Motorcycle Rider Rams Truck, No One Comes to Aid Him in India

Motorcycle Rider Rams Truck, No One Comes to Aid Him in India

Motorcycle Rider Rams Truck, No One Comes to Aid Him in India

Maybe, this man was reincarnated from this death to this death?

Man in India seen on a busy truck loading and unloading area is squashed like a bug by truck. His recoiling of arms suggests he didn’t know what hit him and is completely dead. If you blink you may miss out on all the eye witnesses not giving one damn or shit about the man.

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  1. Another death in Currystan, I’m like not shocked anymore. I need me some 1st world gore. Of all places where people have cameras everywhere no one seems to record, yet impoverished shitholes people are always recording.

          1. I don’t want to piss off our Indian friends, but I couldn’t resist :/
            They are a long way from fixing that cursed place. I understand there are shit people everywhere on the planet, but not a single soul gave a fuck about this guy… Thanks, from here, I guess laughing is the best remedy.

          2. @masterplan

            Me neither, and trust me, I have a few Indian friends, one of them mostly interprets BG Indian videos for me that I occasionally share with you guys too.


            Now here’s the problem my friend. I, personally, do not believe in reincarnation, but for the sake of argument, let’s assume it is true. They (Hindus) believe, in the next phase, you are reincarnated as a thing/creature either good or bad, depends on your deeds. Means, if you have been vile in present life, you are going to be born, let’s say, as a pig or whatever THEY think is a mean creature, or are reincarnated as something or someone nice if you were a nice person in your previous form. My point is, IF IT IS TRUE, what is Rajesh going to be in the next phase? A penis, because his wife calls him “he’s such a dick” or as an ass, because his mother calls him “he’s such an ass”, or as a horse, since his female boss every now and then refers his laughter as a “horse laugh”??????????? Perhaps a monkey??? Since he scratches his back on a door nob because he can’t reach his back.

          3. @MasterPlan

            A cockroach is a cockroach. It can’t be good or bad. Yet, there are some people who can be either cocks or roaches. Ask a Hindu. He/She might explain better. He may have been a GOOD roach, that’s why he may have been reincarnated as a human, IF you call him a human.

          1. @hopingfornemesis

            I do believe in resurrection and of course believe in pay back for our deeds too. No, I don’t believe in reincarnation. What I believe, these are two different beliefs.

            Oh, well, 9X9 huh??? 😀 You are a smart man. It IS a magic number for me. Seriously yes. Try this….! 9×9 is what? 81….. 8+1 = 9 Nine is a strange, but the most powerful number, no matter how many nines you add or time it, the end result is still nine. Try it. For instance, 9+9+9+9=36 then 3+6=9…… 9x9x9x9x9=59049…… then 5+9+0+4+9=27,,,,,,,, and you know 27 means 2+7=9……… 😉
            Lastly, you add any number into nine, nine would separate itself and the end result would be that number. For example, 9+3+2=14….. and 1+4=5,,,, hence, five was the total number that you added to nine. Nine is the number that ALWAYS keeps its value intact. Hope it helps…!

            Oh, BTW, try subtracting nine out of any number. I don’t have to explain, you’ll see yourself. 😉

      1. You younger guys are all too eager to push the red button, to get the instant gratification of Boom-Gone and high fives all around.

        What the fuck, maybe you’re right. I’m just saying, why don’t we have a good, old fashioned air lift. Just get that goddam radioactive waste out of Nevada and let these curry munchers taste something a little bit spicier.

  2. Nobody gives a shit or comes to aid when the occurrence happens to be the norm.

    For example if I saw a spider the size of my hand coming towards me my pants would be visiting the cleaners whereas an Australian would be calling me a great big poof for such a display of fear because they are used to such sights.

    To most first world people a Mexican/Brazilian jail uprising looks like somebody opened the box out of Hellraiser and unleashed the Cenobites but to a Mexican/Brazilian jail guard it is just another day in paradise.

    To conclude. Public displays of death in some countries are as normal as niggers committing crimes in white countries.

    In the above, it becomes more of an annoyance than a shock and therefore something to be displeased about in passing.

        1. @hopingfornemesis

          Well remembered, Nem. It is an extremely important subject that doesn’t get nowhere near the amount of attention that it should be getting. Nobody cares because it happens with boys, and because it is standard practice amongst jews. Most people don’t even consider it genital mutilation to begin with.

          Another issue that is getting even less attention is the fact that women are suffering genital mutilation in 1st world countries as well, because their immigrant and/or rapefugee families brought that amazing part of their culture with them and don’t give a fuck if we have laws against it. The joys of multiculturalism! At least this is not affecting White girls (yet). As always, the feminists and every single other leftist piece of shit are completely silent about this, just like they are completely silent regarding all the raping done by Arab and Africans rapefugees in Europe in these last 3 years. Disgusting!

          I’m grateful for having my ding ding ding dong intact, just like my creator and nature intended.

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