Motorcycle Crash Results in Multiple Injuries and Below Knee Amputation

Motorcycle Crash Results in Multiple Injuries and Below Knee Amputation

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought exclusively to you by Best Gore member kuerno762.In his own words:

I’m 22 years old and live in Texas. On December 28, 2006 I had a motorcycle accident that miraculously didn’t kill me. I was riding my cousin’s Kawasaki Ninja down an old desolate country road that not many cars really go down. I came up on a long downhill straight away and my adrenaline begged me to gun the engine and haul ass. I was exhilarated by the power and speed of the bike and was on a natural high not realizing what the fuck I was doing. When I looked down and read the speedometer at 155 mph I snapped out that adrenaline high and realized I was going way too fast for it being only my fifth or sixth time riding. I kind of panicked and tried to ease the break in but that only caused the handlebars to start wobbling a bit.

When the speed wobbles started, I happened to lift my head up a little bit above the windshield and the wind immediately ripped my helmet off because I didn’t have the chinstrap fastened. The sudden rush of wind slapping me in the face caused me to become more distracted and the speed wobbles got wider and wider. At that point I was staring death in the face, not really scared, more like surprised at the reality that it can come get you out of nowhere. I looked off into the sky and said my last words to God. Then there was darkness.

I awoke in the grass on the side of the road. I looked over at the road and saw pieces of motorcycle littered everywhere and the bike was totalled, tangled up in some trees across the street. There was no pain, I was in complete shock. I lifted my right leg and saw my foot dangling down only attached by the Achilles tendon.

My ankle was torn open and tendons and meat were hanging out. I remember thinking I needed to go tell my cousin I had crashed his bike so I scooped my tendons back into the wound and closed my foot back up to try and stand up. As soon as I put my body weight on my mangled leg my foot just flopped out to side and my own able dug into the dirt as I lost my balance and fell over. I started crawling with my right elbow towards the road, my left arm would not respond to my brain’s commands. The last thing I remember was yelling for help over and over and finally an SUV passed by and stopped then I blacked out again.

When I awoke in the hospital the extent of my injuries was as follows: I lost my top four front teeth. My bottom four front teeth went through my lower lip and also got knocked out. Torn rotator cuff in my left shoulder. Completely shattered radius and broken ulna in my left wrist. Compound fractures in my lower right tibia and fibula. Torn right ankle and broken bones in foot. No spinal cord or back bone injuries. No brain injury (well maybe a little since I’m always looking at this site now. Lol, jk.) Below the knee amputation due to infection. And a little bit of road rash. The doctor still has more pictures and actual pictures of me at the scene that he hasn’t released to me yet. When I get them I will be glad to send ’em in.

Thanks a lot kuerno762 for exclusive pics. Brutal accident. How are you putting up with amputated leg?

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    1. Damn it! I see I was involved in douchbaggery using “u” instead of you. I apologize to all my BG brothers and sisters. @ Kuerno, what were your last words to god and did it involve more than one four letter word?

  1. Thanks for sharing!

    Judging by the pictures your foot couldn’t be saved or could it if it wasnt for that infection?

    Or was the infection the reason for a higher placed amputation?

    Forget the questions if they are inappropriate.

    1. I think its the same here, they cannot refuse to give me the pictures, I mean they’re my pictures. When I first asked for them that’s exactly what the doc said, “are you sure you want to see them? Will they traumatize you? Or bring flashbacks?” I said hell no let me see em. And he showed me the on the scene pics on his computer. When I asked him to send them to me he sent me the ones I swnt to mark though, not the same ones he showed me personally. I think its just a matter of continuing to bug him til he gives me all of em.

    2. Not inappropriate at all ill be glad to answer. Yea if there was no infection they would be able to sew it back up but I wouldn’t be able to move my toes and would have a lot of pain and trouble walking. But yea the infection was spreading so it was best to amputate.

  2. Good description, and intense. When you say:

    “The doctor still has more pictures and actual pictures of me at the scene that he hasn?t released to me yet.”

    Is there some legal reason why he hasn’t? I’m not in the medical field, so I don’t know how these privacy issues, or whatever they are, work.

    1. Here in Holland patients have the legal rights (Law WGBO) to see everything in our medical file and CT, RX or MRI for example always have to be included in that file. I’m not sure if its legally possible to not release those pictures to a patient, which they couldn’t because a doctor feels that the patients isn’t ready for that (Pictures can obviously be confronting) for example.

      I’m not sure about scene pictures, don’t see a reason why they shouldn’t release them.

  3. Wonderful description in your explanation. Those are some pretty awful injuries. Very glad that you are still here. 🙂 Sorry about all of the pain you indured. Very glad that you decided to share. Thank you

    1. I am glad you are ok, that looked like a nasty accident. I hope your cousin didn’t try to make you pay for the bike? That’ happened to me even though I was not at faut (I was the passanger), yet the idiot who owned the bike still tried to get me to pay for it and not the asshole who actually crashed it. I never paid a dime 🙂

      1. Na he didnt try to make me pay. He felt really guilty for the accident. He was ashamed to see my parents and blames himself but I tell him it was an accident. Nobody to blame it just happened

  4. @kuerno762,

    Thank you, I like how you described everything that happened in so much detail, for someone like me that’s a wonderful gift.

    Its a shame that you lost so much in a moment of madness, a mistake that could not be forgotten.

    How do you feel, seven years later, about your life since the accident?, how was your life effected, both physically and psychologically?.

    1. This ties on with marks question aswell so I will answer you both. While in the hospital I had the time of my life due to the fact that I had a morphone pump hooked up to my iv. The machine would only let me push the button every 6 minutes. So when I wasnt sleeping I was watching the cloxk counting the minutes and as soon as the time came I would push the button to feel instant euphoria. This of course led to a dependency on opiates. After I got discharged depression hit me like a train. I felt like I wasnt complete without my leg and got into drugs pretty bad. Eventually I got to the poiny where I got tired of only living to get high and told my parents I needed help. I went to rehab and it worked very well. It completely took away my depression and showed me the value of family and God and lots of things. Now I am doing really well. I help my mom take care of my grandfather. I still smoke bud but dont really fuck around with pills anymore. Physically I can run, walk, swim and do pretty much anything I could before the crash. I’ve learned alot about the power of the mind and you really can do anything you set your mind on.

  5. That is why I never bought the GSXR 1000 I was eyeballin for quite a while,there so fast there described as a ferrarii for 10,000 and I had a Honda sabre 1100 that I had up to 145mph racing another bike on the way to work and said well you can say you did it but never again at those speeds things happen way too quick and in the blink of an eye you have this kind of thing and his life is forever changed! Best of luck bro!

  6. It’s great to hear the accident-in-progress description and I’m glad you are still around. I hope you enjoy life to the fullest without flying down the road with 155mph on something that only runs on two wheels…

    I have never put myself onto such a contraption except one that didn’t go faster than 30mph so I have a few questions:

    What is it that made you run the bike so fast?

    Isn’t it common knowledge amongst motorcycle riders that driving a bike at such high speeds without much experience is really, really dangerous?

    I also never understood the point of putting on a helmet without fastening the chinstrap?

    Sorry for sounding like a dick but I’m just wondering…

    1. Its ok those same questions run through my head when I think back on it. I had only risen the bike a couple times before I pulled this stunt. The reason I was going so fast was because I was on an adrenaline high it was all in the moment. Everything happened so fast. When I tell people my story those who have experience say my mistake was panicing and braking. They say that if I would have accelerated instead of braking when the wobbles started it would have straightened out the bike.

      1. I’ve done stupid stuff too when I was younger so I can see where you’re coming from. I always had massive respect from these high powered motorcycles.

        They instantly look like deathtraps to me. I’ve read, seen and heard too many stories of the biker getting the short end of the stick that it just doesn’t outweigh the kick you get from riding it – depending on how much you value your life I guess – or how much of a pussy you are… lol.

        Doing 155mph, being scared shitless AND accelerating the bike is probably not a very logical thing that comes to mind at that moment.

        That’s why I asked why you would go that fast having only been on such a powerful bike a couple of times.

        In Germany there are safety training courses for both car drivers and bike riders to raise awareness of common issues one would encounter in real life scenarios to learn how to react.

        Stuff like that should be mandatory but also to teach some bikers more respect of other traffic participants as well.

        Thanks kuerno762 for sticking around and best of luck in the future!

    2. @klonker
      What is it that made you run the bike so fast?
      usually it makes every newcomer, saw with my own eyes not the only time . you do not think about the safety when you straddle the bike,mostly as you get a large dose of adrenaline. this is The biggest rookie mistake. at least you must provide yourself with the best safety gear as you can.
      dont wear flip flops, crocs are beter…eh

    1. Hell yea. I was raised catholic. When I was around twelve I started having questions that the church couldnt answer or that I simply would not accept. I always asked if catholicism is the “correct” religion then what happens to those who are not catholic and they told me they got to hell. I couldnt accept that. I see God as an intelligent energy that is in everyone and everything in the universe. Spirituality is not the same as religion, religion is man made. Thats a whole nother subject but I do believe God saved me.

  7. Glad you are alive. I went through a similar experience and know the recovery is a bitch. My advice… Get in to see a good pain management doctor ASAP. You don’t want to wait until the pain starts to try and get in to see one. There’s no doubt you will have nerve pain it’s just a matter of severity. Luckily they have awesome pain medications available to help and they also have procedures to help minimize the pain also. Good luck.

    1. Thank you. I did read your experience on a comment you made on another post. Im glad you made it through as well. My best wishes to you. I do not really have pain anymore although it may come back when I get older. I do have phantom pains though and those suck. Yall should look into them, strange phenomena.

  8. Thanks for all the comments everyone. I am doing well. Hope my story helped someone. It’s crazy how a site about death can have such a strong community, I jist now saw how amazing we are here on BG. I want to say I have stated my strong opinipns on the posts that mark puts about the war. I’m sorry if I offend any vets or soldiers or anybody. I think my anger towards this global elite causes me to group everyone that fights for the government together and I take my anger out on them. I do honor you guys for the courage to be in those situations where death can come at any minute. I understand everyone does what they need to do or what their calling is. I will see things from both sides now before making ignorant comments. Long live Best Gore and everyone here. Much love.

  9. Damn dude, you really got lucky with this one. The only accident I had with my motorcycle was enough to kill me but I got lucky enough to not being t-boned by the car, since it only hit the front wheel of it. Since then, I respect motorcycles more than anything.

  10. Great Story! Nothing like playing hide and seek with a death reaper. I kinda laugh when you tried to put back your tendons and tried to stand up with one of your feet dangling thinking that telling your cousin about you wrecking the ninja is more important than getting yourself to a hospital! Glad you survived to share this one. recovering with this kind of shit really sucks but do remember: CHICKS DIG SCARS…. 😀

    I’m a biker too, by the way.

      1. Thank you for The geat back story.
        The description of stuffing your tendons back in reminded me of the scene in Bad Taste where Derek(Peter Jackson) stuffs his brains back into his head and straps his skull shut with his belt.

        I am too much of a pussy to ride myself. I probably wouldn’t kill myself, just end up in a very awful state.

  11. Besides you surviving this accident, the most amazing thing in my eyes is the trivial nothings you think about when in shock!

    Your lucky to be alive but all you wanna do is put your foot back together and run off to tell your cousin that his bike is totaled. The brain is a truly remarkable organ.

  12. This was a very interesting post, but I laughed at the part where you tried to put your foot back together and get to your friend. I blame my sick brain. But I understand the shock you were in and at the time probably weren’t in a state of mind to think, “Oh. Hey. I’m not gonna be walking on that.” You got lucky! Glad you’re still alive!

    1. I know right. Its like “yea lemme just scoop this shit back in and be on my way” lol I figure its kinda like when you fall and you get up real quick and look around to see if someone saw you. Or when something bad happens you try to make it look like nothing happened. I guess thats what I did but I have no idea why.

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