Motorcycle Accident Results in Amputated Leg and Destroyed Crotch

Motorcycle Accident Results in Amputated Leg and Destroyed Crotch

There are two destroyed crotches and one amputated lower leg in this video. It happened in Brazil and as was the case with yesterday’s video, I think the motorcyclists hit a guardrail.

I don’t have any further info but the person recording sounds like he’s providing some commentary on the accident so perhaps our Brazilian friends can translate it for us?

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  1. Was that guy trying to put the victim’s helmet back on for him? It’s a little late to be worried about that…right? Unless he was just trying to keep the dude’s head off of the hot pavement… Sucks to be them whatever the case.

        1. I rode everything from GSXRs to Ninjas and I had a Yamaha VMax and a few cruisers. I rode for a long time but gave it up after breaking my spine. I’m eager to ride again but everyone around me is telling me not to. Come next spring I’d like to be on another sport bike. Once you’re hooked it’s hard to give it up.

          1. Awesome! I know how you feel, I grew up on the back of motorcycles and it’s not something you can just give up.

            I’m sure you’d be fine if you started riding again since you have so much experience with it. I hope you get back into it and enjoy the open road (:

  2. i will translate for you guys this video and yesterdays video.
    “dude, what an ugly thing just happened here”
    “the foot of the guy”
    Lots of people talking about not remove the helmet from the guy.
    The end.

  3. I don’t know how it’s even possible to injure your dick in a bike accident but after seeing this video I’m having second thoughts about getting another bike. I could recover after losing a leg but there’s one appendage I could’nt live without.

  4. Gustavo… I’ve been sleeping with your wife…
    No no, I’m messing with you. I’m only pulling your leg.

    P.S. Mark, we all know the judicial system in Canada is a joke. Hang in there, and bless us with your presence soon. We will all be here waiting.

      1. Lol at myself…I didn’t know what that was until after my divorce…was on a first date …we end up going to a hotel …she tells me she got a brazillian as we walked to the room…when she explained it to me made me weak to my knees ….lol…..

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  5. 2 dicks and 1 leg.. What those fellas were doing, god didn’t like.

    If my dick got ripped off, you might as well shoot me right there on the Side of the road. I’d be one angry, hostile asshole without being able to bust a few nuts a day.

    1. If you had no junk, you would have no drive for sex. If smoking couldn’t deliver nicotine to your system it would be simple to quit, right? Likewise if your junk is gone that wanting feeling produced by hormones is vastly reduced.

      1. @brokeback – damn right about that!
        @stitch-kitten – brutal as these images are, we’ve seen far worse over time. the ones that haunt me or make me cringe are the injuries or death of children. when one looks toward their own mortality it behooves one to see the young getting on to hopefully a better life than the generations before and just maybe we somehow made a difference

        1. There certainly are more brutal images on this site, and I agree, injury or death of a child gets to me. For the most part there is alot of innocence. But in less fotrunate countries, children are capable of comminting horrible acts, gets me lost in thought over nature vs nurture

    1. But what if it was one of your loved ones? Or one of your kids? You have kids, right? Would it still be a guilty pleasure?

      I’m not trying to start shit like a sensitive little bitch, but comments like yours up there always make me curious how people would respond if something like this hit close to home. 😯

      1. To answer your question, I’d be devastated to the fullest! In all honesty, even if it were complete strangers and I happened to be “live” on the scene, I’d be beside myself and totally changed forever- I’m sure. My guilty pleasure comes from curiosity. I can’t change what happened to these poor people and I can’t change that it was filmed. My guilty pleasure is the curiosity that drives me to watch it though. I assume that it takes a special kinda person to even be able to film these kinda things and keep cool. My basic instincts as me would be to flip out. Maybe I wouldn’t but I’m pretty sure I would! I think I enjoy looking at the content for mostly the same reason as the others but I have no idea what others feel when they do. I always feel sorry for the people, but these things happen and me and my kids aren’t exempt. I’d honestly rather these people live vs having BG content-but there’s not much I can di about that. Wether I boycott or not- accidents will continue to happen and people will continue to film it. It is my guilty pleasure to see the gore but know I would never wish harm on even my worst enemy. For a lady that loves to see gore as much as I do, I’m a very caring, sensitive and loving person. I don’t take your question as starting shit whatsoever. Hope my answer helps clarify what I said. I’m not a psychotic individual, I just have a high tolerance for viewing gore in my cell display. In real life- I’m not so sure…

        1. I get ya. I have always gone by the reasoning that if I don’t know the people, then I don’t give a shit. I try not to delight in the pain of innocents so much anymore, but some people are a pleasure to see get killed. Muslim extremists, and what not. Anyway, thanks for answering. I’m always curious to hear personal perspectives like that without people getting all defensive. 😎

          1. Thank you @Rude. I’m not a fake girl and I’ll always tell you my true thoughts and feelings. Regardless of what others think. I know that could be me at any point but I try not to think about it. When it’s my time- it’s my time..

          1. @Juicy. A must for any horror film junkie.

            @amnyc. If you grow up to be pinhead, uncle Frank’s gonna be in big trouble. Don’t waste such good suffering! Open box dude!!!

        1. I stopped having those fantasies involving you two months ago, you guys are too rough. Especially @Juicy, that girl does not believe in safe words. How many times does a man have to scream Mississippi before she realizes it just ain’t fun anymore?

          1. Safe words?! I’m just a tiny bit lost here. And damn!! It’s too bad you have up because @Next and I were trying to plan the prefect show for you when we all finally have our BG “get-down”! 😉 That’s ok though, we don’t need any spectators. On the real through- “safe words”?! Refresh me on that one..

          2. @Juicy you seriously don’t know what a safe word is? When two grownups are “playing”, and things might get a little too rough for one of them, they are supposed to have a designated word they can say which will make the other grownup stop “playing” so rough. When I scream Mississippi next time, it means stop, not go faster and harder.

          3. Ooh..oh ok. Lmao!! Bwahaha! 😉 You know I’m a little rebel though. Any designated “safe word” will surely get you in trouble! Haha! Nothing is safe when juicy is involved! 😉

          4. @amnyc hahah I can’t stop laughing lol you know a lot about these safe words. i bet you liked getting kicked in the balls. You should’ve picked a shorter word than Mississippi. I’d make you spell it out too.

    1. I only have three things to say about that…

      1. Never use your penis pump after experimenting with Viagra.
      2. Never hook up a mechanical vacuum pump to it.
      3. Always make sure the relief valve is functioning properly, especially if you’re using it stoned and tried 1 and 2.

  6. Ummm… is that the other guys hand still grabbing said crotch? I’ve been driving myself crazy trying to figure out what it is I’m looking at on whats left of dude’s left thigh. It really looks like a hand to me. Another mystery I’ll never have solved.

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