Motorcyclist Clips Bus, Dies with Nasty Road Rash, Cracked Skull and Broken Leg

Motorcyclist Clips Bus, Dies with Nasty Road Rash, Cracked Skull and Broken Leg

Around 6:20am today, an unidentified motorcyclist clipped a bus in front of an ice factory on Avenida Torquato TapajΓ³s, Flores neighborhood, in Central-South Zone of Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil.

The shirtless biker reportedly lost control of the vehicle and invaded the oncoming lane where he collided with a bus. He wasn’t wearing a helmet, and split his skull open after hitting the pavement. The bus added a nasty road rash and a broken leg to his misfortune, although they didn’t really make it worse for him, seeing as the head crack was fatal.

Gallery of pics:

Video of the aftermath:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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42 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Clips Bus, Dies with Nasty Road Rash, Cracked Skull and Broken Leg”

    1. Gosh damn it, just before the end of video I was getting ready to comment that it is one of the rare Brazilian video that lacks a pair of flip-fucking-flops, and here it comes right before the end, a blue pair of flip-fucking-flops.
      “Brazilians! Can’t you make ONE video, ONEEEEEEE video without a pair of this shit???”

    2. BTW, he’s gotta road-burn-nature’s-natural-gift-of-natural-tats both sides of his chest! Embossed tire mark is quite interesting too. And a rosary, laying right on his face is also a nature’s way of saying,

  1. It just goes to show….always never ride or drive above your ability level. This guy rode too fast and found himself veering onto the oncoming lane. It can happen to anyone.
    It’s the oldest masculine instinct in the book – to operate heavy machinery at speed as a projection of one’s own efficiency.

    I had to handle Italian motorways last week, driving a rented car from a company just waiting for the car to get scratched so they could take off exorbitant amounts from my bank account.
    I didn’t give the punks the satisfaction of doing that. I just drove slower than normal.

  2. Fuck that looks so bad… is it weird to care about dying in one piece? For some reason I want my body to be one piece for it to be less traumatizing on family. Im not sure how much of that is me wanting to hold onto life even though its not possible.

  3. I wonder how he got the “monster” stripes made by tire if he was infront if the front wheel.. unless the bus backed up to release him? Or if those were from another vehicle and the bus happened to stop before crushing him?

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