Motorcyclist Rear-Ends Pickup Truck, Performs Hilarious Flip

Motorcyclist Rear-Ends Pickup Truck, Performs Hilarious Flip

This video speaks for itself, so I’ll just let you watch it and enjoy the performance. The motorcyclist apparently was not paying attention to what’s on the road right in front of him, and rear ended the truck that is seen parked there on the road.

It looks like the truck should not have been stopped there in the first place, but as a motorcyclist, you too have the responsibility to keep an eye on the road, or you could end up being an eye on the road.

I like the flip. That deserves high rantings. The fact that the motorcycle never flipped only makes it so much more perfect.

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  1. La verdad muy gracioso,justamente un jugador de la seleccion Argentina Lavezzi tuvo un accidente parecido en la semifinal de la copa America ,creo que se fracturo un brazo.Don`t cry for me,USA

  2. –IF it’s not stage then maybe he should quit riding bikes… his next misfortune might leave him as a red smear on the road :] and he’ll be right back on this site as; “Part II – The End Flip”

  3. That was just great!
    What you are seeing is the original CCTV footage being replayed in front of an audience that now knows what is going to happen, that’s why the chaps are laughing in the background before the crash.

    It was totally awesome, that front somersault. It would have been even funnier if the truck drove off as soon as he landed on it. Still, he was unhurt, so it’s deffo ok to laugh at this shit, hehe lol.

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