Motorcyclist Pops a Wheelie, Runs Into Cop Car, Gets Arrested

Motorcyclist Pops a Wheelie, Runs Into Cop Car, Gets Arrested

I totally agree with the cop this time. There were a few dozen damned bikers riding all over the road, acting like jackasses. They were weaving around cars, even riding into head on traffic and in general putting everyone else using the road in danger? Several cars were nearly hit before the accident. The cop was definitely in the right to do something about it.

The stunting biker who popped a wheelie was surprised by the car in front of him coming to a sudden stop. He probably didn’t know it was a cop car cause it wasn’t sporting typical cop colors and markings. So he slightly ran into it and fell off the bike, which gave the cop the opportunity to act like a jackass himself. There was no need to go after the biker’s neck, but I guess people in power will always act larger than life, looking to abuse said power to satisfy their own sick fantasies.

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42 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Pops a Wheelie, Runs Into Cop Car, Gets Arrested”

      1. yes. my general rule on the road is, get the fuck out of my way.

        if the pig didn’t stop on the road, then everyone would have had a good day.

        in the end, revenue raisers and we the happy viewers had all the fun.

        1. From the looks of it the guy in front of him stopped. Soooo you’re wrong on this one.

          Then again you seem like one of those douchebags who thinks they’re tough with their “fuck da poleece” attitude anytime a cop helps an old lady cross the street.

  1. I’m sure there are motorcycle riders who read these pages, but people who do this kind of thing on public roads are total douchebags and morons. They not only endanger themselves, which frankly I could care less if they eat a pavement sandwhich, but also more importantly endanger everyone else around them who are just trying to travel safely from point A to point B. Total douchebags!

    1. Agreed! As much as bikers appreciate the wind in their hair (or on their scalps for that matter), I see no reason for any two wheeled contraption to be conducted on one wheel only at any given time on a public road.

      If you’re lacking that much testosterone that you have to compensate for in such a way the most humane way would be to simply revoke your drivers license for life, period.

      I cannot understand if one needs to practice such behavior why it has to involve innocent people that don’t need more shit happening in their life than dealing with some idiot running into their vehicle.

      It’s too much to ask for that these guys go onto a closed track in order to have their fun there but apparently, since barely anyone will be watching it will hurt their ego.

      THESE bikers are truly an annoyance.

      1. Agreed I ride and cause of those dicks my insurance is rediculous and if he rode like most of us he would have seen the flashing lights in the rear window and mid plate or the simple fact that the cop was pulling over the pickup truck with all the people in the bed of the truck and the cop was a little rough but would’nt you be.

  2. As I watch this video, I can’t help but wonder how many rapists murderers and other tossers are going about their business while Super Hero Cop comes down medieval on that stupid biker… bet the pig is really proud of himself tho’

  3. Whatever with the power abuse. Fuck that. Jackass totally deserved to get roughed up by the police officer. They all deserve it. Endangering other people, slowing down traffic, creating general chaos. They all need to get the fuck over themselves!

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