Motorcyclist Hit in Head by Truck Bed Sidewall

Motorcyclist Hit in Head by Truck Bed Sidewall

Motorcyclist Hit in Head by Truck Bed Sidewall

It’s almost unthinkable that the timing could be as perfect as seen in the video. But apparently it happened.

By the looks of it, the video is from China. It’s a CCTV footage showing a motorcyclist engaged by the cell phone on the side of the road. A truck drives by and just before it passes the biker, the improperly secured sidewall comes down and hits the motorcyclist like a ton of brick on the head.

I’m surprised the biker was still able to move after the blow. Given the neck breaking/skull shattering potential it had, the biker must be tough as nails.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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67 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Hit in Head by Truck Bed Sidewall”

    1. Right haha he pulls over so as not to cell phone and ride… then gets fucked up anyway!

      The fact that the truck kept driving he probably doesn’t even know what the fuck knocked him to the ground

        1. Well that sure would have been more sensible 😀 this might knock some common sense into him!
          Yeah thanks not too bad! Still a bit sore when it’s cold but other than that wouldn’t even know it happened!

  1. This asshole deserved that shit. Ok you are on A very small street and you don’t pay attention to a fucking truck coming in your direction? Stupid fucker can only blame himself if he’s now a slanted retard after that stupid move. WTF put the phone away already.
    Let’s be real here..he’s not a tough biker by any means. There was obviously nothing in his brain cavity to damage. lol.

    1. Yup, he’s a dumb bastard. Who the hell stands in the street with their back to trucks speeding by? This idiot.. He’s lucky the gate didn’t come down an instant earlier or it would have taken his stupid chink head off and then we would have had a more entertaining video.

  2. He’s lucky it landed ON his head, rather than falling to horizontal, then collecting his
    fuck’d up head

    Lesson: when ever you are doing something on the ‘side of the road’ you are still very
    very near to THE fuckin’ road

    So be very careful, people are killed all the time, changing a flat tyre or opening their
    bonnet on the ‘side of the road’

    Easy way to get killed or maimed

    1. Good advice, I had a friend killed changing a tire on the interstate. He was a hundred yards from an exit and could easily have limped off.
      The car that hit him hit square on and just about cut him in half.

    2. Indeed.

      That guy probably has a very sore head but had the truck side panel dropped 1/10th second earlier he would have been toast.

      That said, anyone that stands on a road (or a pedestrian pavement next to a road) and thinks that it’s safe not to be taking notice of what the traffic is doing (in both directions) will, eventually, get caught out.

  3. Couple co-codamol, soy sauce, some bean sprouts + oyster sauce & he will be good to go

    Chinese usually order Chinese for their Chinese guests some Chinese could perhaps offer him Chinese food to cheer him up prepared/delivered by Chinese

      1. For a tasty chow mein we’d need to add chicken, spring onions & egg noodles. I’ve been getting cravings for Chinese food & thai massage haven’t had neither since the beginning of coronacircus

        @xsookiex I could be wrong thought I’d ask: Were you pictured with a horse I mean your dp & you said you’ve seen a horse getting castrated or you’ve been present, something along those lines? Ironically, I was on a train the other day & I saw a woman watching a gelding video on her phone. Shes probably unaware of bg’s existence

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  5. Why did it strike him with the corner tip? There was a .0000001 likelihood for that to happen. If there were not an evil god, it’d have happened otherwise, another edge wouldn’t have fucked him up that bad. That’s why I hate honky and red neck mighty god.

  6. Man these ppl have some real shitty days dont they…….they just kind of shake it off but I cant shake off this third world antics . Antics in america is traffic and stupid shit not this heavy stuff that goes down on this site

  7. The only thing I can think of why this happened is, he needs to pay the Piper.
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