Motorcyclist Flattened on a Road in Tasikmalaya, Indonesia

Motorcyclist Flattened on a Road in Tasikmalaya, Indonesia

Starting at the 0:09 minute mark you can see people moving a motorcycle away in the background. That’s why I’m speculating the victim was a motorcyclist, rather than a pedestrian. It’s not unusual to see young people riding recklessly without a helmet in Indonesia so this wouldn’t be so out of place.

Other than that, it’s your typical video of a traffic related accident from Indonesia – lots of people around cause the country is ridiculously overpopulated, filmed on a shit quality cell phone camera cause that’s what they sport there and the accident itself is extremely graphic cause they can’t drive for shit and there’s too many of them on the road.

The victim is brutally flattened so when authorities come to move it out of the way, the act of picking up that crushed skull stuck to the road is pretty epic. The accident happened in the city of Tasikmalaya in southeastern West Java, Indonesia:

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  1. Looks to me as if the motorcycle belong to somebody else you can clearly see somebody getting on it. And right around the 16 second mark you can see somebody digging in his pants… what the Hell is this robbery.. Ya he’s dead let’s steal his wallet and shit. Lmao. People these days..

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