Motorcycle vs Truck Collision Results in Total Body Crush

Motorcyclist Reduced to Minced Human Meat by Loaded Truck

When it comes to motorcycle vs truck collisions, the outcome is pretty much given. Sometime the truck squeezes a kid out of the woman’s womb, other times it crushes the motorcyclist entirely. Either way, it’s always epic.

I don’t have a backstory on this one – sorry. Does anyone recognize the license plate of the truck? That could at least help to identify which country it took place in though I have a feeling that the da Silva land is a strong contender.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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83 thoughts on “Motorcycle vs Truck Collision Results in Total Body Crush”

  1. Dayum! Why does this look like it’s been shown before? I guess you’ve seen one bike/truck accident, you’ve seen them all, and they all start to look alike (spread eagle and all)! And people just drive by like business as usual, since they probably see human roadkill almost on a daily basis!

  2. Fuck’n epic………. I love the way the body just ‘exploded’ with flesh and bits flying everywhere.

    Hey honey, do your wipers work, there’s some ‘shit’ on the windscreen………. Lmmfaofffff.

        1. “sigh”, ” yawn”, and other things make those who write them look, stupid.
          “impossibly offended and never ammused I am” is what it says.
          Perhaps I was mean and insenstitive with my comment, which makes me feel happy.

      1. People say some very stupid things (at times I am SOOO not an exception) but people ABREVEATE shit that is in the fucking STARTISPHERE of stupid.
        And, the word EPIC….get a new word, think of one, you don’t have to regurgitate the same termonology that ever other fucking person used.
        I emplore every one of you, use your brains.

        1. why does it matter what someone says, are you the bestgore grammar police? Let him/her post whatever they want. If you disagree, a good argument is always EPIC to watch,read, and be a part of. But stop calling people out for using their favorite slang while expressing how awesome or excited they feel about what they’re viewing.

    1. You get a gold star, now go put on some flip flops, get one of those foam BIG FINGERS that you see at ball games, find a corpse, point at it with said such huge fucking finger and put newspaper down onto the things and make sure to touch the body for prosparity and for family photo albums.
      THAT, is how anybody cares what you are here, by doing what you people do best.
      Being REALLY FUCKING WEIRD around dead bodies.

          1. Don’t. We were just fucking with ya. I’d love to see your video, just go to the contact section of the site and email the vid to MARK, and if its good,I’m sure he’ll post it.

  3. further detail:
    upon searching for the plate number, it happened September 12, 2006. The guy was riding his motorcycle along Ugong, Pasig City, Philippines at around 4PM. The motorcycle was first hit by a SUV, throwing him from his ride and the truck behind the first vehicle ran over the guy…turning the rider into a smashed chicken (thinking of ground pork though). The truck driver fled the scene of course (very common scenario)

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