, what you would of done or not of done, in an event such as this. However, being a witness to an event takes much more of a front seat, as opposed to a distant bystander.

    Another thing to consider JD, 99% of all tragic events, are a result of people expecting nothing to happen in the first place.

    …the only exception that I can think of, is suicide but then again, that’s a tragedy for other people in it’s own right.

    So once again, your opinion or mine, does not change the course, when it comes to his children’s safety.

    However, laws regulating his behavior does!!

  9. One moment filled with compassion and the next we go hot headed is what we are on this site .
    I am truly sad for that little child and all I can pray for this toddler is to get adopted and find new parents soon.

    1. What makes you think they’re illiterate? Besides, even if they are, you don’t need to know how to read in order to swing a hammer or plow a field. They probably work harder than the rest of us and get less for it.

      1. Man ‘o’ Man @Randy Marsh ! is that real you in the pic ? Looking at you I ain’t gonna survive and hardly breathing now man .Go get dressed up man . gotta go for funeral You ain’t this way buddy are you !? . Get moving and leave that couch or the floor you are seated on ASAP.

  10. 1.Nobody here cant help anybody.They cant even cuddle the child as the child may have internal injuries.2.People take videos of scenes like these most likely due to the fact of a fascination with death on proviso its not them lol.3 This accident could happen anywhere,though happens a lot more in brazil,the internet is full of accidents from brazil,you would think they would get the message by now “SPEED KILLS”maybe its cultural they cant get the message.4 With regards to taking pictures i would theorise that it might be more psychologically functional to be traumatised by the event that take full portion videos of it with intentent detail,unless its your job and its for educational purposes,but these people are doing it most likely to show to people”look i was here,i saw this”No empathy being involved its like watching a tv screen in a xoned out state.

  11. seriously its hard for me to watch children and animals hurt…
    Mother look like having internal bleeding.
    may be the idiots who are busy filming a disaster could have saved her at-least loosened her seat belt or…

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