Motorcycle Crash Road Rash on Arm and Leg

Motorcycle Crash Road Rash on Arm and Leg

Best Gore member jojo1981 sent in the video of a road rash on his arm and leg filmed 2 days after crashing his Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle in Alabama. He says he low sided the motorcycle on a ramp and fell. He was riding in a t-shirt and shorts, though did not provide any update on whether he also wore flip flops. Apparently, despite nasty looking roadrash to himself, the motorcycle got off with little damage.

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81 thoughts on “Motorcycle Crash Road Rash on Arm and Leg”

  1. I have never driven or rode on a motorcycle, and I’m almost 30-years-old. My dad owned a Harley when I was a kid, but he ended up getting rid of it for some reason. I think he got paranoid about driving it around town, and I can’t blame him. The way these assholes out here drive (including myself sometimes, I admit it), I’d be paranoid, too. I do like motorcycles, and the biker culture surrounding them, but I’m a scaredy cat about riding one. Too dangerous. Anyway, this guy is lucky that’s all he got. Thanks for sharing.

    1. @fd
      i with you there…i am errmm..older than 30…and i have never been on a motorcycle although i really want to ride one….but i think i shall pass on that…my luck with car wrecks i would probably toast myself and the bike the first time im on it

          1. Don’t let Piggy tempt you with his perverted ways, ali. They could be dangerous. Especially when you, as a woman, probably already have something that vibrates hidden in your underwear drawer. 😉

          2. Women belong on the Back of a bike, end of story on that.
            Plus if a woman rides her own vibrating harley she will not get off, too many other things to concentrate on.

      1. Hahaha. I guess I just outed myself on motorcycles, huh? Well, obviously, I can’t agree with riding being better than cumming, because of my lack of bike experience, but I’ll take your word for it as a connoisseur of both motorcycles and seed spillin’.

    1. @Tulio- All motorcycles, their parts, are from china or Japan now. No such thing as American made motorcycle anymore without Japan/China/flipflopchipchop having a hand, leg, or foot in the making. Only America ASSEMBLED is available now.

    2. since I arrived here, i was quite surprised by the large amount of banana republic-like toyota and honda cars around. What the fuck?
      With cars that in BR would be awesomer than driving a flying saucer (mustangs, cadillacs, lincolns, etc) available at incredibly low prices, what the fuck people is thinking when they buy a toyota fuckin corolla?
      Its like drinking BUD when you can buy this SAMUEL ADAMS brown ale…

        1. I’ve never tried it. It’s one of those pricey beers. Of course, having talked about Heineken on here with you and Pam recently, I have been tempted to shell out a few extra bucks for that. I always hear good things about Sam Adams, but again, it’s the price. Just too damn expensive for my tastes.

          1. Sam Adam’s beers are really good and yes can be pricey. It’s made where I live (Boston) and you can even tour the Sam Adam’s brewery here and sample some of the beers, etc. I haven’t tried all the selections but I do like the Octoberfest, Cherry Wheat, Light Ale, Summer Ale… I know there are more, but those are some of my favorites.

          2. Vic… I hear that it is the best of a bad bunch… You Americans don’t really get much choice in comparison to us in Europe.

            True Tulio… I have read reviews myself and they have won WBAs (world beer awards).

            Kels.. They do sound nice. But the names are so Generic!

            Over here you couldn’t get away with calling a Light Ale a ‘Light Ale’…

            It would be like having a red wine called ‘red wine’… Pig swill!

            Take for example… My favourite beer of all time is called ‘Bishop’s Finger’… Another favourite is called ‘Black Sheep’… Some really creative names.

        2. @Trooper – I’m sure they made that light beer especially for women 😉 We all like our beer LIGHT!

          The names sound generic, but I assure you the taste is not 🙂

  2. You know. I am supposedly getting a motorcycle in the next couple of years. a few months ago one of my (many) friends got into a motorcycle accident and was killed. He was entering the highway at a high MPH around a curve and hit the back end of a car, projecting him off his motorcycle, over the car, and then run over. And that happened in ALABAMA, too.

          1. Fiend: I’d LICK the stickiness off of a woman after I peeled the leather off. I can’t talk about this anymore. I’m not on a fetish site, and I don’t want to get horny right now. Good day, Madam.

      1. @Fiend- What was weird was that his name was Shannon and just a couple of weeks earlier I had lost another friend named Shannon due to an industrial accident. The son of a bitch got caught in the drill press! The maintenance FUCK had taken off the safety doors months ago and Shannon was spraying out the machine a few minutes before quitting time.

  3. That is some nasty roadrash you got there…

    Yet you only have yourself to blame for not wearing adequate safety gear.

    But I don’t have to tell you that. I am sure you feel bad enough. And hope that you aren’t as stupid next time.

    1. @Tom- He is from Alabama, its quite common the people here do not wear the proper PPE.

      Funny story, a couple of years ago I was on the way to dental school when I saw it…

      A police chase involving a car with A DAMN LIVE HORSE STUFFED IN THE BACK SEAT. His head was sticking out of the window just chilling in the breeze.

      1. It is no excuse Nicole.

        He is welcome to not wear any protective gear… But I think he is fucking stupid.

        I can understand that the heat and humidity of Alabama might put people off.. But that comes with the pros and cons of using a Superbike (or any bike for the matter)…

        Even a pair of thick denim jeans and a protective jacket would have prevented this.

          1. @Tom- No no, I don’t condone NOT wearing PPE. I was just making it known that THAT happens a lot here.

            And the horse was totally LEGIT IT TOTALLY HAPPENED unfortunately.

          2. I have no doubt you saw the horse in the backseat of a car Nicole… people are just that cruel and ignorant.
            Just cause Homer Simpson did it doesn’t make it okay.

    1. I have my suspicions, too many people brag about having those who really don’t. I’m bettin theres a 50/50 chance its not even a hayabusa but some similar crotch-rocket dumbass machine.

      If I ever do get a 2 wheeled-death machine, it’ll be a rider not a retard-rocket. Who has the absolute need to do 150-200mph? Just asking for death

  4. Chalk up another, of many reasons why I don’t own a motorcycle. I’m allergic to road rash.

    Thank you for sharing jojo1981. Look on the bright side, you got yourself on Best Gore and lived to tell about it.

  5. Statistics show that people die more in car accidents then motorcycles. Even though you crash mostly you just get thrown off and break some bones, where as in a car you get squished inside. i love the videos of the guys tryin to do tricks and shit and fly off the bike, or they go head first then the bike falls on top of them. idiots.

  6. Nasty! But good thing you didn’t break any bones or lose your head. When I visit New Hampshire for vacation sometimes during the summer. They have “Bike Week” and holy shit all those bikers..!! They’ve been doing it for like 80’something years and there are usually always accidents, I think like 4 people died this year. Plus there is no law that they need a helmet in NH so most do not wear them. I love motorcycles but they scare me at the same time.

    1. Yeah you are correct. At first, I was jealous of people riding their motorcycle. I think motorcycle is awesome and fun to ride. Until I know that guy from college long time ago, he got killed from sport motorcycle in few years ago. I remember he was talking about how cool is motorcycle and wanted to get one. Motorcycle safety gear is full of BS… Nothing is safe from motorcycle. I wish motorcycle is banned in USA to reduce the death toll.

      1. They are dangerous without a doubt. Harley’s don’t scare me as much as the motorbikes do. The motorbikes are usually driven by guys who love speed and to show off.

        I don’t see many people riding Harley’s and acting like a fool. Maybe because I live in the city and those motorbikes are more common. I don’t know!

        1. I never seen Harley’s into accident. Doesn’t matter if people acting like a fool or not riding on Harley’s. Harley’s can bring you to death if there is crazy drunk drivers riding in big truck or sport car. Roadkill. Sorry to say that if you are fan of Harley’s.

          1. I know that people can get into accidents with Harley’s too. But most of time these accidents are from motorbikes.. Because of the crazy speed, tricks, etc. I don’t see as many Harley’s around in general unless I go outside of the city and when i do, it’s usually a bunch of older chill guys and biker gangs .. No Hells Angels though 😉

  7. I’ve been the passenger on like 4 different bikes with differing drivers, 2 out of those 4 times we almost wrecked. The Kawasaki and the Yamaha (both crotch-rockets as oppose to riding bikes) were the ones that wiggled or almost wrecked. Seriously, those fucking retards are asking for it. If my buddy dies on his, I won’t be suprised, but I would be pretty devistated.

    1. My friend totaled his Kawasaki and almost died. This was 5 years ago and now he owns another and still rides with his friends :/

      Guess some people really love it and take the risks.

  8. reminds me of my dad’s accident when he fell in the 90’s riding his Kawasaki he was riding with shorts and a shirt as well a few years afterwards he sold the motorcycle he regrets selling his moto he rode motos for about 25 years since he was 15 when i was little it scared the shit outta me when i rode with him in the back he always went super fast fuck that ~

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