Motorcycle Accident in Malaysia Results in Nasty Road Rash and Broken Wrist

Motorcycle Accident in Malaysia Results in Nasty Road Rash and Broken Wrist

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought exclusively to you by Best Gore member alice wonderland who sent me the photos of her boyfriend’s motorcycle accident after seeing the video of k-wires removal I posted earlier. In her own words:

The same thing happened to my boyfriend who broke his left wrist in a motorcycle accident. You know, most drivers in Malaysia cannot actually drive. Most of them are brain dead. They don’t even know their cars have signals and mostly drive like they are the only moving thing on earth.

If you drive here, don’t be surprised if you see 8 out of 10 drivers texting on the phone while driving. Amazingly enough, you’ll even see motorcyclists texting or talking on phone while riding.

My boyfriend had an accident in 2011 because of one stupid young female driver. She was already on her way to exit then suddenly switched lanes to merge the traffic again. My boyfriend was in that lane and could not avoid collision.

Since he wore his motorcycle jacket, there were no injuries to his upper body. That could not be said about his lower body.

He was admitted to a state hospital. After 5 hours of agony without proper medical attention, I arranged for him to be sent to a private hospital where he underwent immediate surgery. If you have an accident in Malaysia, do avoid government hospitals.

Doctor found out his wrist was shattered so they used k-wires to bind fractured bones. He said it was freaking painful to have the wires inside his wrist because the ends were sharp and kept poking his nerves. He also said the removal caused unspeakable pain. He kept the wires and still has them because they were made in his parents’ hometown.

Having watched the k-wires video you’d posted reminded him very much of what happened two years ago.

Thank you for exclusive photos, alice wonderland. Hope everything is fine with your boyfriend 2 years after the accident:

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26 thoughts on “Motorcycle Accident in Malaysia Results in Nasty Road Rash and Broken Wrist”

    1. drccoco, thanks.
      That was not his first accident.
      According to the report, the accident was somehow my boyfriend’s fault and the case went ‘silent’ because the driver is a daughter of a politician and she just escaped!

      I ride the same motorbike since 2011 and never had any accident (yet).
      If I happen to end up in accident, I don’t want him to do the same – take photo and send to BG =’)

  1. ooh this reminds me of my k-wires i had this year. They are indeed very annoying. I had a bandage at my arm and that bandage always scratched on the wires, I was really glad when they got pulled off. I sent some photos of them to Mark but i believe they weren’t that interesting.

    1. Username,
      oh yeah. I feel you. He had his left hand bandaged for a month. It was very smelly – sweat and smell of semi-rotten flesh combined together.
      He had sleepless nights due to the bandage and the wires sharp ends keep poking his flesh.
      I need to wrap his hand and feet with plastic bags every time I showered him.

      I can’t imagine if it happens to me. arrghhh…

    1. I envy his hairless ass. My ass (mainly my asshole) is so hairy that I have to wipe downwards. kinda like combing a horses mane. Hell, My hair extends to my balls and to my chest. it’s like I’m wearing overalls made from curly shiny hairs. I start fires everytime I gape myself.

  2. The ass pic…lol That was unexpected. Yeah, texting while driving is a problem here in the States, too. I swear to The Gods if I end up being turned into road spaghetti just so some asshole can send some shit like “wut r u doing” to a friend, I will come back from the grave like The Crow and kill everybody involved.

      1. You crazy bastard! 🙂 Don’t you realize we live in the same state?! Stay down South, my beard brother. I would hate to have to get my Crow-style revenge on YOU of all people! It would make my beard weep.

  3. I feel for your boyfriend, @alice! With so much road rash in different places, it must have been difficult for him to find a comfortable position to rest in, without irritating it. Thank you for sharing your story and photos.

  4. drivers in malaysia are fucking retards, especially the fucking chinky cunts. and curry stanking indians fucks too.

    i know this first hand because i was born in malaysia and lived there for seven years and go back every summer.

    1. Of course I did.

      In fact the biggest motivation for me in rehab was to regain enough strength in my left hand: I was just too weak to operate the clutch of my other bike when I was released from hospital…

      Think twice before you get started to ride motorbike. There’s no way back 😉

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