Motorcyclist Cut Off by Forklift Dies Hitting Its Blades

Motorcyclist Cut Off by Forklift Dies Hitting Its Blades

I don’t know where this happened. The CCTV footage shows a forklift turning across the lanes of a road, cutting off a passing motorcyclist. The motorcyclist runs into the forklift’s blades with full force, allegedly killing himself on the spot.

I think the impact may have decapitated the guy. You can see his helmet flying to the left, but I think his head is the thing that went straight up and flew the highest, landing the last. Not even ISIS can deliver such an effective and swift beheading.

Fuck this. One moment you’re enjoying the wind in your face, and the next you got no face.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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102 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Cut Off by Forklift Dies Hitting Its Blades”

          1. You’re right, it does look like he hit the fork with his chest….
            I don’t know, I still think he could have survived… For sure a few broken bones… It depends on if those bones punctured another organ and how long it took to get medical attention. I can’t know for sure the speed he was going at but it doesn’t look 45 mph like another person said.

          1. Well in the civilised world, it’s mandatory to get a forklift driver license.

            There you will learn:
            1. When you are driving, the forks should always be in the lowest position.
            2. When driving on the public road, drive in reverse as much as possible, so you won’t be poking the forks around bends / obstructed oversight areas.

            But hey, chinese just do things a bit different…

          2. @terminator_g got that shit right, that forklift operator should never have been driving the forklift with the forks high from the ground. That’s a safety rule that if not obeyed will get you fired in most high profile warehouses.
            End of story, forklift driver is at fault.

  1. Why, oh why, does this have to happen? One life needlessly lost, one head gone, bike looks ok, though. Accident occur when a few things go wrong all at once. If only the forklift hadn’t crossed the road there and then, if only the biker wasn’t speeding, or only if he’d been looking. It takes two to tango. if only, if only … but for him, it is too late now.

      1. Pintobean Fork lift is at fault because you’re supposed to drive with forks six inches from the ground until you’re using them, he was being lazy and already had them in position from the previous loads. Also he turned into the biker’s lane and he was working on a main road so i would have thought he’d been a bit more careful but that’s china.

    1. That’s what i thought too. Something like he wanted to die, and have a big lawsuit for his family maybe. Idk how you see a forklift and don’t account for the blades, but the way he steers it looks like he thought he was clear.

    2. James I totally agree with you! I’ve been riding since age 11 and after watching this over and over, either the biker is really inexperienced and froze, or he intentionally hit it!! In my opinion, the biker could have swerved R or L to avoid this slow moving F lift, and even way before he reached the lift he could have slowed down at least! He rammed straight on without any attempt to avoid it!! He was going too fast and panicked…..froze!! You know how I identify an inexperienced rider, is when they take of from a light and drag or keep their feet almost touching the ground for way longer than needed. Shows they are still unsure and lack confidence. I recommend everyone take the motorcycle safety course when they buy a motorcycle!!!!

    3. IDK, I was thinking he didn’t see the forks up in the air like that until the last second.. He probably didn’t even know what type of vehicle it was, and if he couldn’t see the forks, he probably figured he could just pass in front…

  2. By helmet landing, i would say that we have serious possibility of head in it.
    He has time to slow down.
    I own scooter and I’m driving it every day and i can tell you man, this dude was lost for few seconds and his daydreaming moment cost him a life.
    -It is a matter of a second, trust me.
    Another video that will force me to drive more carefully. Thank you BG

    1. Yes it does seem like he fazed out for a bit. I suppose it was an empty road and he lost concentration, a summers day, the beach, bikini babes……. then it wasn’t an empty road.

  3. My guess is the truck dropped some of its cargo onto the roadway. The forklift was probably putting the pallet back when the motorcyclist failed to notice. Either way I think there are some laws regarding this. They have to put orange cones around the work area and potentially having police direct traffic. Unsure if this is America, but I’m guessing there will be some criminal charges in this as well as whatever civil.

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