Motorcyclist on the BR-040 in Brazil is Killed When Struck by Flying Tire

Motorcyclist on the BR-040 in Brazil is Killed When Struck by Flying Tire

Freak accident on the BR-040 in the Federal District (Brasilia) of Brazil on Friday, April 10th, 2015. The biker was struck by a tire which came off of a vehicle in the opposing lane and hit square on the face, sent flying off the bike and killed.

That is some freak shit right there. Look at the air that fucking tire got right before it nailed him right in the kisser. I wonder if he was killed instantly?

Props to Best Gore member amnyc for the vid.

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    1. tires coming off cars is pretty common, i’ve seen a couple and lost one off my atv trailer one night. we looked the next day at a perfect 30 degree angle off into the woods ahead, it was 300 ft before it hit a tree. it’s why we got inspections.

          1. Hit an owl…… Drove 600 k before noticing it was stuck in my grill……where my grill used to be….. Explains all the hi beaming i got on the way

      1. Sheep are far worse. All that wool and blood and guts, not to mention the car being almost totally fucked, is not a pretty sight.
        I always keep a jar of mint sauce in the glove box just in case !!

    2. As a motorcyclist the best policy is to always expect the unexpected and stay in the zone of total focus. Forget about bills and the row with you’re stanky bitch. You and the bike are one.
      Expecting the unexpected doesn’t guarantee survival but it gives you a greater chance, if you are constantly aware that death or serious life changing injury is but a moment away at any given time.
      I go zero to a hundred nigger real quick, real fucking quick nigger.

  1. The bike was like ” Fuck it, ama go a few yards more” the guy with the cam goes to the bike’s aid first.
    What are the odds of getting hit by a flying tire like that. Very unlucky fellow.

      1. This video is amazing but not as amazing as that video where the guy rear ends a moving car with his bike , gets thrown up in the air, does a front flip and lands in a perfect surfing position on the roof of the moving car. That was a fucking lucky guy . Unlike this one . Same amazing bike videos opposite results.

          1. #J.Doe., i didn’t think it was a big deal., mobike travels down freeway., (split sec.) Bang.!, he’s gone bouncy tire out of noway he gone.., all you see is his bike moving forward.., (nothin to see here.)

    1. Maybe as a fellow biker, he appreciated a motorcycle laying there screaming at full throttle. And maybe he realized there’s not much you can/should do for someone whose neck was broken. He could do something for the bike. Not so much for the deceased biker.

  2. did he die? if he was wearing a helmet it’s possible he made it. crazy how he gets knocked off the bike but the bike keeps on going. also how the fuck does a tire just fly off, must have a damaged rim or seriously under inflated.

  3. You say to yourself “what are the odds of that happening”? And then the day you bring your brand new sports car convertible home on the highway you see on the opposite highway a few bricks falling off a flatbed truck and see them spinning and jumping and flying over the concrete barrier and one flies right into your fucking quarter panel. sticker still on window! true story. only my luck. Im 1/16 da silva

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