Motorcycle Crash in Poland Leaves Rider Legless

Motorcycle Crash in Poland Leaves Rider Legless

A video of a motorcycle crash in Poland. Dude got his leg cut off with a road sign, you can clearly see it in the vid. Not his fault from what I read, some dumb driver got in his way.

Props to Best Gore member @jacobthegreat for backinfo and the video:

Plus the pictures:

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    1. I agree with the exception of the one who helped him. Impressive how he applied his belt as a tourniquet without hesitation. I’d bet that if no one showed up, the one in the car would’ve drove away like a fuckin pussy.

  1. Did anybody happen to see a leg around here? I had it a minute ago…seems to have wandered off somewhere. Helmets can reduce severe injuries and a full set of gear will avoid the abrasion of bad gravel rash. Armour can give some protection against impact, but as we see here, he had all the gear but when flesh & bone collide with metal at speed, nothing is gonna save you.

    1. Then there is the guy that pulls up in his car. “Goodness! is that arterial spray? I don’t want any of that on my coat. Ah good, other people have arrived. I shall uselessly make my way back to my vehicle and get some unleaded.”

  2. Speed thrilled him to no end, making him lose a leg , in the blink of an eye ; makes ya think what the fuck, that rashness was for .

    Who would’ve imagined ,a simple road sign would become his nemesis…..come to think of it and one would say, this was a pole and that was pole too .
    Pole to pole the bike rider was a speed merchant ,but just another asshole.

  3. Check out the blasé fucker pumping gas. He acts like he’s being put out by the guy lying in the road screaming and missing a leg. I can just tell what he’s thinking “now what the fuck, this kinda shit happens every time I go somewhere” and “Whew, someones helping him, if I don’t get home soon that fucking bitch cunt I call a wife will skin me alive”.

    1. You could literally see the cognitive dissonance tearing him apart on the inside. A part of him wanted to go and help the guy…but a much stronger part of him knew better, so he stayed the fuck away.

  4. I have to say it, the speed limit is the absolute maximum and does not mean that it is safe to drive at that speed irrespective of the conditions. They don’t tell you this shit so you can catch up on beauty sleep.

  5. Gotta give credit where credit is due, you go to third world Asian and African countries and you’d have the death cheer team surrounding you as you bled to death. They’d involve themselves by pointing at you and taking pictures of you at best. Here on the other hand (leg) you have a man who knows exactly what the fuck to do and doesn’t hesitate for a moment. Stop the bleeding even if it costs you your expensive belt. Shit like this does restore a bit of my faith in humanity, even if temporarily so.

    1. True. They definitely have the concept of the femoral artery and how fast you can bleed out; so they immediately start ripping off the belts to save that guy. If for a moment it shows people being more than crude violent savages like we see elsewhere.

    2. It’s crazy how it is only in European countries for the most part where people actually give a fuck about their own countrymen. Everywhere else, everyone is considered an obstacle or competition.

  6. Guy wasn’t going to buy gas, just take a piss
    Was walking over to take pics of the crashers ass, cause his leathers got pulled down by the post, but sadly help arrived first

    If this was in FF world, that’s what everyone else would have done

    Then, someone actually knows how to apply a tourniquet, with his belt

    Dang, if it wasn’t for that “Slow Down” sign, and those protective boots, he would just have some road rash

    The sick thing is, he was looking for a gas station

    to take a piss

    1. Yeah, leathers Pulled down around his ankles,
      but hey,
      Pulled down around his ankle
      but have to admit, for a guy that legged it,
      he did have nice fuggazzi underwear

      ” Hey pal, calm down, I’n going to put a tournequette around your
      cut-off leg, it’s my belt, it’s leather too,

      Do you mind if I bust a nut first while this guy takes pics of us, together?”

      The smell of leather sure beats the skank of flip-flops when your leg has been torn off.

      Not to offend folks that nut from flip-flop skank beside writhing road kills, it is
      just a personal preference when my head has been creamed in my own brains

      the smell of the leather that was ripped off my ass and is now wrapping what is
      left of my face is very comforting 😉

      Yeah, better than being pulled over Pigs, at least if my ears are on the other side of the road I don’t
      have to listen to the fucking cop that Pulled me over

      “yes officer, I’ll put my hands up, but you’ll have to find them and bring them back”

      “please officer, please don’t go over there and take personal pics of my torn ass”

      “Oh, officer, is that really my other eyeball?”

      “officer, has any faggot or your wife ever told you you have a pathetic dick?”

      “Officer, I have to pee before I die, can you get your mouth down here?”

      -I love Fridays

  7. He would have leg if that damn sign wasn’t there.
    -Even if you fall in biggest speed, you can survive if your ass is lucky to not have(harsh) obstacles while you gliding.

    Driving fast in dense city is gamble: 90% respect rules, 5% are pure idiots and last 5% are complete psychos that have no sense for others.
    -If you driving bike be .ucking careful and drive slower for .uck’s sake.
    Sustain your adrenaline rush for big highways.

    I fell sorry for this guy. He’s really bad luck.

  8. fuckn’ lve those see-thru undies…………
    fuggazzi road lube
    eeewwwy gooooey good

    annnd drumstick……….with leather……….

    my dog is still sniffing his shoes

    nutn’ like a bleadin’ fag……….so ss,,,sss…sss…sexxxxssy

    gosh, did anyoine wipe off the “slow down” sign?

    can I buy the rags????

  9. Polski Ogorki me thinks! 😉
    God-Bless that nice Polish guy for using his own belt and applying a life saving tourniquet on that injured biker. Ya wouldn’t see that in China, that’s for fucking sure.

  10. and thats just a pole…

    now imagine the same shit , but with the fucking guillotine-fences they put on boarder of highway…

    i know multiples peoples who lost a part because of thoses fucking shit.

    lucky that men didnt get the pole right on his dick… he would have left even more than a leg XD

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