Motorcyclist Destroyed by Semi on Highway in Singapore Earlier Today

Motorcyclist Destroyed by Semi on Highway in Singapore Earlier Today

Motorcyclist Destroyed by Semi on Highway in Singapore Earlier Today

In the early morning hours of December 16, 2019, a fatal accident happened on a highway in Singapore. A motorcyclist fell under the wheels of a semi that totally destroyed him.

Footage recorded by people in passing vehicles shows the biker’s body missing the lower half, with much of it reduced to formless flesh.

Props to Best Gore member @bloodngore for the video:

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78 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Destroyed by Semi on Highway in Singapore Earlier Today”

    1. And a lot of people don’t realize that sometimes you have no choice but to nail the fucker. As if your going to swerve weighing 60 tons with $100K rig and a quarter million dollar load. And the recovery cost as well. All that because Bambi had a craving for some salt.

    2. Reminds me of the time illegalsmiles failed to make me a sandwich and I had to eat off the taco truck. A fecal matter and guts explosion all over the portopotty. Helpful hint, if you use all the toilet seat protectors and make a lilly pad on the blue water your shit will float on it just lying in wait for the next poor fucker to lift up the lid. Or you can always drop a brick down the vent tube on the roof.

  1. The truck would have moved into middle lane without seeing the bike, either blind spot or he didn’t check mirrors. Exact same scenario happened to me 12 years ago, except highway was empty and I had enough room to evade. It’s a genuine shit in pants moment when a semi is bearing down on you.

      1. Next to mentally deflagrated people who jerk off to this shit, there are people who can learn something they will never learn anywhere else… Too bad there is no comment filtering users who actually post something senseful. This site needs work to do. Too broke to buy it from Mr. Mark, though, I hope he never even sells it…

  2. The lorry driver didn’t even notice that he had torn someone to pieces, he just drove on. It was like treading on an ant. That’s a humiliating death: to die like an ant, unnoticed.

    “At the moment of my death it will be as though I had never lived.” I can’t remember where I read that, but it just came to mind.

    1. You what?! I lived in Singapore for some years and this sort of sight is pretty common. The victims are often Malays who come over the causeway at JB.
      A pedestrian was mown down at the end of our road once and I saw her splatted all over the place rather like our friend here. The guy that killed her with his Merc (she was crossing legally at a set of traffic lights) was late for work so he left the car with his wife who was with him and got a cab in to work instead.
      The cops were not impressed.

      1. That was one hell of a story you got there. “I saw a guy whom recently crashlanding on a woman and he just bail out of the scene with a cab since he’s about to be late for work”. That is not normal by any standard, To him, The woman was just an obstacle for being late of work…..Jesus A Christ….

        1. Yeah, this shocked even the Singaporeans. The cops arrested the guy at work and he was banged up for a long time.

          I will always remember the sight of the woman’s parasol lying on the ground about 100 yards down the road from (what was left of) her body.

  3. Now that was an exceptional video…. It’s not very often we are fortunate enough to witness such an unselfish act as this one….. Motorcyclists are very large contributors to the flow of organ donations…. In some areas, special laws are put in place that some may think are ridiculous but are actually there too aid these unselfish individuals in giving their priceless gifts (being legal to split lanes for instance)….
    So next time an entitled motorcyclist carelessly splits the lane and almost sideswipes your car, don’t get upset…. Instead , wave and say “thank you in advance” to the future organ donor… Remember it takes a lot of courage to be able to give the priceless gifts in the manner that an unselfish motorcyclist does.
    I give mad props to that dude !!!

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