Motorcyclist Crashes, Ends Up with Amputated Leg

Motorcyclist Crashes, Ends Up with Amputated Leg

A young motorcyclist crashed and ended up with amputated leg. He’s suffered significant blood loos but nobody seems in a hurry to apply a tourniquet or other precaution to stop further bleed out. He’s still alive in the video, but with everyone so knowledgeable about saving lives, I have no idea if in the end he pulled through.

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          1. Moody. Like Travis Bickle. Society has been driving me crazy. I need an outlet. Figured I’d come back here before I gave myself a mohawk and did something stupid.

    1. They say in lots of countries, if you try to do something to assist you can be charged with a crime as if you were the one who did it to the victim. That’s why so many people in China just keep walking. Who wants to go to prison?

  1. Is it too much to ask for, a bit of humanity? One of these days maybe someone will be just sitting with the injured person, maybe holding their hand and telling them everything is going to be alright, or gently running their fingers through his hair and saying “now now, try not to talk” or “what the fuck did you think you were doing?” just saying something softly into his ear would be all that a bit of compassion requires…..

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