Motorcyclist Opening Up Beer Gets Slammed by Drunk Driver in Paraguay

Motorcyclist Opening Up Beer Gets Slammed by Drunk Driver in Paraguay

Motorcyclist Opening Up Beer Gets Slammed by Drunk Driver in Paraguay

In Fernando de la Mora, Paraguay, a motorcyclist with the bike parked smack in the middle of the CCTV camera’s field of view returns to his bike with a cigarette dangling out of his mouth and a can of beer in hand.

He calmly begins to open the can up, when a speeding car slams the shit out of him. He goes out of the camera’s view, as does his bike, but the beer can decided to stick around and take over the spotlight.

The biker reportedly survived but with serious injuries, and the driver was arrested and charged with drunk driving.

Props to Best Gore member @gustavoavalo for the video:

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78 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Opening Up Beer Gets Slammed by Drunk Driver in Paraguay”

  1. Was that the head of his beer that defied the odds AND kinetic energy involved in all this, just to shoot up like the money shot of a decent porn and splatter all over the ground where a few milliseconds prior, a Fleshy Virus was?

    Bravo, undetermined foamy liquid!

        1. I thought it was somewhere off strawberry mansion somewhere though I don’t get up there much . Being out in public like that means they’re not particularly afraid of catching the dreaded black plague of the 21st century.

          1. I’m not afraid of catching it as much as I’m afraid of people panicking and overreacting. But yeah, lots of weird shit I saw today. One crackhead was on the curb trying to sell used junk like a rusty lawnmower.

          2. Would love to see you get the hell out of that part of town my gosh that sounds absolutely horrid. Poor gal 🙁

          3. I guess you’re not afraid of dying then? Going by what you say about your health, even at the age you say you are, I’d be surprised if you survived it. Not that I wish you any ill, of course. @janiel

          4. @robc, if I caught it, I’d absolutely die. There’s no doubt about that. My body has been through too much to overcome another bout of pneumonia or anymore breathing issues. Luckily, my job is 98% of me sitting in my car, and since this outbreak, events and appointments have been canceled, as well as international travel and hotel stays. I’m essentially “safe” in that respect. I also don’t leave my house much aside from working.

            If I ever do catch myself a case of My Corona, I’ll make sure to keep you guys updated with the gory details.

          5. Just stay safe, girl. Don’t put yourself at any unnecessary risk. @janiel
            Btw, that poorly-baby pic gets to me. You can see the discomfort in the eyes. Makes me wanna pick baby up and give hugs….and that’s from someone who hates kids!

          6. @robc, thanks mate, I’m being as safe as I can.

            I showed my mom that picture when I found it and I asked what that red shit was all over my face. Very nonchalantly, she says, “Oh you had scarlet fever or something. You lived.”

          1. Cool..whenever you get the urge for a night out let me know I’ll set it up with the gal pal … you’ll definitely be credited as Director of Photography… (Friday or Saturday evenings probably work the best for me and the pal)

  2. Paraguay. Don’t hear about that place much. usually its Brazil. Wonder if they killed off most of their Injuns..? Like Argentina did. This scooter-boy doesn’t look very European.

          1. you stay in your homeland, I stay in mine.

            I don’t go to your country; you stay out of mine.

            Kill any American you find in Paraguay..why are they there?

            And of course? I will do the same

  3. off late Paraguay seems to be stealing the limelight in doling out the stuff of nightmare which Brazil qualifies to be the best at.
    Who could have imagined his mightily laid back minute would be his last . Everything just happened in the blink of an eye just seconds before he was seen smoking his worries off dreaming off ; If he could have a beer with Jesus and Heavens obliged and now he is on the other side sipping it all nice and slow .
    humming to himself
    Did you hear the prayers I’d sent
    What just happens when life comes to an end

  4. It’s like that CCTV camera was positioned there by a freaky fortune teller, because once the star and his steel horse was removed that camera was recording absolutely zilch, apart from 1 square metre of boring black bitumen………what the……

    1. The video created an illusion of a sort of the car splitting in two as if, but in fact it was the pouch that was kept on the scooterette’s fuel tank which actually went shreeding off to bits and pieces by the forceful impact.

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