Motorcycle Accident Victim Spread Eagle on Road Due to Broken Pelvis

Motorcycle Accident Victim Spread Eagle on Road Due to Broken Pelvis

Video from Indonesia depicts the aftermath of a multi vehicle traffic accident. While it appears that several people were injured and/or killed in the accident, the video focuses primarily on a survivor spread eagle on the road due to broken pelvis.

I think the survivor is a woman. There will always be something very inviting about women spread eagle on a road.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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33 thoughts on “Motorcycle Accident Victim Spread Eagle on Road Due to Broken Pelvis”

    1. Ya think that one of those Gooks would have taken the opportunity to slam it in that spread. It probably would have been the only time that they could have gotten some since she could not refuse by closing her legs like the others would! Their Urge To JIZZ was not fulfilled, lol. πŸ˜‰

  1. Ugh… everybody has obnoxious voices in there… “PAKPAKPAK!! Pawk! Pawkpakpawkpakpak!” 😐

    I like how that other guy with a broken arm was just texting… probably posting in FaceFuckBook “I just mangled my arm… LOL! Oh well, what can you do. :)”

    Also… did they hit a paint can on their way or something? πŸ˜† Why is white paint everywhere?

  2. Well at least we know that none of the injured were dying because we would of had to put up with their annoying & repeditive death chant/prayer of Oh Di La FUCK,,, Oh Di La FUCK,,, Oh Di La FUCK.

  3. Although its a scene of total chaos but its more like people hardly have any time there to stop by and offer any sorta help
    Its a Crazy freaked out little world ….out there with such narrow roads and such high density traffic plying on the road ….. leaving no room for no one to blame no one .

    I think I saw someone gotten run over under that huge bus already and a couple of the other victims nursing their wounds and just sitting dumbstruck in a state of horrid shock … the one with spread eagle appears to be a female and the bystanders onlookers are just waiting to a catch a glimpse of her twat while they can .

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