Motorcycle Double Tap – Pensioner Hit Twice by Bikers

Motorcycle Double Tap - Pensioner Hit Twice by Bikers

This Brazilian pensioner was double tapped by motorcyclists. First motorcyclist incapacitated him, but he was still alive and tried to get away but then the second one came along, striking him so bad the old man died and then the killer motorcyclist pulled a hit and run on his ass. As if the infamous Brazilian assassin setup with two people on a motorcycle was not dangerous enough, now the deadly power of Brazil has divided itself between two motorcycles.

The accident happened on Tuesday, November 13, 2012. 61 year old Cicero Lemos Ribeiro was trying to cross one of the stretches of the Boulevard Monte Castelo in southern region of Maceio, Brazil when he was struck by a motorcyclist riding a Dafra (never heard of that one). The motorcyclist lost control of the vehicle and fell to the ground, suffering injuries which required hospitalization but were not life threatening.

Badly injured himself but still alive, the pensioner got up and tried to get off the busy road but then second motorcycle came rushing down the boulevard at a high rate of speed, striking the old man again, this time severely. The impact threw the pensioner to the ground so violently, his skull cracked open, killing the old man on the spot.

The accident was witnessed by several people as it took place in front of a bus stop which is in front of busy Plaza Santa Teresa. Still, second motorcyclist fled the scene of the accident without anyone taking note of its license plate. RIP old man.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. Those weren’t “natural causes” in Brazil, obviously there are no flip flops in any pictures or at least a small pointer… that wasn’t supposed to happen as you can already tell by those two factors. 😀 But ya poor man I guess he is the unluckiest person this day.

  1. You work hard all your life looking forward to drinking beer and running kids off your lawn. Then BAM, lights out and your beastly wife runs off with Jose the gardner to spend your lifetime savings on a kayak and bottomless mimosas.

          1. Toss him back into that dark ocean of despair my pet. I’m not much in the looks department, but neither is a flounder, yet it melts in your mouth. Besides you won’t even see me, I’ll be under your sheets making a pig of myself.

  2. Can a motorcycle double tap someone? It takes two bullets rapidly fired one after another to pull of a double tap, one to the head and one to the chest…two motorcycles one hits his body the other hits his head…holy shit I guess motorcycles can double tap a pedestrian

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