Motorcyclist Runs Into Turning Concrete Mixer, Passenger Gets Crushed

Motorcyclist Runs Into Turning Concrete Mixer, Passenger Gets Crushed

This looks like China. The CCTV footage shows a collision between a turning concrete mixer and a speeding motorcycle with two people on it. The rider manages to swerve the motorcycle enough to avoid getting crushed himself, but instead sacrifices the pillion rider to a massage by the truck wheels.

There is a bit of an aftermath footage included after the CCTV, and a still image alleging to show the trauma to the passenger. Somehow, the dick and balls look rather intact, considering that everything around them has been degloved.

Props to Best Gore member @boscotkc for the video:

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  3. So much you can learn from BG.
    Never drive or ride outside your ability.

    The rider didn’t think that the cement mixer driver was going to wait for him before turning the corner.
    You’re not supposed to engage in manoeuvers that cause motorists to have to slow down in their own lane, so the cement driver is also at fault here.

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