Motorcyclist Fatally Crashes with SUV Making Illegal U-Turn

Motorcyclist Fatally Crashes with SUV Making Illegal U-Turn

Motorcyclist Fatally Crashes with SUV Making Illegal U-Turn

CCTV video from what seems to be China shows an SUV driver make an apparently illegal U-turn, with which he cut off a motorcyclist who was unable to avoid a collision and crashed into it. It looks as thought the motorcyclist too may have been traveling too fast and as a result could not brake efficiently and had to slide (which didn’t help either).

The reason why I believe the U-turn was illegal, is because both the CCTV footage and the closeup of the aftermath clearly show the solid line on the road. Surely a U-turn on a solid line counts as illegal even in China. Based on the aftermath, the biker died from the injuries.

Props to Best Gore member @shehuinihaoge0122 for the video:

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62 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Fatally Crashes with SUV Making Illegal U-Turn”

  1. that dude scorched his face on the road very badly before hitting the car. would have loved to get a view of that face.

    as for illegal… i dont consider that turn illegal, seems pretty correct to me. at least in my country, its perfectly legal to do such a turn, you just check that nobody is coming on both side and you make the turn. aint gonna go all the way of the road until you find a way to turn back.
    the solid line aint mean nothing here when the vehicule is stopped and just start :P. (its different if the vehicule was actually moving along the road)

      1. A good brand full face helmet may have saved him from an untimely death.Traffic was light, the car drivers u turn seemed reasonable and safe.The rider may have been speeding and not concentrating on what is happening in front of him.I think it is best to drive or ride defensivelly and try to anticipate what may happen in front of you.

        1. I can agree with that. When on a bike you need to be aware of everything around you because most car drivers don’t think about bikes. As a teenager, when I got my first bike my dad said to me “Treat every driver on the road as a dumb bastard… exceptions!” I did exactly that but even then that didn’t help. After the third time of being put on the deck by a blind, deaf and dumb motorist I gave up riding bikes. Two of the three occasions were drivers doing a U-turn without signalling. It was like they waited until the last moment before deliberately pulling out on me. Now I understand it was probably down to the side-mirror blindspot but hey, I could still have been killed.

  2. The rider can’t have been paying attention because to me it looked like there was plenty of time to see what was going on in front of them. Probably find their phone on the ground close by with a half-finished text on it.

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  3. Give me a break! The biker wasn’t wearing a helmet and the SUV was turning slowly. Plenty of time for the biker to react. Whatever happened to the 2 second rule?

    I reckon if he hadn’t deliberately overbalanced to unseat himself from the bike, he may have survived the impact but just got thrown over the car instead of under it, which is likely to be worse?

  4. Probably the result of that other Corona virus where a guy drank a few too many Coronas before getting into his SUV.
    Do they even have Corona in China or are they stuck drinking their local brands of Dragon piss?

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  5. Ya see ,most chinks are habituated to taking shortcuts for their commute even the pavers are not spared and norms are often flayed .Even though the traffic density being that low and the roads being empty ;those slant eyed will always have something to offer out of the blue.

    As there was no round about the SUV driver had to maneuver that way to take a turn and who would have known there would be a bad ass biker ramming it head on at a break neck speed making it appear to the others as though it was the other person’s fault .

    The biker ended up ramming the SUV and dying thereof ; because he was feeling horny .

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  7. Yes the U-turn would be illegal in the sense that the SUV driver would be required to make sure that BOTH lanes were clear before attempting to preform it. The SUV driver started the u-turn with not only the scooter coming up behind him but was also cutting off the scooter that was approaching from the opposite direction. Or at least that would be the case in the US.

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