Motorcyclist Dies Ramming Into a Pole in Santa Catarina, Brazil

Motorcyclist Dies Ramming Into a Pole in Santa Catarina, Brazil

This video, albeit from Brazil, is unique in a way, because it didn’t happen in your typical death regions we hear from every day. This accident happened in the state of Santa Catarina which is one of the best developed and safest in Brazil – for whatever it’s worth. In particular, this was filmed on Rua FlorianĂ³polis in Bairro Primeiro de Maio, city of Brusque.

This city was founded by Germans who are still a majority there, although lately the city saw an influx of Italians and Poles. Can’t go anywhere without them fucking Poles fucking it up like a plague you can’t get rid of. The only white Europeans who are complete fuck ups and a stain on the Golden Dawn flag. Although they do deserve props for proper response to the Katyn Massacre after World War II.

The victim was 26 year old Albert Bernardi who killed himself by ramming his motorcycle into a pole. The crash was caught on a CCTV camera however it occurred toward the upper edge of the video so no close up details are shown. Funny that I just ranted about Poles and this fellow rammed into a pole. Fucking poles fuck it up for everyone. Just as white Europeans suffer because non white immigrant flood their countries and fuck them up, non white people from other countries suffer because white Poles flood their countries and fuck them up. Although Poles do that to white countries too. They just overall fuck it up and give Eastern Europeans a bad name cause people think it’s Eastern Europeans who fuck it up, but in fact it’s just Poles. Other Eastern Europeans are top notch.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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13 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Dies Ramming Into a Pole in Santa Catarina, Brazil”

  1. Safest and fastest developing and majority Germans… well you know the saying “If the Race is Good, the Place is good”.
    I looked up Santa Catarina, wow! Mostly Whites of German or Italian heritage, Oktoberfest!!

    Washington D.C. has some of the most federal money pumped into its education, safety street, and public maintance, and jobs programs etc… Just to keep a resembles of civilization, but it’s already a jungle. They thought that if they could make the US capital a diversity wonderland, the whole country would follow, instead it became an example not to become.
    I sometimes asked people, just to calibrate their knowledge and sheepishness, “If you had a choice, would you live in London or Belgrade”, they almost always chose the cest pool of London, or they would ask “Where/what is Belgrade”

    1. Not quite Mr. Vincit Omnia Veritas and Hawk! Santa Catarina, Florian?polis specifically, is suffering a major wave of violence right now!! I don’t have the “race statistic” for you but I’m sure you’re up to blame the non-white for this, or in this case the polish, irish or whatever…

      And how can car accidents count for any discussion about crime, violence and migration anyway?

  2. @Vincit Omnia Veritas
    At first I was a little offended by that rant about poles… but on a second thought meh… fair enough. We’re bat shit crazy abroad. I can be a little defensive but unfortunately the worst sort of people emmigrate from Poland, that don’t even speak comprehensive english. Those primal ones are unfortunately most agressive. Advised treatment – put down on site. As to the rest it’s not so bad. So if You find Yourself in my beloved shit forsaken peace of dirt legislatively belonging to Poland, I can show You around.

  3. Wow.. just… Wow…

    It’s the second time I see Brusque on Best Gore, and all in a single month.

    Anyway, about colonization…

    Here in Brusque, and other cities of the region, there is a majority of germans and italians, but about ten years ago, we’ve been suffering from massive immigration of brazilians from “Nordeste” (Northeast) and from our neighbour state “Paran?”.
    Thirty years ago there was about one family of negroes here in Brusque, but now, with this intense immigration, they are darkening the statistics.

    Fortunately, our culture is still strong, half german and half italian, in fact, it’s still common to hear people talking in german/italian dialects.

    1. Making a socioeconomical problem a race one… that’s so offensive and misleading. Enough with the “WE GERMAN” speech, enough! BTW it’s not immigration buddy, it’s migration.

      Crime exists everywhere, it doesn’t make it a race issue, but walks side by side with low income and poverty.

      1. Well, I agree with you, it’s not a race problem…
        I think it’s more like a cultural problem, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”.
        There’s a cultural shock between the brazilian states, it’s sad and infuriating to see these people migrating and destroying our culture and values.

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