Motorcyclist and Passenger Crushed by Tree in India

Motorcyclist and Passenger Crushed by Tree in India

Motorcyclist and Passenger Crushed by Tree in India

Video apparently from India shows the aftermath of a fatal dirt road accident. It would appear, that a motorcyclist and a passenger were crushed to death by a tree. How that happened, I have no idea.

A number of passers-by gawk at the aftermath, but none seems to know what to do. The pair under the tree probably doesn’t care at this stage anyway.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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          1. I’ve mentioned my two trips to India before. Stereotypes are accurate.

            The automotive supplier did have some toilets and highly non potable running water, but no paper. Just some community spoons. Fortunately I came prepared and did the squats.

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  1. Hmmm, I wonder what multiversal force or entity decided to make this so? The utter randomness of a tree suddenly falling across the road at the exact moment these two fucks get go by to be squashed by it is almost astounding.

  2. Can’t imagine what it was like to get mashed by that thing! I was just up at a buddy’s campground in Maine helping him put a new deck on his place and out of nowhere comes a loud crack and branches breaking then a boom as the ground shook. A huge tree just came down suddenly along a brook. Fortunately no kids were playing in there as usual but man, that was loud and even a hundred feet or so away the ground shook.

  3. “And now News from around the World… India… The unreliable Indian train service has meant lengthy delays for suicides who have recently been left waiting beside train tracks for lengthy periods. This has created massive suicide queues and fights have broken out after some trains were cancelled. In a new development some suicides have taken to climbing tall trees, sitting on a leaf and waiting for Autumn…..”

    1. Did anyone notice the dude holding up a gang sign? I think this might of been cartel work?…or maybe I just need sleep? I’ve been on a meth binge for 3 days.

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          1. Shit was fire at first, Sphinx but he lost me at “I am a kid lover.” Lol, shit, I miss BG for one day and I miss an epic string of funny ass comments. You guys were on fire as much as Vennu, here.

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