Motorcyclist and Car Criss Cross Each Other, Biker Flies Toward CCTV Camera

Motorcyclist and Car Criss Cross Each Other, Biker Flies Toward CCTV Camera

Motorcyclist and Car Criss Cross Each Other, Biker Flies Toward CCTV Camera

When bikers fly, they fly all right…

This video is said to be from Brazil and shows a motorcyclist and car, both speeding, criss cross each other. The man and his bike is no match against the steel vehicle. Video is too fast to see if the man is wearing a helmet, which doesn’t really help against broken bones.

After getting sideswiped, the motorcyclist cartwheels sideways high in the sky.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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92 thoughts on “Motorcyclist and Car Criss Cross Each Other, Biker Flies Toward CCTV Camera”

      1. You shouldn’t. The guy on the motorcycle was either too stupid to be aware of the dangers of the unregulated crossroads, or just decided to challenge his luck by playing the metaphorical Russian Roulette (which is something that any biker does when he decides to speed across any road crossing). There’s only so many times you can get lucky at Russian Roulette, you know.

  1. Damn another hysterical death video. But he missed the camera! At 16s you can see his flip flop falling off an onto the sidewalk turn. Fucking LOL. The Chinese lady came closer to hitting the camera target. No prize for you!

      1. @illegalsmile55
        Ola’ miss smile !!
        I tried to post a personal message to you on plaster’s toothache forum page I think her user handle worked but NOY yours ????
        I dunno? I tried ??
        Have a nice day L πŸ˜‰
        Dam otter Erect ?
        √ spam fldr* again mebbe ?

          1. No biggie I’ve been habin too much phunn* last night was a full moon !
            I grew my beard back , howled at the moon , danced with some extremely h. O. t. Biker bitches when their old men weren’t lOOkin * got slightly ^ intoxicated x2 ??
            No hangover today though all in all a greatest weekend of the whole summer !

    1. Was he wearing a helmet, because he made a decision to speed? By no means, am I defending the motorist either.

      There’s a law against speeding. And when a motorcyclists makes a decision to speed, without having tons of steel around him as a safety shield well…

      I enjoyed this video very much! πŸ™‚

      Maybe someone else may learn from his mistake!

    1. @ryan357

      You’re just gonna leave us hanging? Did you find us some nice fresh gore? Did your guide try to push you off a balcony… wait, wrong country. Were you mobbed by flip-flop sellers? Robbed by two guys on a motorcycle? Was it the notorious Pink Helmet Gang? There must be more to this story.

  2. All this gentleman set out to do was to upkeep Team Brazil’s reputation on BestGore. Lately there has been some stiff competition between Team India & Team Brazil.

    At this moment I would consider Team Brazil to be slightly ahead on points as they are generally more creative compared to the one track minded (pardon the pun) Team India who generally opt for Train related stunts.

    Both teams are providing us with excellent material but unless Team India become more creative then the ultimate prize will go to Team Brazil.

    A. Hitler

  3. Technical : 8/10
    Originality : 1,5/10 (it’s Brazil)
    Execution : 10/10

    The dindu congoΓ―d Kunta Kinte still leads the competition, btw.
    Let’s now welcome the next competitor originating from Hindu dindu land of curry…

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