Motorcycle Rider in India Affirms Stereotype with Asian Drivers

Motorcycle Rider in India Affirms Stereotype with Asian Drivers

Asian drivers are synonymous with bad driving. This CCTV not only showcases this theory but proves it.

Man on a motorcycle poses no apparent threat to others only to himself. Face to face with a non moving wall, years of driving practice couldn’t outmaneuver the utmost seasoned driving veteran.

The inexcusable driver of ignorance shows that Asian drivers are not only dangerous to themselves but in fact are a danger to all others as well!

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  1. If you had a flat face, it would be impossible to have a 180 degree vision without turning your head left and right all the time. Now, that’s a lot of punishment.

    But fortunately Indians are not in that category of “Asians”… So there must be another scientific explanation to this. Excessive curry perhaps

      1. kleenex stuff sounds about right…
        so other privileged dumb-cunts can use them to wipe off croc tears when they feel ‘victimish’, or wipe off something else πŸ˜€
        If I was god though I’d be kind enough to bring them back as roaches instead

          1. Bet he was fallin asleep. Lucky he had helmet bc his face slammed into the wall full force. Funny how he flipped while still holding onto handle bars…which tells me he waa falling asleep bc he didn’t know what was happening and no reaction to it.

  2. The blind fucker thought that the wall had a narrow gully and he could easily
    ride through to save time; right across to the other side of the road but seeing him go turtle was a sight to behold. Atleast he left the other guy kickstarting his bike damn confused ,feeling silly

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