Motorcyclist Run Over by Truck Dies with Guts Spilled Out

Motorcyclist Run Over by Truck Dies with Guts Spilled Out

I pretty much have absolutely no backinfo. The video shows the apparent aftermath of a fatal traffic accident. The man is down on the road next to his bike, with guts shot out of his abdominal cavity due to the crushing pressure of a truck that had allegedly run him over.

There is also a car with twisted wheels next to the corpse of the biker. I wonder if that car was somehow involved in causing the biker to lose balance and fall under the truck?

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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119 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Run Over by Truck Dies with Guts Spilled Out”

  1. I wonder if you can even feel if your guts are out or not?…
    If you were conscious, it may be more of a scary sight than painful. But Idk, never had my guts out.

  2. Jeremy Wade just caught a human River Monster! This dude ate a Mekong giant catfish. Dude was a threat to the ecosystem, had to be done. That’s still good fish though, anyone got a pulp hook?

          1. Have some respect HK. It’s Tyler ‘Tommy Two-Tone’ Bourbon to you sir.

            Also sounds like Svarge has an alternate reality happening.

  3. Was he laughing hysterically spilling his guts out when he saw that oncoming truck or was it some joke he remembered all of a sudden when his chuckling innards felt they were out of the belly .
    For a lad of that size his guts weighed too much but now he must be feeling lighter than a balloon.
    Brand new denims ,nice polo shoes everything is gone to dogs .Talking of dogs if there are any around they are gonna have a hey day

  4. such a narrow path road.. either the biker was ahead of heavier vehicle decided to speed up maybe drunk nor overtaking the vehicle he clipped the car as you see the corner bumper part seemed to be sticking out.. boom falls over that’s the result!

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