Motorcyclist with Lower Body Mangled by Truck Being Put on Stretcher

Motorcyclist with Lower Body Mangled by Truck Being Put on Stretcher

I don’t have a whole lot of backinfo about this video, but apparently it’s from Brazil. One thing I was told is that the members of the public saved the biker’s life by applying pressure to ruptured arteries.

The video shows a biker with his lower body mangled by a truck. The video starts with medic already on the scene, loading the victim on a stretcher. As he’s flipped over, the extent of his injuries becomes more apparent.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. There’s NO WAY this dude survived! I like how the EMS guy checks his pulse for a bit, like he’s just waiting for it to stop so they don’t all have to make such a fuss over saving him. “If we just wait another few seconds, he’ll be dead!”

  2. In all that mess how can you tell if his pecker really survived! If his pecker is also shredded then leave him there to bleed out it is what he would have wanted. If he survived he would be half the man he used to be already! If he looses his pecker also then he is no longer a man at all so there is no point to live like that.

  3. I thought being a first responder would be cool and get my mind off my own problems but after watching this it’s like thinking I could be great in infantry military but after going .5 miles I give up.

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