Motorcyclist Screams After Destroying Knee and Exposing Femur

Motorcyclist Screams After Destroying Knee and Exposing Femur

Motorcyclist Screams After Destroying Knee and Exposing Femur

This video winks at me like something we’ve seen before, but I’ve searched for all the relevant keywords, and it didn’t come up. There are many similar videos, such as this one, but this particular one may not have been posted yet. So here goes.

The video shows the aftermath of a motorcycle accident. Two men sit on the side of the road after being injured in the crash. One is pretty calm, but the other one agonizes and screams having had his knee completely destroyed and femur exposed.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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99 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Screams After Destroying Knee and Exposing Femur”

    1. This begs the question Where does the soul reside? Is it in his but below the knee or above? I would also like to know why the fuck is he screaming like a baby?

        1. They seem to be speaking Hindi… This is India, most likely.

          We notice what’s wrong with his right knee but his right arm is just as roughed up.
          The victim keeps yelling something like “ΰ€¬ΰ€¨ΰ€€ΰ₯‡” …Someone behind the camera wonders what to do and asks for water for him but he doesn’t seem to want anything

          One thing is for sure.. All those girls will not be waiting anymore… and masturbation will become a little more difficult from this point on… Not a very good life πŸ™

      1. His right arm looks just as fucked up as his leg and he doesn’t seem to mind it. So my guess is that his leg nerves weren’t severed, so he’s in so much fucking pain. His arm must have had it’s nerves severed, thus he can’t feel the injury.

        Bad news: there’s probably no saving his arm, since nerves don’t just heal back.

        Good news: maybe he can keep his deformed leg! πŸ˜€

        Extra bad news: doesn’t look like he can find a good surgeon where he is lol, so he’ll probably end up legless.

      2. he just needs to stop being a pussy its just a flesh wound. hell during my tour is Afghanistan i was shot in my left thigh that went through the bone and in my left arm above my elbow and i didn’t scream like a girl. i continued driving until we made it back to base. then i got medical help.

  1. I like how that guy offered him a lemonade… Thats what i call first aid, though a cold one would be better… Probably also the reason why he rejected it. Or maybe he watched lemonparty ?
    He may not be the luckiest one but hey… At least he can do amputee porn with his boner(refering to his leg naturally).

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          1. And he can steal the one shoe from the front of the shoe shop. Or do they still do that outside shoe shops?

    1. Hey @svarg,
      Lets pretend for one minute that this would have happened o Yourself. In that case don’t you think that being a Knee-Grow would be a good thing??? Even though it would entail all kinds of other problems, would it still not be better being one instead of simply wishing that you were an authentic, & true Knee-Grow, just for once in your life? yo Bro, lol, lol πŸ˜‰

        1. And why does that Not Surprise Me One Bit, @svarg26, lol ???
          Maybe It’s simply because, You have always, as myself,,, Talked The Talk,,,
          And Walked The Walk. *with broken Leg or Not,,, makes absolutely no difference.*
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  2. “This old man, he plays three
    He plays knick knack on my knee
    With a knick knack paddy wack
    Give a dog a bone
    This old man comes rolling home”

    what would have made this video even better is if a dog ran up and started gnawing on his ‘bone’

  3. People are too stupid and too busy gawkin at him and making chicken sounds to atleast try an consolidate the man. He’s clearly in shock and the dumb fool shouldn’t be moving it around like that. Smh

  4. I have a knee problem since 12 years old ; it’s called : osgood-schlatter. somes turn ok and somes turn not ok after years. in my case it has never turn good even after being operated at age 20 . after years when now i walk or when i get up sometimes my knee fall and give me pain , it’s dangerous cuz i can fall anytime and i don’t know when it can happen … but hey this guy knee+femur
    forget about it ; it must be pain like hell !

  5. Wow,,, lucky for him, “If you can say that” that it was a quick, & clean Femur Pop-Out, because even though it is a compound injury, it does not seem to be a compound fracture, as his muscles, and nerves look to have minimal damage as the color in his toes, and the fact that he can move his foot, and individual toes is a good sign.
    You can look at it as a dislocation that pierced the skin, making it look much worse than it really is.
    I had to deal with many of these types of injuries in my 20 + years as a Construction Supervisor, being the first on scene of any major accident while proving in many instances Emergency, sometimes even life saving procedures after people fell off the roof and had similar injuries, until the Ambulance arrived.
    I once had to pinch an artery in ones leg, as it was pissing-out straight-up like 4ft high. He would have completely bled-out withing a couple short minutes, and way before The Ambulance arrived.
    I actually won A Greater Ottawa Home Builder’s Association Award for this case, along with another award 2 years later.
    Lucky for this guy this was not the case, and if he does not have any other life threatening internal injuries, he should make a full recover with nothing but some nasty scar to remind him of this awful day!

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    1. seriously lucky him? from the title ”Destroying Knee and Exposing Femur” also from what i see from down his femur to toes in the video : it’s look’s that only the back of his jeans hold that in some maner the rest

      1. Yep, but i have seen worse, and in most cases their was nothing left to move, lol. The skin, and some muscle are still functioning and you would be amazed at how these New Knee caps work today once installed. Like for example, he is much better off than having a Bus, or a Big-Rig as we have seen onen on here completely deglove and squash a whole leg, and that is what i meant when i said “loosely”,,, my, **lucky for him, if you can say that** comment, because after a few surgeries he will surely walk again.

        And if i were you, i would have a Snickers, instead of knickers in a twist, lol, over what was simply a comment, lol, lol . As i was simply pointing-out some of my past experiences, when dealing with many of similar bad breaks, compound fractures,,, and once even some crush injuries that were for the most part,,, Non-Salvageable Ones. πŸ™

        1. you have seen worse? no really? is that possible? i return the Snickers bar right between your stupid s-hit eyes! who’s twisting or laughing now? .you are f-ucking-blind and it’s not my problem. your simply comments like you said are all trash comments all s-hit. period. you only hide from your pc screen and make’s fun and laughing of all bad things that happen’s to victims like many here . (not everybody but many here) .that’s why many hate your f-ucking comments (now i know).you tell your s-hit (bastard) and at the end you want me to eat that ! F-uck you! you hear me F-uck you! idiot.
          and one thing ; don’t give you name’s like you have many names it will give you less big head .turning victims into laughing is something that i will never do like you do .in fact i will never have that problem.

          who’s f-ucking lucky now?

          signed Dycrow

          1. I Truly feel sorry for you you Troll. Nothing better ta do but bitch like a 12 year old girl going thru her first episode of P.M.S. ,lol.
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      2. @Dycrow
        And i,m not saying that it is not painful, as these types of knee injuries are known to hurt like a mofo as i myself have heard the screams of Big and Tough Construction Guys, as they cried out loud, what sounded like a 12 year old Girl, getting her very first pounding by a Fatty!

        And to add insult to injury,,, The Poor bastard seems to have also broken his right arm that was tucked under his back! Sucks ta be him, let me tell ya! πŸ™

  6. Its India. Femur guy is asking for help from the public saying ‘help or i’ll die, my leg is broken’. The video ends as one guy gets angry on everyone making video of femur guy and starts beating the camera guy.

  7. Where’s the spirting blood, I’d expect a whole lot more blood from an injury like that, considering a guy can get stabbed in the leg and create a 5ft wide pool of blood… All of these leg injuries even train suicide attempts leave no blood on the floor even when chopped cleanly in half? Whats the deal with that?

    1. Ive been told that somethin like a train basically pinches off the limb, and in the process can/will pinch nearly closed any vein or artery. Also told that blood vessels will sometimes contract and retract somewhat into the affected part if severed completely, so can help stem the flow.

  8. Ive been told that somethin like a train basically pinches off the limb, and in the process can/will pinch nearly closed any vein or artery. Also told that blood vessels will sometimes contract and retract somewhat into the affected part if severed completely, so can help stem the flow.

  9. These types of accidents mostly occurs because of unawareness of drivers and low traffic policies of government both the governments and drivers equally responsible for this i hope they get treatment after that by the way I am new here join today

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