Motorcycle Accident Victim Twitches on the Road, Nobody Gives a Shit

Motorcycle Accident Victim Twitches on the Road, Nobody Gives a Shit

Vietnam – another one of those bonus countries where you best hope you never get involved in an accident cause nobody’s gonna help you in any way. Most will pass by you, those few who slow down or stop do it only to gawk.

The best way to tell that a video is from Vietnam is by hearing nothing but constant blaring of horns. They start honking before starting their vehicles up and don’t take the hand off the horn until they’re physically separated from it. I can’t imagine they enquire about anything when buying a motorcycle or car other than how loud the horn is and how many years of nonstop honking it’s been designed for.

I don’t know what exactly happened but there seems to be two bodies, one motorcycle and two flip flops down on the road. One of the bodies must have slammed his head really hard against the pavement and it sent him into a violent twitch. The convulsions probably made it all the worse cause he looks like he knocked his head a few more times twitching.

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      1. Yeah, that is true. Most of them are thinking: ”Well, I don’t have to call an ambulance or go there and be a little help trying to calm him down and see how they are doing or etc.”. Not that I think that guy was doing very well.. When everybody is thinking that same thing, nobody will eventually call an ambulance or help. That is sad.

    1. Gotta love asians. They don’t give a fuck about their fellow humans because there is so many of them. Fresh asian in the morning gives me the best energy. I’m sharpening my butcher knives as we speak.

    2. what the fuck do you want them to do? whisper false comforts? sit their and rub their fucking back while they bleed out? attempt to resuscitate them even though you have no medical training? i wouldn’t gawk, though. i would bounce. not my problem. why do we feel this need to be loving to everyone just because they are human like me? i don’t care. if i don’t know you if you don’t earn my respect or are not my blood, then you are just meat.

          1. how the hell does being a heartless monster make me “Zionist”? i’m no sheep. how could I be? I actively promote the execution of muslim children and you say dumbass shit like that?

        1. I want no help from anyone. i’d rather die alone so I can leave this existence without any slack jawed distractions. you assume everyone cares if they die. the point of living is to die. no matter what you do who you are you will still die. this life is so utterely meaningless it’s laughable. so please, hold onto your pathetic “humanity”. I will die with a fucking smile on my face.

    3. Damn them, no one wants to help Heck to Hazh peoples I’ve watched a lot of video and surprisingly no one comes to help Why Hakma the humans imagine yourself whereabouts, but one wants to help you??Everyone thinks of himself only to his God be upon you brother Ayman from Jordan

    1. I agree; seizure before the accident or post-traumatic seizure. What I can’t work out is that the motorcycle is on it’s stand and the other person lying in the road. The flip flops appear to belong to the seizure guy and being behind the motorcycle might suggest that he was hit as he attempted to cross the road, and the other person was the motorcycle rider, but it still doesn’t explain why the motorcycle is on it’s stand with two people down?

      1. I know right!!! Rees a video on here where it’s in china I think and a little boy gets ran over by a shipping truck and they don’t do nothing about it and he lays there for a good hour are so, it’s sad:(

  1. VN is actually one of the very few places left where people are not entirely fucked up.

    So I doubt that these guys won’t get help for much longer. I witnessed a few accidents in Vietnam and it was like all kinds of people came and took care after a minute. Unless it’s the northern part. Different story.

    I normally stop for all kinds of incidents. However I’m not sure what to do with that gentlemen here. The way he’s headbanging the road is quite Kafka.

  2. I never laughed so hard at one of your video descriptions!!
    As far as the video…Damn.That looked like a bad head injury, with no one showing the least bit of concern. I wonder sometimes, as a woman, if I have too much compassion or if they just don’t have any.

  3. When people are convulsing like that on road or sidewalk they could be banging their heads into a coma, so it’s best to hold their head or put a jacket under as to stop the head trauma. Wish the video was longer.

  4. One day I went to Amsterdam on a schooltrip, since I’m from Holland. And as many big cities, it was crowded by pigeons. While we stood on the Dam, a big open square in the middle of the city, we were surrounded by these flying rats, because some girls liked to feed them. One of the loser-kid from the class was punched by some other kid as a joke. Unfortunatly for one of the pigeons, he used HIS head to break his fall, stamping right on him. Since that kid was kinda fat, the bird’s head was crushed in a second, making him spattle and jump around while wildy swining his head around. The flowing blood gave away that he was centainly dying. But what surprised me the most, was the little to no reaction of the other birds around him. They litteraly walked over this dying bird just to get to the breadcrums lying around.
    Now I thought this scene would only occur with animals, and that we humans would care for one other who was dying under our feet.
    I was pretty stupid back then 馃檪

    1. Hello there fellow-dutch person :). Yea, I thought people would help eachother too, but since I became familiar with I see that people don’t give a shit about others but themselfs or people they like/love. That’s the best thing about bestgore: you get to know how the world REALLY is. It is not nice, or pretty. It is hard, and you have to be careful.

      1. That’s centainly true; Bestgore has opened my eyes. On tv you see just a little scratch after a huge car crash. Here you see everything that happens to your body, in every gruesome detail too haha. And this world is mean, but as long as we stay nice to each other, als Nederlanders, is deze wereld nog een stukje beter. Groeten!

  5. That video deserves a Pulitzer…or whatever. The control despite moving along through the accident and impactfully capturing the twitching front and center really deserves at least an applause from us. Plus it looks properly oriented!

  6. I should of have seen this first before the “Stand up for one Another” I was thinking aww people saving and helping each other……then I saw this one and its all fucked up again seeing people just watching or just going around him…that is a sad way to die when the last moments your on the street fighting for your life or in so much pain looking for help or a last sign of good before leaving and no one comes to your aide. Or how frustrating it would be if you saw this video and the person in it was family/friend and to watch these people just standing by gawking. I couldn’t imagine how that would feel like, it’s already upsetting to watch and I don’t even know the guy Hopefully he survived

  7. “Nobody Gives a Shit”
    ..including soulless vertical retard.

    Jesus Christ. This is unthinkable in my country.
    When this some accident happening everyone try to help as much as they can so this shit shock me every time i see.

  8. Looks like an attempted Planking stunt gone horribly wrong…luckily the Flip-Flops survived with very little obvious damage.
    Having been to Vietnam 3 times,I can honestly say I’ve never witnessed more scooter accidents in my life,and that comes from someone that used to live in Thailand and has also travelled extensively through many of the world’s more poxy regions,including India. Possible Flip-Flop poisoning,or excessive rice consumption.

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