Motorcyclist with Amputated Leg Paints Road Red

Motorcyclist with Amputated Leg Paints Road Red

This young man lost his leg when he crashed the motorcycle. He’s painting the road red by bleeding from the stump, but despite quite significant blood loss, he’s alive and conscious.

I don’t otherwise have any background info about the video. Latin America, as far as location is involved, I guess?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. I agree @zlan but,,, in order to enjoy them tough motherfuckers, and get some incredibly sexy, and awesome manly sex with them, they first must survive. And with my many years of experience as the Construction “Emergency First Response Supervisor”in charge in Ottawa’s West-End Subdivisions, i have witnessed more live gore than most on here will ever, see in a lifetime, as trained by The Red Cross, Saint Johns Ambulance, it does not look good, but instead, very grim for him, and from what i can see from this poor chap, is that without a tourniquet and some calming techniques to reverse the effects of shock already well under way, his chances are extremely slim, as he has already lost, what looks like at the very least 2/3rds of his blood volume, and that is without even knowing what other types of trauma he might also have suffered. But,,, Can one of you Guys, or Gals please tell me what the fuck is wrong with these people????? Why could they not tend to his needs, and maybe, just maybe,,, help save this guys life. There is absolutely no better feeling in the Whole Wide World, than the feeling of helping some helpless, suffering, fellow human being, in need, and saving his life. I have have witnessed many horrible accidents while running my numerous construction sites, but i was still able to help many survive sure death, if i had not responded super quickly, and provided life saving emergency first aid until the Ambulance arrived. Many of these injuries were from employees smoking too much ganja on the job. The Framers would suffer gruesome high blood squirting, Arterial Spraying, with legs cut deeply with chainsaws, and Roofers, not tying off, then falling off a two story roof to the ground below resulting in double compound fractures, or sometimes referred to as an Open Fracture, would be heard screaming for blocks, even with all the heavy equipment noises all around us. Most people do not realize this, but Ambulances take much longer to reach Residential Construction Sites than your lets say road construction, or highrise Building Sites, as all they have to do is give the 911 operator the street, and address next door, or across the street. But in our case, the area being developed was about the size of 10 square blocks with 350 to 400 homes going up at once by 4 large Construction Companies, sometimes called track housing. No street names exist in these 1 to 2 foot deep mud pits we used as streets. I sometimes used The Skytrack to get around after a couple days of heavy rain, as i could get to a problem, or accident, much more effectively with this 6ft. high tired monster. As accidents were plenty when our site’s workers had to perform their already hard, and dangerous jobs, in mud filled slippery boots. One day in July 2007 i had a very bad , and sad day, when four terrible accidents all happened close together, and tested my abilities to the max, but i lost a Good Hard Working Young Father, (the kindest guy you would EVER meet) to a simple and low fall that ended very wrong for him, and as a result he became completely disabled at 32 from the neck down. He was my third case in 40 minutes, as my assistant foreman radioed me the ALERT ALARM, that we had just sustained another accident, i asked him to give me an idea on the injury, as i was working on creating an airway to my broken neck brother who was blue with his tongue sticking out of his bubbling mouth. Without moving his neck i stuck my mouth over his, and applied a soft but steady pressure of air into his lungs, then after 2 or 3 seconds suck it back out, i continued this until the Medics arrived and installed a trachea bag, after quickly opening up his throat, with a scalpel. I gave the other Ambulance attendant my info, time of accident, blood pressure readings, level of injuries sustained, before i broke down, walked inside a half built home, and cried like an infant, just knowing that the way that his body was twisted while i calmly spoke to him, and blew breath into him, i gently rubbed my palm down his neck and felt his spine severed between the C 1 & C2 vertebrae . I could see my men looking at me in agony as to what i had just went through in the matter of 4 hours, as it was not even noon, yet i was covered in wet mud, blood, and a face smudged in dirty tears, and pinkish bubbled dried to my face. I never spoke about this to anyone until today, i almost did awhile back, but i could not find the courage to do so. So Please,,, Help one another, there is no greater reward in life,,,None… Trust your Senior Brother. 🙂

  1. first thing that comes to mind is. Damn how do u buy just one flip? Or one flop? U know there’s no prosthetics over there! And if there were how do u put a flip or a flop on a prosthetic??

  2. It is Brazil in fact. The accent reminds me of northern Minas Gerais, but I could be mistaken.
    Most is inaudible gibberish …
    -15 Vic ”… num morri , tô morrendo …” I didn’t die, so I´m dying …
    -16 Dude ” não , não … fica tranquilo … ” No , no … stay calm.
    não vira não , vira não , vira não … ” Don´t turn , don´t turn
    -31 Guy ” o sol, tem nada pra cobrir ele aí não ? ” The sun, got anything to cover him ?
    -38 Sir ” AÊ CURIOSO ! FORAM CHEGAR MAIS PERTO Ê Ê Ê Ê !!! Hey curious (crowd) , getting closer to the Vic .

    I ride on a daily basis and I definitely wouldn’t like to be in his shoe.

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