Motorcyclist Doored by Unmarked Police Car Suffers Leg Injury in Villeneuve, France

Motorcyclist Doored by Unmarked Police Car Suffers Leg Injury in Villeneuve, France

Motorcyclist Doored by Unmarked Police Car Suffers Leg Injury in Villeneuve, France

In Villeneuve-la-Garenne, France, a motorcyclist suffered serious leg injury when cops in an unmarked police car doored him as he was passing by.

According to the police, the biker suffered “an open leg fracture“, but by looking at the video it seems his leg was amputated.

It’s somewhat refreshing to see the French cops attempting to apply tourniquet to the victim’s leg, instead of handcuffing him, and six of the fattest ones of them throwing themselves on top of him while screaming “Stop resisting!” all the while a K9 gnaws on his leg and a couple of them tase his ass…

Props to Best Gore member @naab67 for the video:

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      1. Are they fuck. I have been to France countless times over many years and the majority of black Frenchmen are Muslim. More so nowadays.

        You have never been to France so stop making shit up.

        Very few niggers are atheist in fact. Their race tends to be superstitious to an extreme degree. Its in their blood.

        1. Where I’m from, the majority of African and Arab criminals are either non-religious or Christian. Most of the Muslims are actually fairly well behaved. That isn’t an endorsement of Islam and immigration, just the truth.

          1. “Where I’m from, the majority of African and Arab criminals are either non-religious or Christian”.

            Nonsense. Complete and utter nonsense.

            You are either middle class or rich. Regardless, you are definitely not working class white. Your worldly perceptive gives your position away.

            How well behaved do you believe the Muslims in England were when they groomed, raped and murdered white children en masse. Not very well behaved I dare say. Nor are they well behaved when they defend Islam against critique.

          2. If those grooming gangs in Rotherham were Pakistani Christians, the Diversity Minus Islam (alternative) media wouldn’t have touched it, let alone MSM. I’m no fan of Islam, but I’m not going to tow the zionist line by blaming them for everything.


          3. @dumbkunt

            The media didn’t touch it. Nor did the police. They refused to. They both turned a blind eye to it for over 20 years so as not to appear racist. Why do you think it blew up to such epic proportions and gave birth to the likes of Tommy Robinson.

            Just because something is anti-Muslim doesn’t make it pro-Zionist. That’s like saying anti-black is pro-white when plenty of other races hate blacks too.

            The Muslims have been causing all matter of problems all throughout the white western European world for decades now and only the middle class and above would deny it because they have had enough personal privilege to have avoided those problems. Newsflash. That doesn’t mean those problems don’t exist. It just means you dodged them.

          4. I was waiting for you to mention Tommy ‘I’m a nationalist and a Zionist’ Robinson. What a traitorous little cunt he is! How many white working class lads has he convinced to join the British Army and fight for Jewish interests?

          5. @dumbkunt

            I don’t like Tommy but it is a fact that he was born from the ashes of the thousands of white children that were beaten and raped by thousands of Muslim men in England. Had that not happened, had the police and authorities done their jobs instead of cowering in fear of Islam those children would have been saved and Tommy would have never been born. Cause and effect.

            “Terrorism” and “the war on terror” and all that bollocks is not the reason why Muslims are hated in England. Their general day to day behaviour is the reason why they are hated so much. There is no defending kiddy rapists.

          6. ” the Muslims in England were when they groomed, raped and murdered white children en masse”

            Stop lying, you Zionist tramp. these crimes had a racial, not a religious, component. Pakistani rapists have repeatedly said they despise white people. religion was not part of that disgust. they drank and used drugs, they were not religious.

          7. How strange. They appear to have no problem with white Muslims. They are also on record for stating that non Muslims are fair game. Its in the Koran, under infidels, so take Mohammed’s cock out of your mouth you filthy fucking Islamic promoting tramp.

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          8. Do white Muslims go around molesting white girls? No, there isn’t a single recorded case of that happening. The issue is race, not religion. Were the Syrian rape apes in Cologne Muslim or Christian? They were Syrian arabs.


          9. What in the hell. In the above cases I mentioned 100% of the perpetrators were Muslim and 100% of the victims were white and not Muslim.

            In the Cologne attacks too that ratio was pretty much identical. Those doing the molesting were like 99% Muslim and the victims 100% white and non Muslim.

            It doesn’t matter what your political position is or how much you hate Jews or Muslims etc the above is true regardless and yes white Muslims probably do go around molesting children too since we saw cases of them marrying 14 year old child brides during the Syrian war. If they numbered more than 0.1% of my country then there no doubt would have been recorded cases of them molesting white children here too but the fact still remains that the perpetrators in the above stated cases were near enough 100% Muslim nevertheless and 100% of the victims were white and not Muslim.

            I can’t believe I am having this conversation though. When in the fuck did Bestgore get a white self-hating Islamic rapist defence force. This website is becoming more and more libtarded by the day. I even had that turd Svannsson accusing me of being a Zionist shill the other day just because I am not pro-Islam and don’t want the entire Middle East living in my country.

            If this is the way it is going to be from now on I am out of here. I had a good run.

          10. Just the other day here in Australia, an Indian truck driver fell asleep at the wheel, ploughed his rig into two cop cars, killing 4 cops. MSM and so-called nationalists are quiet on the driver because he isn’t a Muslim, therefore can’t further their M.E agenda. See how this diversity minus Islam crap has the same outcome?

            How about no diversity, and yes, that would include no Islam.


          11. Dumbcunt,I am on record here as being relatively progressive and accepting .I do not consider myself a racist. I consider myself a Chauvinist in the original fashion ie I believe my culture is superior to all others ie Greco Roman Euro Christian Civilization is better than Islam for sure.

            I am on record as loving Assad and Syria but those rapefugees were almost wholly if not all Moslem .

          12. @dumbkunt

            I hold the same stance. I don’t want “diversity” either. I voted for brexit for fucks sake. I also agree that other races and religions do bad shit too. Including whites.

            Nevertheless. In the above stated cases the perpetrators were 100% Muslim and 100% of the victims were white and not Muslim and like I said this doesn’t change no matter what your political stance is.

          1. @viking77300

            Not nowadays and certainly not in the cities so stop observing France via your rose tinted spectacles you stupid bastard.

            The France you knew 30 years ago is gone. It is no more. It is over. Mass uncontrolled immigration made sure of that. As it did to much of Europe.

            I have been visiting France since the 80’s and it might as well have been an alternate time line considering the current day French present.

            I am not here to hold your dick so fuck right off with your defensive bullshit posturing. Your current day Muslim population, black or otherwise, is way more than it was back then.

            Live like an ostrich all you want though. Stick your head in the ground. Its your country after all so I don’t give a fuck what you do with it or what you choose to succumb to. Just don’t expect others to keep on visiting and defending it.

            I also doubt that a person who refers to them self as a “viking” is truly French. No Frenchman would claim to be so. To conclude. You are a mendacious twat.

          2. Do you live on a island or something ? I grew up in shitty projects in genevilliers and most niggers in were muslims and it’s not because they are from martinique that they can’t be muslim. Islam is already everywhere in Europe. You better open your eyes or it’s gonna be hard for you to swallow that pill

          3. So…………because I am against mass uncontrolled immigration, the spreading of Islam into Europe and the rapes and murders that go along with it. Including the gang rape of white children by Muslims, It means I am a Zionist shill. Silly boy.

            I don’t want Jews or Muslims in my country. What that makes me I have no idea. Lol.

      2. Most Africans that migrate to Europe are Muslim or Muslim guerrillas with a thing about picking up the biggest knife in the kitchen and going into a stabbing spree cause someone probably said something about there shitty religion and it rubbed them the wrong way.

    1. Too many niggers and desert monkeys in Europe now and as usual wherever they go the place turns to shit. I’m from Scotland and fucking hate the uk government the fuckers are scared to enforce a strict border incase they offend some shitskin. Get all these mudslams and koons to fuck out, make Europe white again. 1919 Spanish flu 2019 covid19 history does repeat, let’s hope the 30s 40s are the same and we rid Europe of the worst parasites since the oven dodgers.

      1. True. Diversity is ok to an extent but France has a problem with to many of these Africans coming right in terrorising everything they step on because there spreading fear to the community to either accept them and there religion and diverse by Force or pay the consequences. Now London has that same problem cause the mayor is Muslim and believes in open borders not only to Africans but to Muslims as well. Europe is Being overtaken by this problem of politics and there open borders BS and its spreading like wildfire. Sooner or later Europe will become a Muslim continent full of Africans

  1. translation like shit. i dont translate everything because this is shit and i dont care lol

    purely fucking retards gangsta shit boys versus cops

    “bastards…” (talk about cops)
    “his mother the whore (kind of son of a bitch, but differently lol)”
    “wesh he have no legs anymore !” (wesh = yo man, in fucking retard language)
    ” wallah they cut his leg” (wallah is arabic slang shit)
    ” ah ah ah ah ah ah yo guys you exaggerated (kind of, its more like “you make too much”)
    “on my mother’s life this is crazy”
    ” cops fucked up… (repeat)”
    ” you make something crazy.”
    cops – “cant you see we heal him ?”
    cops – “move sir you disturb us (cant heal good with a nigga next to you lol)”
    big mouth black dude – “i dont disturb you !”
    big mouth black dude – “incredible !”
    other dude – “J.. J ….J.. its cool, calm down etc.”
    big mouth black dude “pay with our taxes for what ?”
    ……….. keep reapeating “dinguerie”, wich mean kind of “crazy shit”
    ” hey you gotta pay yo !”
    ” wallah you gotta pay that !”
    ” yo film that ! film guys.. film !”
    ” you cut a leg”
    keep repeating fucking “dinguerie”… LOL
    “everything is filmed, its in the box.”
    cops – “alright ladies and gentlement, move on , move on.”
    “(dinguerie again) , you want to create strike (demonstration)… that what you want right ?”
    ” murderers”
    ” they cut the leg, they did it on purpose .”

    shit start to happen with thousand imigrate around…

    “take everything ! (film)… that the crime weapon ! (car)”

    the ending actually make me laugh… the guy keep repeating “yeah play the strong ones.. you’ll see..”
    but the fucking imigrate is actually the one doing the strong one with his friends and the pack, alone he would simply piss his pant and cry like a baby.
    thoses fucking imigrate shitbags are the worse, they hunt in pack and they always create troubles.
    they provocate the cops in the video, but if one of the cop will have open fire, they will all run away like dogs . all in mouth, nothing else. bunch of retard imigrate versus cops… funny as fuck.
    and still always the fucking imigrate half-french half-arabic slang language XD

  2. Soooo….we do not get to see the actual incident unfold. Instead, we get to see them patch up the victim with a fucking Croissant? Way to NOT have multiple cameras rolling. Which in most situations is what USUALLY happens by some fuckin’ miracle on this site. …Not here though…that sucks big hard dick.

    1. because they are…

      theses “french” are nothing but the pack of shit imigrate you can see in all countries if you go to shitty neighbors such as lil’ africa, bronx etc.

      villeneuve is a 90% imigrate place, the only few white french people in there usually stay home or go out directly to work. theses dude just search for troubles 24/7, i can even bet my leg that this fucker volontary drive into that door just to mess up with the cops and get an occasion to make a shitty revolt (burning some white man cars, breaking windows of store to steal shit inside etc..)

  3. The officer should have applied a tourniquet to the neck of the bald urban feral person running his mouth. Sometimes you must stop the breathing first.
    The motorcyclist is no good dead. Who is going to pay for the damage to the car door? I doubt his organs are worth harvesting.

  4. Good morning, everyone.
    ( I am French and live in Brittany and I use Google translation.)

    so as often in many neighborhoods of large cities in France Arabs and blacks are in the majority and are Muslim.
    these people do not respect it strictly and provoke every day the police ! we have big big problems with them.
    for me they are parasites that they want to destroy France from the inside !!!
    Good Muslims don’t exist !

  5. I work for a hospital. My superiors made me sign a formal to keep my job. They didn’t give me a copy of it. This virus is just the flu. The document stated not to explain any details about this illness. It is just a flu. The same sniffles and coughing that all of people get. They would kill me if I said this at work. So I am saying it here on best gore. This disease isn’t real. It is the same amount of nature that always was and is. My patience are happy. They just have a normal cold.

  6. les uSa c’est pire , que des petite chattes ouverte à fond , j’emmerde les SS sioniste ,les français vont vous montrez comment on règle des situations,black,blanc, beurre , ZNC Zoulou Nation City .

    the uSa is worse, than little pussies open to the bottom, damn the SS Zionist, the French will show you how to resolve situations, black, white, butter, ZNC Zoulou Nation City.

  7. soo…
    to give some update.

    it happen that apparently this men didnt lose his leg at all. he actually just got his femur broken.

    after this “accident”, that bunch of fucking monkey screaming around the cops started to burn school, building, cars and more shit.
    the injured dude posted a message later from the hospital where he call for theses peoples to stop burning shit around.
    the monkeys still continu to burn and break things around.
    cops get tired, triples amount of police officers around, now the monkey are in their mother’s house doing nothing but playing “call of pussy” all day during home lock.

    the dude leg was not amputated, but soo broken that it completly twisted up his butt. (he have both legs in hospital and the apparent medical view show a standard leg operation that isnt like putting a leg in place.

    in resume, dont listen to what theses fucking imigrate spread around, they always lie to spread violence and shit.

  8. Bit more info on it! seems he had it coming to him…..

    Unrest sparked by an incident in which a motorcyclist hit a police car in a Paris banlieue has been reported across France, highlighting growing tensions caused by the strict lockdown.

    In a fourth night of violence and vandalism, on Tuesday evening a primary school was partially destroyed by fire in a north-west suburb of Paris and police in another district said fireworks had been aimed at them.

    In Toulouse several rubbish bins and cars were set alight, and incidents were also reported in Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Versailles and Lyon.

    The unrest spread after a trail motorbike ridden at speed on Saturday evening, by a man not wearing a helmet, hit the door of a police car, which was stationary at a red traffic light in the suburb of Villeneuve-la-Garenne.

  9. Picture looks like an immodestly dressed woman which is a mortal sin for the man lusting but alsowhich i tell women and no one talks about, for the woman wearing such clothes to inspire it, BOTH of which are mortal sins requiring absolution from a Catholic priest not to suffer the loss of the life of grace in the soul/hell eternally if deliberate and with full knowledge.

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